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Hollande: Israeli settlement plan contrary to peacemaking
Attila Somfalvi, agencies
Published: 03.12.12, 18:19
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1. Palestinians are not sensitive to this pressure
JJJ   (12.03.12)
The enemy within, the opposition is the one giving all the ammunitions the anti-Israel nations need. With out this internal complicity with the enemy countries such as UK, France, and so on will not see the effectiveness of such steps. The proof, the Palestinians are not sensitive to this pressure, perceived or actual just because they are united when it comes to Israel
2. Well gosh... they didn't expulse Jewish people in 50 years!
Miron ,   USA   (12.03.12)
3. France the coward nation!
DavidR ,   USA   (12.03.12)
Now they threaten trade sanctions and breaking off diplomatic relations! That is tantamount to a declaration of war. Tanach says that in the end, ALL nations would turn against Israel. Well, we see it happening. Who is left? Very few. Israel has only ONE Friend! No, it isn't the US, nor is it Canada or the small Island nations who showed more strength than all of Europe. Well, you know who it is! But HE likes to be asked for help!
4. Should've thought of that BEFORE you voted...Hollande!
Dr. langhorne ,   USA   (12.03.12)
5. Ha! Ha! Ha! And Bibi will comply?
Israeli 2   (12.03.12)
Most likely.
6. Netanyahu's Israel
Harold ,   USA   (12.03.12)
Netanyahu is going to convert Israel to a PARIAH STATE. He must go.
7. As always, Israel is right, World wrong, eh?
Jersey Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (12.03.12)
As we move towards our 50th year of military occupation including control over all borders, land, water, air, and e-waves, the clock is ticking, and fantasies inevitably will meet realities ... unsustainable status quo leading 2a 1-state solution resulting in a Non-Jewish Israel, perhaps no Israel!
8. France must stop building in the Champss Élysées immediately
Jordan Ispalestine ,   Los Angeles, CA   (12.03.12)
9. Maybe he should have showed some "concern" before voting yes
Alex   (12.03.12)
To the Pallys in UN. He has no right to comment on our decisions.
10. 'we don't want to shift into sanctions mode.'
TC   (12.03.12)
Excuse me??? Since when do we have to hear the french opinion on the israeli conflict? Without mentionning the fact that beside the US, nobody can really tell us what to do...
11. SANCTIMONIOUS West is DEEPLY antisemitic. LOOK at the map!!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (12.03.12)
12. what does europe see as a "peace" ?
jew ,   europe   (12.03.12)
country that is afraid fo bombing ? this is not a peace! yes maybe for europe becouse they dont need to suffer those criminals terrorist, the are far enought so they call it peace but in israel there is no peace! how can the building of the settlements have negative efect on "peace" if there is no peace" ??
Stevan Harnad   (12.03.12)
The settlements are an abomination, not only to the Palestinians, but to the memory of the innocent victims of the Shoah and to the global persecution throughout the Diaspora across the ages, against which Israel was created as a haven. They should be dismantled irrespective of any quid-pro-quo peace accord, simply because they are wrong -- undeniably, irremediably wrong. No bigger wrongs, ignored, elsewhere on the planet, justify them. Nor do Palestinian missiles or intransigence. They are wrong, they should never have been, and they must go, unconditionally.
t ,   New York   (12.03.12)
It is amazing that the following want said by france after the un vote.... "The measures announced are in opposition to dialogue and (Israel) should go back on them," Hollande said The Palestinians are the ones that should "go back" on what they did. Lets be frank, now that the PA has "independence" there will never be a two state solution and Israel should annex all of the unsettled land in Israel before it is too late.
15. The Israelis don't succumb or compromise
rivka ,   paris france   (12.03.12)
And here's why: arrogance....chauvinism...elitism..separatism....pride...supremacism...racism...tribalism...exclusivism. I could go on but I don't want to throw up my dinner.
16. Patience, patience, patience...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./Israel   (12.03.12)
Its a matter of time and I will be Prime Minister... If and when that happens, I will turn our neighbors (no exception) to glowing cinder, and peace will be achieved...
