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Report: Morsi family evacuated from home
AP, Roi Kais
Published: 06.12.12, 19:50
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1. A new residence in 'holeville'
rob ,   Orangevale, U.S.A.   (12.06.12)
Well the neighborhood is definitely growing. Let's see now... Should Morsi's new residence be just down the tunnel or should we put him right next door to Nassrallah's hole? Lol. Getting quite crowded in the 'sub terrainian' neighborhoods of the middle east. " Dirt dont hurt " can be their new mantra! Shalom Israel, Rob
2. which Obama abandon him too
3. no one is god
ishmael   (12.06.12)
in the late 70s, iranians overthrew their shah and the regime that took over figured they had divine powers such that subequent elections were fixed and protesters raped and mutilated in evion prison. Now along comes mursi wiht his brotherhood, mursi with a ph.d. from an american school and he also figures he has divine powers. Egyptians want no pharoahs and morsi's wife has been hustled out of the palace. Mursi ought to take his cue from his wife and get the hell out of egypt and teach in some far away place. The brotherhood offers new new hope for egyptians.
4. The Curse of Islam
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (12.06.12)
Islam is a mummified religion of the Middle Ages which, according to Moslems , is the word of " Allah " which can not be changed or even modified and consequently the grave injustices inherent in it will remain there for ever to those who blindly abide by it . I assume Egypt under Morsi will experience more violent chaos until the unreasonable ambitions and policies of its current Moslem Brotherhood president are trimmed . I'm also astonished and dismayed to know that President Morsi's prime minister Hisham Qandil is the very son-in-law of Gaza's HAMAS prime minister Ismail Haniyeh whose nephew serves in the IDF ... !
5. America doesn't understand arabs
zionist forever   (12.06.12)
In Iraq Bush toppled Saddam and turned it into the wild west. In Iran when the pro democracy people were protesting Obama sat back and said nothing. In Egypt Obama ditched an American ally for an islamist pharaoh. In Libya Obama helped topple Gaddafi and the kindness is repaid by killing American ambassadors. In Syria Obama hasn't done anything and there are 40,000 dead and Assad may just be willing to use chemical weapons. Palestinians have been playing America for a fool for the past 20 years and continue to do so. Arabs are not like Europeans who love freedom and appreciate it when somebody helps them gain it. The arabs see freedom and religion as part of the same package and if they conflict then you got a problem. America can fight the arabs and win with one hand tied behind their back but they don't understand them.
6. Miss me yet?
Hosni Mubarak ,   Sharm el-Sheikh   (12.06.12)
stude ham   (12.06.12)
as usual the world press named it wrong and deliberately left out the 'backwards'. so far the arab massses have proved themselves to be a bunch of easily fooled idiots.
8. where are the Humanistic Racists?
tiki ,   belgium   (12.06.12)
Where are the European NGO's, the one sided bunch always fighting free & democratic Israel over so called "settlements" but no other countries where tens of thousands are being slaughtered or being forced into Islamist dictatorships? Where are they, the little dictators for freedom, but not fighting for freedom of Syrian citizens or modern Egyptian women? Where are they, when NOW is the time for them to fight for humanity. The nobodies are hiding in their houses, busy preparing the next big fight against a free & democratic Israel! We should start calling them for what they are, RACISTS!
9. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.06.12)
You seem to be making an argument that Islam should be eradicated. Careful -- some imam somewhere will put a fatwa on your head for having the audacity to criticize the prophet's religion ....
10. To # 6
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (12.06.12)
Well , yes , indeed, if only you managed to reduce nepotism and cronyism when you were in power...
11. Same tactics as 1948
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (12.06.12)
Looks like nothing has changed in he Egyptian army guide book. 1)remove friendly factions to a safe place. 2)eliminate enemy elements. I doubt that the Morsis will ever see their home again.I dare see,though,that they've taken the key with them. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
12. Good to see
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (12.06.12)
It's good to see the Egyptian opposition stand fast past the military deadline. Perhaps the citizens have learned their lesson in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, but I seriously doubt it. They'd have to be ruled by a true tyrant for a while to really appreciate the freedoms they want. Mubarak wasn't great, but even he didn't have the balls that Morsi has displayed.
13. Pharaoh Ramses 2
zioinst forever   (12.07.12)
So Mr Mubarak did you miss me?
14. Why does the EU turn a blind eye???
Samuel ,   Israel   (12.07.12)
The reason is that they are DEAD SCARED of their own population of Muslims in their own countries. They can create havoc & the EU can't lift a finger.Look at what's happening in London itself. The Muslim population has increased threefolds. Soon the Sharia Law will be recognised, they will take over the whole of GREAT BRITAIN. In order to gain sympathy they must critisize Israel's every move. I honestly pity the whole EU.
15. 14
zionist forever   (12.07.12)
In England I think they already have shariah courts for judging some incidents and Islam is the fastest growing religion in the country so your not so far off the mark. Who knows maybe one day they will change the law to allow a Muslim to be king or queen.
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