Nazis on the court
Emanuel Rosen
Published: 06.12.12, 19:00
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1. Great Op-Ed
Robert ,   Queens NYC   (12.06.12)
2. Jacky Mason
Zivron   (12.06.12)
Jacky Mason the American comedian often in his comedy skits referred to all suspect antisemites who got in his way as "nazi bastards and got a lot of laughs .but that's comedy sport has a more feral warlike feel so it sounds toxic.better terms would be capitalist running dog Fascist Jihadi Psycho and counter revolutionary traitor of the toiling masses, .
3. Does not derive from Politics
Joel   (12.06.12)
this is a phenomena that has been engrained in Israeli slang for years now. Nazi and shoa are used by sephardic jews mostly regarding the most trivial and stupid matters. It disgusting but its nothing new....
4. still much better than the US
Todd ,   Baltimore   (12.06.12)
At least this basketball player in Israel was clearly embarrassed by his conduct. American Jews have no shame calling anyone a Nazi. Like Seinfeld calling a soup vendor a Nazi, the word has been totally trivialized in a Jewish community increasingly ignorant of its heritage and history, with the addition of arrogance and trendy anti-Zionism.
5. Where is Sarah B.??
joe ,   vienna   (12.06.12)
Instead of posting racist slur on every occasion - I would like her comment on this article!
6. Exaggerating is "Jewish" passion. Read the Tanah.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.06.12)
7. How true! We are quick to use the Holocaust for our own need
JIm   (12.07.12)
while at the same time we are shocked by how it has been cheapened.
8. What happened to calling someone
RickD ,   USA   (12.07.12)
a good old Mamzer? It gets the point across. Cheapening the memory of the holocaust by calling people Nazis or Kapos is quite upsetting to me. It's used by Israel's enemies quite a lot because of its ironical quality. Jews should not use these epithets. It cheapens our history.
9. Any Person Jews/Israelis Don't Like Is A Nazi
World Citizen ,   the world   (12.07.12)
The word has been used so much it means nothing to the people like myself who criticize the bellicose and apartheid policies of Israel. The thing that is encouraging is that about 95 percent of the world's population are Nazis now.
10. Same jerk who calls Elkin fascist
Ilan   (12.09.12)
Not a journalist just a bigot
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