Chile: Israeli backpackers thrown out of park
Published: 06.12.12, 20:45
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1. Sad, but probably true...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.06.12)
Very sad. It is really sad because this sort of thing does actually happen. When I was a tourist in New Zealand I distanced myself from some of the visiting Israelis there because of their behaviour :(
2. Slow news day?
Mitch ,   USA   (12.06.12)
And this is making news why?
3. Young Israelis doing what they are trained for in the army
Colonizating others and say the world is anti Semitic when barring them to do so
4. To # 3
Oleg ,   USA   (12.06.12)
Young Israelis are doing the same as most young people in this world, trying to have some fun, sometimes overstepped. They have more attention, because everybody used to balme Jews for all their troubles. But you, probably, would be happy if they start to blow themselves up in buses and trains, like your muslim friends, wouldn't you?
5. They should be deported and Israel should fine them for the
Apologies ,   from Israel   (12.06.12)
embarrasment caused to the country. I am myself ashamed of them. THESE people cause others to hate Jews/Israelis.
6. Israeli behavior is embarrasing in Israel, so it can also
Alon ,   Ramat Hasharon   (12.06.12)
be embarrasing abroad. The diaspora lovingly call it ' Israeli chuptzpah', I call it a lack of class, understanding and how the world works and does stuff outside the bubble of IL. PS/ I am Israeli.
7. There are only two alternatives to these
allegations: !. If these are set-ups,why don't you get the hell out of the place and never visit it again? I mean, not even one Israeli ! 2. If these are true stories of bad behaviour, then you should be ashamed of yourselves and support the consequences.
8. Thats the way they grow up
joe ,   vienna   (12.06.12)
in nowadays Israel - believing that everywhere is "the Territories" and they can beheave like occupiers!
9. #3
Toby   (12.06.12)
Israel colonizing? Do you know how tiny the Jewish state is compared to the 23 Islamic nations (22 Arab & 1 Iranian)? How about a fraction of less than 1% of Middle East land...the rest being all Islamic! Your total disregard of reality while spewing lies and propaganda does not hold up to facts!
10. #5 & 6 - Exacly
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (12.06.12)
Hate to say it - but there are bad people everywhere, even from Israel. I will not stand behind a Jew who blatantly displays "chutzpah" because they think they're entitled to. If they don't hold themselves to a higher standard and not give the rest of us a bad name, I say throw the book at them.
11. Travveling Israelis
Bo - Denmark ,   Denmark   (12.06.12)
Maybe its something missing in the Israeli scools - In DK people are aware of possibility of fires and act according to this - but in Israel there too is alot of fires in the summer becaurse people are not carfull. So maybe its at process to introduce in the Israeli scoolsystem.
12.  Garbage in garbage out ,...
split   (12.06.12)
Disrespect and arrogance it's their trademark, hated everywhere with no exception - Google this ; "Israeli teenagers are a nuisance in Poland" to learn more what they're capable off ,...
13. The Occupation Has Corrupted Most Israelis
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (12.06.12)
Too many Israelis have no morals and no respect for non-Jews and the possessions of non-Jews. This is due to 35+ years of occupation, colonization, brutalization, humiliation and theft against the Pals.
14. To nr 3 - How can Jews "colonize" Israel?
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.06.12)
Jewish history is 4000 years old in Israel. Barring Jews from Israel while taking other nationalisms for granted is absolutely anti-Semitic - and so are you, for denying Jews the right to exist and denying Jews their right to live in Israel. Nowadays, anti-Semites want to be able to massacre and discriminate Jews because you are "critical" and "not anti-Semitic". But no law of nature says that the only relationship goyim can have with Jews is one of hostility. You are "not anti-Semitic" but you are still hostile to Jews because we are Jews. So your logic is that you are not anti-Semitic only because you hate the Jews - right? Do all anti-Semites attend the same school? Are you massproduced in a factory? I'm asking because you are spouting out the same arguments over and over again. In what sense are Jews/Israelis "colonizing" Chile? They are tourists. Every person from outside of South America - Europeans, Jews, Arabs, Asians, Russians, Blacks, are "colonialists" in Chile since the natives of Chile are Indians. Why don't you pick on the European Chileans? Oh, because they are not Jewish! It's also fitting that you are anonymous and you refuse to state your name, location and nationality. Today's anti-Semites are as evil, as malign, as mean spirited, as racist, as biased, as prejudiced and as hateful as before, but today's anti-Semites are usually little scared Internet trolls hiding safely in an anonymous security behind a computer screen. Your hatred will neither make nor break Israel. If another ethnic group were involved, you wouldn't say a word would you?
