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PA urges UNSC action over settlements
Elior Levy, agencies
Published: 05.12.12, 23:53
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1. What goes around comes around...
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (12.06.12)
Why aren't the Israelis threatening to take them to the ICC in The Hague?
2. More Treachery
Ross Gallen ,   Henderson, USA   (12.06.12)
Stop Abbas now. Cut off his money. He is a terrorist in a suit. The UN is a toothless debating society run for the most part by Muslim countries who do not respect the rule of law. Send this terrorist packing. Have no delusions, he is just another Arafat.
3. This is not rocket science
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.06.12)
"Both parties need to stand down and take steps towards getting back to the negotiating table." No, the ersatz "Palestinians" effectively put an end to any possibility of negotiations on November 29, 2012. And Israel is simply exercising its prerogative as a sovereign state. Abbas and his toadies can bluff and bluster as much as they want -- there is no going back. Once again, the ersatz "Palestinians" have proven to be absolutely their own worst enemy.
4. Obama UNSC '67 borders coming to Jews near you
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.06.12)
...effectively creating Palestine Israel, 2 States, 1 Country, with a perpetual Jewish minority, 6M Jews, 9M Arabs.
5. Who said that today's world is right?
Oleg ,   USA   (12.06.12)
On the contrary, the real occupiers are arabs. they should leave jewish land all together. there were two jewish countries, Judea and Israel - and all their land should be respected as today's Israel land. Arabs must stop occupation and go to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, countries, from where they have originally came to jewish land
6. to Mark Toner and the State Department. Go to hell!
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (12.06.12)
7. Be warned Israel - one of these days the US is going
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (12.06.12)
to get tired of the mess in the ME and start to abstain on any UNSC resolution in the ME. Israel keeps kicking the US in the teeth and soon it will get tired of the abuse.
8. Time For Jews To Standup
Ross Gallen ,   Henderson, USA   (12.06.12)
The Jews accepted the first UN resolution. The Arabs preferred war. In 1956 they tried to strangle Israel. They tried again in 1967. Again in 1982. It goes on and on. Guess what? They lost big! It's time to take the gloves off and throw them out of Judea and Samaria. No more work permits in Israel. If they want to reunite with their relatives they should go home to Egypt, Jordan and Syria.
9. Sarah B!
Dave from Brazil ,   Sao Paulo   (12.06.12)
Wake up! That land where Israel wants to build is NOT part of internationally-recognized State of Israel. That land is part of internationally-recognized State of Palestine. Why is Israel insisting on isolating itself further from the international community, to the point that there is even talk of sanctions? Why?!
10. Build, build, build, build facts on the ground for JEWS.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.06.12)
11. what about the many illegal arab buildings in Jerusalem?
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (12.06.12)
Should Israel also sue you rats to ICC or Security council for the many illegal unauthorized buildings within Jerusalem, and even Nazareth, Galilee areas? arabs don't just build illegally, they steal houses, steal plantation, destroy trees.... and it OK?
12. #4. Mr. Benassi
Stephen Korn ,   Sharon   (12.06.12)
The sovereign State of Israel will pursue and defend her interests, and is hear to stay! Better get used to it! And, by the way, it would greatly help if you would kindly learn about the history of the region. (not some fabricated narrative, like they stole our land.) If that were true, my friend, then why did they not create their State during the 1948 - 1967 period when the Pals were ruled by Egypt and Jordan?
13. "Palestinian" poseurs had best start packing.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.06.12)
By their latest phony statehood declaration, "Palestinians" are revealing the fictitious nature of Palestine. We are going to have a million Jews in Judea and Samaria soon. Within 20 years, we will likely have more than 2 million. Nobody will even waste their breath talking about Fictional Palestine. This is our land now and forever. "Palestinian" poseurs had best start packing.
14. Israel Settlements
ltrail ,   United States   (12.06.12)
Abbas, the known terrorist, says that "The Palestinians are demanding urgent action by the UN Security Council and the international community to halt Israel's "illegal settlement campaign." " The State of Israel can build any where that they have owned, or won by war that that they didn't initiate. That includes land won by the 1967 war in Judea and Samaria. Israel has sovereignty over their lands. Guess what? The so-called palestinians do not. They are a counterfeit group that was chased out of Syria, and Jordan. They are an unwelcomed crowd altogether.
15. #1 because we follow international law
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (12.06.12)
Israel is not a signatory of the Rome Statute. We cannot either 'take' somebody to the Hague or be 'taken' to the Hague. It has no jurisdiction over Israel. The UNSC cannot do anything either - the PLO is still not a state nor do they actually own any territory, regardless of how much they whine. Nobody in the world is as arrogant as an Arab thief, heck they haven't even managed to steal our land yet, but they sure act like it is theirs.
