Sources: US behind European protest measures
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 04.12.12, 08:58
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1. Remind Europeans of 1,000 yrs of Jew-Hatred, SHUT-UP!
Israel Chai ,   Jerusalem   (12.04.12)
2. Leper State
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.04.12)
Our idiotic government is working hyperactively to make us a leper state vis-a-vis the world community. And if idiot talkbackers here think that the "world is against us" anyway, because they are all antisemites, they should consider the possibility that the government may be doing something wrong and stupid.
3. Time to cut $3 Billion in foreign aid to Israel
G. McDermott ,   Washington DC   (12.04.12)
As an American tax payer i object to my tax money been used to fund the illegal settlments of Israels far right. This latest action by the Israeli goverment comfirms that Israel is not intrested in peace and deliberatly bites the hand that feeds it. The world is getting fed up with Israel the rogue state, which is well on its way to becoming a bannana republic. The $3 billion of US tax payers money could be better spent on Americans and not used to fund this so called "settler lifestyle"
4. A bunch of lemmings ,...
split ,   US   (12.04.12)
The Israelis of course ,...
5. Palestine has a case for annexing Galilee
Lynx ,   Palestine   (12.04.12)
Benjmin Milliekowsky thinks he can get away with stealing Palestinian lands, and throwing off the native population for the sake of Russians-only settlements. I tell you Benjamin, Palestine will no longer assume a defensive posture. We will go to court, ICC, and other institutions, to: 1) Invalidate the settlements, ALL of them, and forcing your illegal infiltrators off the Land of Palestine. 2)Work on annexing the Galilee including Akka (Acre) based on the Partition Plan of 1947, population census THEN, and NOW. 3) Seek compensation from Britain and its illegal child Israel for 100 years of violent colonialism and theft of Palestinian Arab resources!
6. US needs a slap in the face
Chaim ,   Arad   (12.04.12)
It seems every time I open the news I see where we are being called to sit down at the table and discuss "piece" with uncivilized people who, when not killing Israeli's, are killing each other. We will build where we desire, like it or not. If you must have your nose into the Middle East, try Syria, where 40,000 people have been slaughtered and now are playing with WMD. But still, Obamanation and the world is crying over Israel building.
7. It's about time, we slapped the US in the face
Yitzi ,   Beit Shemesh   (12.04.12)
The US and the rest of the world does not respect weakness. WE can only be free Jews in a Jewish land if we show some spine.
8. What support from Europe for pillar of defense?
Esther ,   Netherlands   (12.04.12)
Perhaps there was no calling back of ambassadors, but the media and the public were united in an Israel hating frenzy. I just hope that Netanyahu will for once do what he says, and not have all the hatred wash over Israel and then retract, leaving the hatred in place . No one will remember the retraction and no one will thank Israel for it. It'll stir up all the ill-will and Israel hasn't accomplished anything. That is why Jerusalem and Yesha are de facto palestinian territory.
9. "terminate the peace process"?
tiki ,   belgium   (12.04.12)
The peace process in it's current form & shape has long been terminated! By blindly 'pushing this model through nothing will be accomplished. If a business model doesn't work, change it or you will go bust. It's the ABC of every business model! This is what happened to the ''Peace process". It has become a process about a process and peace has nothing to do with it anymore. A surprise 'deal, which leaves one side empty handed & vulnerable is not a deal but an ambush. It means the end of the partnership. Intelligent western leaders should know that. Their pursuit of a dead bird is pathetic. Instead of parroting & copying each other, they should come up with some inventive new ideas, that's what they are paid for!
10. A slap in the face is nothing compared to
A ,   Belgium   (12.04.12)
being stabbed in the back, right Mr. President? The Americans threatened to halt aid and support to the "palestinian" parasites if they went ahead with their unilateral circus at the United Nothings, backing ISrael completely. Now America is supporting the terrorist Abbas. So whats a little slap in the face when you've stuck your ONLY ally in the Middle East in the back with a knife. Expect 1000's more homes to be built in Israel now, the world has proven its treachery towards Israel once again. And with a 13% unemployment rate among US construction workers (6/2012), maybe the US could ask Israel to put some guys to work building these new houses, and let the "palestinians" be "independent" somewhere else, like Jordan.
11. Obama? Hates Israel? King Bibi hates Obama-no common sense
miki ,   tampa   (12.04.12)
12. I ask again
Israeli 2   (12.04.12)
Is Israel a sovereign country or a puppet regime of the world? If it is a sovereign country, then it should continue to build not only with the 'go ahead' on paper, but on the ground and in the fields. At this point, I can only imagine Bibi, Lieberman and others smiling with embarrasment, considering how to appease their "masters." I thought "Sorry Boss" is not in Israel's lexicon anymore. Build, Annex and establish a new policy announcing to the world Israel's true intentions. 1) All ambassadors will have a new home in Jerusalem - not Tel Aviv! If they don't agree or like it, don't come. 2) Oslo is dead and Israel is for Israel only - no 2 state solution. Start a new slate, Israel. Do not run the country without your full trust in the God who gave us this land.
13. Sure. Blame it on Obama
Nina ,   NYC   (12.04.12)
Instead of facing the music. What part of the ENTIRE WORLD is fed up with your thievery and conning don't you understand?
14. Bibi and the settlement enterprise is a humiliation
Eldar ,   Haifa   (12.04.12)
By all surveys, the Israeli electorate continues to support the dead-end policy of settlements. I would love to blame Bibi for leading us down the road of global isolation, but the majority of Jewish Israelis (and apparently most of the YNET talkbackers) support this policy of self-destruction. Shame. We had built something amazing here in Israel.
