Story by terror operative upsets school kids' parents
Tamar Treblesi-Hadad
Published: 05.12.12, 11:58
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1. An Arab Front Group Lying? Unheard of! END
Netanya ,   Netanya   (12.05.12)
2. Only in crazy Israel
joseph ,   Australia   (12.05.12)
Nowhere in the world would young Innocent and impressionable brains would be exposed to enemy propaganda. Why won't this so called 'Abrahamic' group expose bible studies to Children of Hamas? Someone should be fired in Israel.
3. #2 You got that right!
Jake B. ,   Cleveland, OH   (12.05.12)
Imagine US High School students being forced by a city's Board of Education to read writings of Osama Bin Laden? This article will definitely go into my "stories from Chelem" directory.
4. Education ministry don't double check ?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.05.12)
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