Choosing Hamas
Alex Fishman
Published: 07.12.12, 15:00
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1. Letting people from Gaza work in Israel
Rachel ,   US   (12.07.12)
Absolute insanity.
2. There must be a law against this!
Persian CAT   (12.07.12)
Who authorized the occupier to "collect" taxes the Palestinians pay to run their own affairs? This is an outrage and must stop now! Would the Jews hand their taxes to the Nazis willingly?! I didn't think so.
3. Bibi's chickens are coming home to roost.
Stan ,   Israel   (12.07.12)
Any sensible person would know that this was going to happen eventually. I suggest that # 1 Rachel, as well as Sarah B (USA) and Chaim {who have not yet commented) save this article after they curse and rant at the author. Then read it again a year from now and see who was correct , they or Alex Fishman.
4. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.07.12)
Agreed, allowing Palestinians to work in Israel is a prescription for more terror. Insanity of the 1st degree.
5. when reading Israeli opinion columns
E. G. Marsch ,   Nahariya, Israel   (12.08.12)
you have to take into account the author's leanings. Fishman can be a very interesting analyst but he also has a strong leftist, anti-Bibi slant. He doesn't say who his sources are for all this information, which is understandable, but they may be sources with an "agenda" or he may be putting his own spin on what they're telling him. There have been other reports about Israel wanting to move Hamas out of Iran's orbit and into the Sunni orbit. Hard to believe, though, that the present Israeli political-security establishment is so naive as not to realize that Islamist Egypt and Turkey, too, are actors hostile to Israel and potentially dangerous.
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