15. King Bibi is building Ghetto Israel by his own hands&plans
rachel ,   chapel hill   (12.04.12)
16. to#5 Lynx
Marcelo ,   Berlin / TLV   (12.04.12)
hahahahaha, now you see the 1947 partition plan as something you could have accepted back at are very very very funny hahaha....time is gone if everything you might get some part of Yeuda and Samaria, but get use to have an Israel flag all over. Bye bye palilala
17. Build Bibi Build!
Esther ,   Beit Shemesh, Israel   (12.04.12)
Ever since Oslo the Palestinians have built whatever they want with no comment from anyone. Yet every apartment built by Israel gets a shrill protest as an obstacle. The Palestinians are abundantly clear that they will not recognize a Jewish State so why in the world should Israel be the one to blame for the stalemate? And stop the whining about the American money that goes to Israel - it's mainly military contract money spent in the USA. AMERICANS will be the ones to lose jobs and income if it is cut. Build Bibi Build!!
18. Tell obumma to keep his 3 Billion, let Israel stand, STAND.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.04.12)
No getting on its knees to an illegal alien president who loves muslums and hates Jews. Send the CIA a bill for the intelligence Israel gives it, let Israel build a better plane than the F-35 that the Chinese already have the plans for thanks to a lack of American internet security. Sell that improved plane to the US.
19. Diplomacy
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (12.04.12)
Bibi needs to explain what is involved in this decision and not give the PA a diplomatic victory. The UN vote changed nothing on the ground, but Bibi's recent moves could generate more support for the PA.
20. to Michael
Ephraim ,   Jerusalem   (12.04.12)
Are you willing to give away Haifa? It's easy to sit there and judge. Are you willing to give away YOUR home? Please answer.
21. #14 Israeli Schizophrenia
Lynx ,   Palestine   (12.04.12)
Could you please explain the contradictions: 70% of Israelis support the 2-state solution. Majority of Israelis support the settlement enterprise, or don't speak about it. Well - This goes to confirm everything I've been saying over the years. That Israel will self-implode, from within. The practical rejection of total withdrawal from the West Bank including East Jerusalem will force the 1-state scenario on you. You get what you elected Milliekowsky for. An openly apartheid state, until 1 democratic state. The UNGA started this action by recognizing the inalienable Palestinian rights to self determination and a state. It will be called PALESTINE - all of it, sooner or later and you know it.
22. #1 You are about to experience another 1000......
Robert ,   Australia   (12.04.12)
.....and rightfully so. Attempted justifications, such as defensive wars etc., don't hold water as the lands were forcibly stolen in the first place. Any actions by Palestinians to try and regain their homes is warranted.
23. #20 Ephraim
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.04.12)
No, Ephraim, I am not prepared to give up Haifa. Most of the civilized world recognizes Haifa as a city in Israel, as opposed to illegal settlements over the Green Line. You ask silly questions, Ephraim.
24. My admiration to the Israeli leaders who show such courage!
Jouko ,   Finland   (12.04.12)
25. Israel officials
Bob ,   Jerusalem   (12.04.12)
One has to take into account that Ebud Barak, you know, our ever loyal minister of defence, went to Chicago a while ago to meet with Obama's boy wonder, Emmanuel, to discuss how to proceed in their war against the right wing in Israel preceeding tbs next election here. This is exactly how Emanuel orchestrated our elections under Clinton when he was chief of staff then, when they brought down Natanyahu to be replaced by a left wing government more in line with the U.S. World view. More than ever, we need to finally learn from our mistakes. I wou ldn't be surprised if Olmert and Livni line up to get their instructions as well.
26. 3000 houses
Markos Kidane ,   Prague   (12.04.12)
Are not enough...unless there are budget constraints Israel should not only build in the area between her captital and Maaleh Adumim, but beyond and in every part of her GOD GIVEN Land...enough of the global moron who condemn her for building in her land. "Palestine" is a fictitious as "somewhere over the rainbow" time to keep it real...Israel is here in stay...antisemites...DEAL WITH IT!
27. complete none sense!
nadav ,   tlv   (12.04.12)
this is another fake "leak" to the liberal press in order to manipulate the elections here with the help of meddling foreign powers. It's no secret the EU and Obama want a weak, far left PM after our elections in January, someone like Livni, Lapid and especially Yechimovich. Haaretz played this game yesterday by falsely reporting the UK and France were withdrawing their ambassadors, which of course set off a fire storm from the mainstream liberal media in Israel against the current PM. This has to stop! Foreign powers need to STOP meddling in our elections! On another point, there is NO reason to think building in E1 somehow prevents a two state solution or a "contiguous palestinian state" (whatever that means). Samaria (Northern "West Bank") and Judea (Southern West Bank) are still connected via Jericho, so why all hair pulling and shouting over this? The EU and Obama must STOP dis-informing the public!
Total nonsense.
29. Wrong
Sebastian ,   Romania   (12.04.12)
This settlement must stop now so we europeans can stand with you. Don't isolate yourself, don't support this politicians who are leading you in the wrong direction. Vote for those who will bring peace !
30. Obama's speech set in motion the vote at the U.N.
And now Obama is behind the bull terrier attitude of Europe. Wow! With friends like these, who needs enemies? But the U.S. Administration will tell you that the relationship has never been stronger, greater & closer. Rank Amateurs running the worlds' foreign policy! Wow! Israel should take a page out of Russia's book and treat the world as Russia did when they totally destroyed Chechnya. 'Mind your own business, and stay out of our affairs. Obama's true colours are starting to show as we knew they would in his second term. Four years left and counting...
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