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Wife: Pollard hospitalized with severe pain
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 03.12.12, 20:10
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1. The true version, not jewish version
US Army Vet   (12.03.12)
He was a $$paid$$ spy. He offered to spy for Pakastain, Sout Africa, Austriala. He swore to protect USA. The information he stole included codes, E European agents names, US missle plans and other that had nothing to do with israel. isreal in turn sold it all to USSR & China. The guy did for money not love of isreal. he loved money. May he rot in jail.
2. pollard in prison
juergen m. moeller ,   gavorrano italy   (12.03.12)
in civilized countries a sentence should finish after twenty years, if there remains no realistic danger for society. The pollard case is politics pure: just to simulate american impartiality towards israel.
3. @1 well sort of...
you got most of it correct. One thing thou ... you mean the Pollard Supporters version be advised that there are many of us Jews who don't support this traitor.
4. Pollards sentence
Ethan Schwartz ,   Eilat   (12.03.12)
Pollard is serving time unlike other spies who have done much more damage. He is paying for the sins of our politicians. We should trade him for our exPresident,
5. # 4 - other spies who have done much more damage
split ,   US   (12.03.12)
Name them! Only the Rosenbergs made more damage - Oops, they happen to be Jews too ,...
6. We Trusted Pollard
chester ,   miami   (12.03.12)
Pollard was trusted with American information. Information he was not authorized to share or sell to anybody. He did, got caught, got convicted and is serving his sentence. No US President will allow his release, ever.
7. always amused when TB pundits r so sure that...
"compared to other spies, Pollard didn't do much damage" and how exactly is it that this pundits have this particular bit of intell? if it weren't so would be funny
8. to #1 us vet
james ,   boston, ma   (12.03.12)
the information you are passing along on YNET is classified. Either you are breaking the law and revealing classified information or you are lying. Which is it?
9. #1 That was not even on the charge sheet
Jake   (12.04.12)
It was never even alleged by the US that "Israel sold it to USSR and China". That's made up.
10. #1 Flag Burning Draft Dodger
Everything you say is false. Name one East European agent who Pollard exposed. Go ahead... Ooops! There weren't any. You did not serve in the US Army.
11. Lies
BethesdaDog ,   Bethesda USA   (12.04.12)
Not true. Unfounded allegations and blamed for Aldrich Ames' wrongdoing.
12. Sentencing judge was an anti-semite
BethesdaDog ,   Bethesda MD   (12.04.12)
Aubrey Robinson was known to hate Jews, long before the Pollard case. When he had a chance to nail a Jew, he did it.
PAUL ,   LONDON UK   (12.04.12)
where's the voice of the left wing? why are'nt they screaming for his release as they did with that piece of filth Vanunu?
14. Esther the prima marketeer
Mea   (12.04.12)
Pollard is scheduled for release in 2015 in any case. You didn't know that, did you? That's because this little fact is never handed over by "Esther" the wannabe. Why? Because good marketing (think lecture tour, book tour,etc) demands a vision of injustice and suffering. Sells. Or rather:sales. Pollard could have been released long ago but he refuses to admit he did wrong and refuses to agree to never profit from or discuss the case in public. This option is the no profit option. Pollard desires to be cArried into Hebron on the shoulders of the orange kids and be hailedthe hero over the far less profitable option of retiring to Esther s goyim neighborhood and silence. He is a liar and a con man who will distract the good relations between friends who must work together in spite of the ugly ugly ugly deeds of Jonathan Jesus pollard. Pollard camp: the truth will prevail all the days of Pollards life and the folk hero angle is a futile effort in the Internet age.
15. To nr 1.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.04.12)
Is Pollard the single american who loves money ? Ridicolous.
16. @13 because Vanunu was our piece of filth
leftist ,   Israel   (12.04.12)
and Pollard is the right wingers' piece of filth. So you know since Pollard is the right wingers' piece of filth let them stand up and fight for him.
17. #12
Greg ,   california   (12.04.12)
Stop trying to blame everyone else. If the judge was not as you say "anti-semite" then he would still be found guilty. He was wrong and did it for $$ so stop looking for excuses to justify the wrong actions.
18. #2
Steve   (12.04.12)
Civilized???? tell me you dont see the irony
19. Scumbag will die in prison.
Miron ,   USA   (12.04.12)
Creep thought giving America Ozirak will endear Israel to America and help peace and coexistence... Israel should be the one calling for his imprisonment in perpetuity without right to communications.
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