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Lieberman ousts Danny Ayalon from Yisrael Beiteinu
Yuval Karni
Published: 04.12.12, 20:07
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FO ,   Belgium   (12.04.12)
The only Israeli politician who had the guts to expose Israel's true history and legal rights according to International Law in a series of outstanding video clips, worth to be called "Hasbara", is being ousted by Lieberman. Israeli politics are going crazy !
2. wonder which party he will "jump" to now????
sue ,   jerusalem   (12.04.12)
these people are only interested in their cars/seats and not the state of israel. SAD SAD SAD
3. Liberman what have you done?
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (12.04.12)
What have you done Liberman? Who do I vote for now? Bennett? Bring Ayalon back!!!
4. People, don't worry.
Jules   (12.04.12)
All his people will work with him as before. It's just not necessary for everyone to be an MK. I think Ayalon will stay and work as before. He will be very busy in the Foreign Ministry, not having enough to sit in the Knesset.
5. Lieberman in Shalom Archav soon ?
6. too bad
Jeff ,   USA   (12.04.12)
Ayalon was the one Yisrael Beytenu guy I actually respected...
7. Next: Lieberman Ousts Lieberman
YossiA ,   Raleigh, NC, USA   (12.04.12)
8. Too bad....Danny was a good man
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.04.12)
9. I hope they know what they are doing...
Jordan Ariel ,   USA   (12.04.12)
Ayalon was one of the only Israeli politicians with a spine. Fortunately the enemies of Israel have self destructive tendencies...
10. Democracy
Miche Norman ,   Hod-Hasharon   (12.04.12)
Enjoy disagreeing with this castration of democracy while we still can- because at this rate Liberman will be telling us what to think next - well thinking is not exactly one of the necessities from his perspective.
11. The Likud party is changing into
David ,   On this planet   (12.04.12)
an all white party one Sepharady out, are they any left????
12. beggars,hesitators and cowards
marcel   (12.04.12)
I don't know the details of ayalon's departure but lieberman is decisive. Unlike bibi who wants the world and god to bless him before taking a decision(though his heart is in the right place), and olmert who runs around like a beggar chasing obama, assad, the weakling that he his and livni who is paralysed without ban ki moon, obama and ashton holding her hand. The jews still have growing pains as they are not confident in their own skin. IDF is very good, but the elites, the haaretz crowd, the sons and daughters raised with the silver spoon and all the haredi have to go karate class and earn their way and not perpetuate the weak poor jew who is insecure. In this regard, haaretz is pathetic and invites antisemitism. nazis and others are scared of lieberman and that tells you a lot. Israel is lucky to have him to shore up the beilins and ben amis, patheitc weaklings.
13. Payback to Turkey
avram   (12.04.12)
14. "Cleaning House" or?...
Robert ,   USA   (12.04.12)
...getting rid of any competitors for the spotlight? Ayalon is what is right about Lieberman's party, not what is wrong. "Clearing the deck" for a run at the PM spot is more accurate, but Ayalon just may be PM before Lieberman... and he would be a better one.
15. Respect Ayalon
ehoop ,   UK   (12.04.12)
You have to respect Ayalon for his calm authority and clarity. He'll be an asset to any party and in any role. But it's the foreign ministry that particularly needs his talents.
16. If Ayalon is Centrist, he should talk to Lapid and Livni.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.04.12)
Lieberman is doing fine, moving his alliance with Netanyahu further to the right. Only the Center parties remain in disarray. Ayalon belongs in the Center, probably as part of Livni's team. We need to hear Lapid and Livni consolidate the middle between Avoda and Likud. Udroob sweethearts, Israel needs a strong Centrist Party.
Rafi ,   US   (12.05.12)
... Danny Ayalon is an imbecile and about as far from the brilliant and widely-respected Abba Eban as you could get... A chimp would have done a better job handling diplomacy for Israel.
18. #12 Marcel 2 thumbs up
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (12.05.12)
You are spot on. But I like Ayalon for the very same qualities and mindset that you ascribe to Liberman.
19. Yisrael Beitenu Ousted Candidates
Eli ,   Israel   (12.05.12)
This is the party of Lieberman, who is a dictator. People who vote for this party are not only idealogues, but are totally unaware (at best) of what democracy is. Most are happy with dictators. My opinion of this person is unprintable, but look what he has done for Israel's image in the world.
20. #3 Indeed you vote for Bennett
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (12.05.12)
It's a no-brainer anyway. Likud / Beitenu have (separately) disappointed on several big occasions in the last year. Calling up the reserves then pulling out when we had the momentum? An about-face on the charedi draft? How many times can they do these things before people realise they are what they are, not what they say they are?
21. Poetic Justice
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.05.12)
Now who is sitting in the little low chair ?
22. One more example...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.05.12)
of the similarity between Lieberman and Stalin...delusions of grandeur and the need to be a dictator.
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