Jordan's King Abdullah to visit Ramallah
AFP, Roi Kais
Published: 04.12.12, 11:54
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1. Snicker
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.04.12)
I suspect he's visiting the rabble that Israel is about to bestow upon him, what with the ersatz "Palestinians" squatting illegally in the West Bank being Jordanian ciitizns. No worries. I'm sure the little half-British, half-Iraqi king-- and his Kuwaiti bride -- have a plan in the works. I'm equally sure that their plan involves beating a hasty retreat to their Belgravia home. Bye.
2. Sarah 1
Half British and the other half is Hejazi from Saudi Arabia
3. Abdullah II will visit Abbas
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (12.05.12)
I hope that Abdullah II knows what he's doing: an official visit to M. Abbas. In his heart he wants to have the West Bank back under his sovereignty, the latter thinking about the missed opportunity for the PLO to seize power in Jordan (Black September: September 1970 - July 1971). Jordan's demography: about 2.600.000 Palestinians living there, the Jordan population around 6 or 7 million. Abdullah's wife, a Palestinian, can (?) influence him, but there were rumors about marital difficulties. Abbas in an euphoric state after his UN victory (thank you very much Europe and your inquisition- and your holocaust past) will hail the visit of the monarch, the first of an Arab leader to the occupied state, Palestine. In Europe they will be happy to hear it and for sure they'll also rush to Ramallah. But, Abdullah has not to forget that the Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood gain more and more success under the Palestinians, living there, and his own people. So, instead to step into this Palestinian publicity pitfall, Abdullah II should better sweep first his own doorstep.
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