16. PA urges UNSC action over settlements
jon ,   uk   (12.06.12)
The Palestinians are demanding urgent action by the UN this is a start of their demands UN will be very busy with palestinians demands and with all their backers in UN i hope israel can fight it
17. Doesn't really matter
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (12.06.12)
If they take this to the UNSC, and they say to Israel to stop, Israel won't care about the UNSC ruling. If Israel gets a green light, the Palestinians won't care about the UNSC ruling.
18. Abbas
shreff ,   Vienna VA USA   (12.06.12)
It looks like the UN is going to find this newly-minted, unelected ...uuum ... king? ... CEO? ... whatever ... camped out on the door mat every morning at the opening bell. With nearly the whole world behind him, salivating at his every move, it promises to be quite a show. He certainly will not be content to "observe".
19. Stop being rude to the Munich Man
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (12.06.12)
When addressing the Munich Man we should treat him with the respect due to a man in the eighth year of his four year term
20. #9, Your Comments Are Disgusting
Ross Gallen ,   Henderson, USA   (12.06.12)
Your comments are uninformed and merely serve to display your ignorance of historical facts. You sound like an apologist for the PLO. It's a pity you are given space to express your negative views, but that's the great thing about the press in Israel. There is freedom of expression, no matter how far fetched the view. You are fortunate to live in a Jewish country that respects democratic values.
21. #16
Greg ,   uk   (12.06.12)
You right Jon, the UN will be busy. Its like a police station being busy due to people making cases against criminals.
22. Green Triangle
Zivron   (12.06.12)
E1 is 12square kilometres Less than the Green Triangle and will Protect Jerusalem if built as a massive anti ballistic missile defense settlements are stupid it ought be a Diego Garcia
23. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.06.12)
Because the ICC has no jurisdiction over Israel. It doesn't have any jurisdiction over the United States, either. It is the poorest excuse for a court that I have ever seen, and that's saying something.
24. The wonderful new world of the “Magic Kingdom of Pallywood”
Tim ,   SA   (12.06.12)
Watch out for the next episode in this exciting new series. Coming soon on your favourite news channel.
25. Antisemitic neo nazis
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.06.12)
websites will be satisfied, new headlines in their permanent incitemant against Israel.
26. #1 because
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.06.12)
The ICC is not a real court, and International Law is a farce. According to real International Law, the Arab countries are war criminals, the PLO is an illegal terror organization and Israel owns Judea and Samaria. In the ICC, an Arab who murders 1000 Jews will be considered a heroic fighter and a Jew who looked at an Arab will be called a war criminal.
27. Abbas really is in love with this UN upgrade
zionist forever   (12.06.12)
He is constantly threatening to take Israel to the ICC over everything and now he is calling on the Security Council to take action. I think that he is going to be the most active individual at the UN. If this plan had been announced before the UN upgrade Abbas would be moaning now though he wants to wave around the big stick he thinks he has and is demanding a Security Council resolution. The peace process might have been clinging on for dear life before the UN bid but now it really is dead with Abbas using the UN & ICC like a new toy he doesn't want to put down and Israel won't take kindly to that should Obama force us ti hold talks.
28. Ross Gallen
Dave from Brazil ,   Sao Paulo   (12.06.12)
I live in Brazil, fool! And you really think it's a pity that Israel is a democracy?? What's the matter with you?? Please explain to me how my comment is wrong!! I want to save Israel from international isolation and sanctions and the Jewish people in the rest of the world from the embarassment Israel is causing them! Clearly you prefer to destroy Israel!
29. Abbas now thinks he is The Great Statesman
Devorah   (12.06.12)
He is really just a little lowlife terrorist who has repeatedly shown that he does not know how to handle power in anything remotely resembling a productive way. I hope he becomes a major pain in the neck to the ICC, the UN and whomever else he badgers. I hope he demands to address the U.S. Congress. Begging, as usual, of course. I hope he demands to address the Intergalactic Universal Cosmic Council of War, Real Estate and Rights for the Mentally Ill. I hope he gets a Superman-type costume, complete with cape and leotards, and a great big "A" on the front of his shirt. I hope he sits on a Lightsabre. Maybe he can borrow the one they extracted from Arafat's corpse.
30. #24 Tim - Please Also Look for the 3rd Sequel of the Death
Ahmad Cohen ,   Ibn Mousa HaLevy   (12.06.12)
of Mohamed Dura. This time they managed to secure funds from Arab and Moslem countries for better scenery, lighting and sound stages, and better actors. Mohamad's father was hiding from Israeli snipers behind a luxury car with Mohamad not far away. They manage to complete the film in 8 takes to the satisfaction of the director and producer. A DVD will soon be available in HD with director's comments and outtakes from the movie. Copies have been submitted to Cannes and Academy Awards Committee.
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