17. What we witness, according to some highly respected...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.03.12)
...commentators in Israel, is that the "threat" by some European countries, along with Rahm Emanuel's speech at the Saban Conference in Washington, DC this past weekend are the reactions of Mr. Obama's act of revenge against Israel's prime minister. Mr. Obama, according to this logic, attempts to scare the Israeli public, now in the midst of elections campaign towards elections on 22 Dec. 2012, away from Mr. Netanjahu. It is, in other words, Mr. Obama's interference, while conspiring to do so with his former chief of staff as well as a couple of European countries, in Israel's internal free political process. This, of course would not be the first time an American president has done so. Mr. Bush, the father, as well as Mr. Clinton have done so, and now it is Obama's turn to express his displeasure with the freely elected government of Israel in the most illegitimate form.
18. Tell Hollande...
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.03.12)
It's none of his business.
19. Funny how France, GB and Germany
Eyal ,   USA Israel   (12.03.12)
were warned of the preconditions to the peace process, yet they voted for the Palestinians (Germany abstained, which is like voting for the Palestinians). What I can't understand from these Christians; don't they read the Bible? It clearly states it in the oldest book to mankind. The land belongs to the Hebrew, Israelite's, the Jews, but I guess oil supersedes the facts or the truth.
20. Steven Harnad, you are undeniably,
The truth and only   (12.03.12)
unjustifiably and irremediably wrong ! No bombing of Israeli southern or any other territory can be justified and hence, equated with building on Jewish territory, I mean E1 and all the other E-s available. You are utterly wrong and outright mean as regards justice when it comes to the wars of terror inflicted upon the Israeli people ever since its re-establishment in 1948. No one, I mean , not a single Jewish Israeli will take your abomination into account.
21. Over 2000 French Jews have immigrated
A ,   Belgium   (12.03.12)
to Israel this year, as a result of their lives being made miserable by the gradual and inevitable destruction of France by Islam. Immigrants are the best gift France could give to Israel, they deserve new homes! Merci, Hollande.
22. Nobody abroad likes or respects Bibi the Clown
naro ,   NYC   (12.03.12)
The way he folded in Gaza showed that he is just a weak kneed paper tiger not worth the respect of anybody, just their pity and contempt.
23. Seems that Europe finaly see
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (12.03.12)
how big mistake was creation of Israel. It's the best time to repair the mistake.
24. France sanctions
JUDAH THE LION   (12.03.12)
Before the six days war, the Israeli air force were MIRAGE, after the war the French decided to make arms embargo against Israel and refused to honour their contract and refused to give boats which then Israel took them under their noses. Mirage fighters were considered the best in the world thanks to the Israeli air force. Now you do not hear about MIRAGE but the American F 16, & others model. Israel will not care about French sanctions, but France one day will ask Israel to help her when the Arabs starts to make problems for the French. VIVA ISLAMIC FRANCE
25. Oh, how I admire the courage of Israelis to do what is right
Jouko ,   Finland   (12.03.12)
26. Serve proof that Judea/Samara are legally ours!
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.03.12)
Why does Israel persist with this sick charade? Judea and Samaria are legally ours. Why do we hide the incontrovertible proof, supplied by countless international law experts? Serve the U.N., E.U., all world media, governments, NGOs and religious organizations with proof. Let us start to act with self respect. THis tiny land is ours. Period!0
27. France returns to its VICHY tradition
Rays ,   USA   (12.03.12)
The ghosts of Petain and Leval are runing the French Foreign policy. With its history since 1940 France is in no position to tell Israel what to do..
28. We still waiting for those Mirage III s
Alan ,   SA   (12.03.12)
29. Harold
Birdi ,   Israel is ours.   (12.03.12)
The one who needs to go is you. Far far away from this website.
30. Paris could recall its envoy to Jerusalem
Gregg ,   Haifa IL   (12.03.12)
The French embassy sits in tel aviv Jerusalem is not recognized by France as the Israeli capital
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