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NATO gives go-ahead to send Patriot missiles to Turkey
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Published: 04.12.12, 20:36
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1. Yep, that's right....
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (12.04.12)
Even my country, broke as we are, are supplying Patriot batteries to Turkey, who don't need em in the first place. The kicker: we are paying for them, their maintainance, their transportation and their crew all by our little selves. Nice to see my tax Euros well spend...or not.
2. Actually, not bad
2Mad ,   גולה בצרפת   (12.04.12)
When needed, IAF will make a piece of cake of those, but in the meantime, they will annoy poutin enough. But tomorrow ? Cuba ?
3. #2
Frank-el ,   Seattle USA   (12.05.12)
Are you talking about IAF destroying the very same Patriot missiles that protected Israel courtesy of the US taxpayer while Americans were dying in Iraq fighting your neocon war? And what does Cuba have to do with any of this - doesn't make any sense, even when considering your level of "humour". Perhaps you should learn some manners.
4. Violation of START treaties and +5% unemployment for US.
Miron ,   USA   (12.05.12)
Speaking of 47%, we just added to it 5 more. So, the next Obama - ish dude will be singing how he loves 52% of Americans and the other guy... HATES!!!
5. "Don't need em in the first place?"
Gorkem ,   Haarlem, Netherlands   (12.05.12)
My country, with much less per capita income than yours (around one third) and as a littler economy (17th largest economy vs. 16th), is paying for more than 120.000 refugees every single day for a humanitarian tragedy that has nothing to do with Turkey. Civilians at the border dying from random shelling and bullets from across the border. 5 km.s across the NATO borders, warplanes drop bombs. Please open the map and take a good look at neighbors as Iraq, Iran (armed with 1300 km range missiles) and Syria (armed with chemical weapons that might be loose any time) and strategic NATO radar base in Kurecik (which has been threatened to be hit by Iran in case of a war against Israel) and American base in Incirlik where 90 tactical nuclear missiles are kept. I am not saying WE does not need to be defended. However an assessment of immediate danger would reveal where they are more needed nowadays.
6. U gonna trust the Turks????
Benny ,   iRAN   (12.05.12)
Has NATO gone mad to send armaments to a country full of "evil intent" bent on Israel;'s demise. U trust "looney" Erdogan who not too long ago ditched military exercise with Israel & the West & cuddled with Syria & Iran? HE DECIDED TO DO MILITARY EXCERCISE WITH SYRIA, vs. whom! Take a wild guess! U cannot trust Islamists. PERIOD!
7. #3 Thirsty ? Here, have a cool-aid.
2Mad ,   גולה בצרפת   (12.05.12)
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