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Ecuador leader compares Jewish victims to Libyans
Associated Press
Published: 06.12.12, 01:15
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1. Ecuador leader
har gol ,   USA USA   (12.06.12)
a 1st class JERK!
2. Ecuador leader...
Ben Zion ,   Melbourne Australia   (12.06.12)
It is not surprising that the whole of Latin America is becoming anti-Jewish; it has been a fool's paradise for Jews since the end of WW2 and the Argentine bombing should have been a wake-up call.
3. The president of Ecuador is an Idiot
Abu Yusouf   (12.06.12)
First he protect Assange the rapist in his ambassy in London and now this.
4. Free Speech Award
NYC Girl   (12.06.12)
So Correa was in Argentina to receive a free speech award from a highly respected journalism school even though he's been accused of muzzling the press in his own country? Welcome to the bizarro world of academia.
5. Outrage based on racism...
Mike Van Harris ,   Belgium   (12.06.12)
Jews believe that Jewish blood is worth more than none Jewish blood. Jews are dead wrong...
6. Mike, think again.
Maurice Solovitz ,   London, England   (12.06.12)
Mike why would you say this? When you go to a country that has experienced terrorism and the crime referred to is unresolved you do not spit in the face of your hosts by telling them that what occurred was marginal or minor compared to the events that occurred in a third country. It is beyond ethically outrageous. It shows a distinct lack of respect. This is not a Jewish / Christian / or any other religion issue - it is common sense.
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