15. Riot
Arnie Rothstein ,   New York, USA   (12.06.12)
Ok, before we get to the point I need to say that I'm a staunch defender of Israel. Now to my general observations through my travels all over the world and specifically in SE Asia. I have run into groups of Israeli guys (far from all), generally right after their military service that behave like uncivilized, spoiled brats with way too much testosterone. I realize kids in their early 20s still have some growing up to do but many of these Israelis are super aggressive. I have personally been threatened when I've looked their way (absolutely not in an aggressive way,) or when I've talked to chicks that they were apparently interested in. Seriously, I realize that these kids come from a "tough neighborhood" but this is EXACTLY what gives Israel a bad rep in the world. Do yiddish mames really raise their kids differently in Israel than in other parts of the world?
16. Send Sarah B. in she'll fix the problem!
she will use the method she cited at TB#3 in the article "Palestinian officer punches soldier amid clashes in Hebron" That is "We shouldn't "flee the scene we should fire into unruly crowd!"
17. To nr 13: What "Palestinian" people are you talking about?
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.06.12)
And what "occupation" are you talking about? Occupation according to International Law means that State A has conquered State B as a result of war. No "Palestinian" state existed in 1967, 1949, 1948, 1947, or 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10.000 or 100.000 years ago. You use the invented "Palestinian" people as an excuse to hate and destroy Israel. You care nothing for the "Palestinians". 1) Why is "Palestine" a Roman/Latin name? 2) Why is there no letter "p" in Arabic? 3) Nationalism is alien to Arabs who have, for 1400 years, lived as nomads and Beduins in multi-ethnic and multi-racial "Arab" empires whose majority population - locals, subjects, soldiers, mercenaries, scientists, mathematicians, physicians and merchants, were no ethnic Arabs, merely Arab speaking Persians, Kurds, Turks, Jews, Berbers and Africans. Why is that? 4) There is no "Palestine" in the Bible or the Koran. Why? 5) The Bible and the Koran BOTH admit that Israel is the Jewish homeland. How come? 6) Jewish/Israelite history started 2000 B.C.E in Israel - 4000 years ago. Arab history of the original Arabians, started in the 7th century C.E. 1400 years ago, in the southwestern corner of the Arabian peninsula, hundreds of kilometers away from Israel, 2600 years AFTER the start of Jewish civilization. How can Arabs be the "natives" of Israel? 7) Most Arabs arrived in Israel as recently as the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. How is that ancient history and how does that make "Palestinians" the "natives"? 8) When and where exactly did a "Palestinian" state, republic, nation state, kingdom, city state, duchy, principality or empire exist in recorded history, what are the names of kings and dynasties, cities, towns, villages and currency and why is there not a single ancient civilization mentioning anywhere any "Palestinian" state, civilization, nation or people? By the way: I'm Israeli and I don't feel "corrupted" LOL!
18. An Unbiased study is needed here.
anonymous ,   TX, USA   (12.06.12)
Some might suggest that this behavior is common among Israelis because of years groing up mis-behavior toward foreigners, and disrespecting international laws with impunity. Others might counter argue that Israeli youth behavior is the same as other nationalities, but Israel is always given extra attention by media. Some argue that the entire world is Anti-Semite and waiting to frame Israelis. An objctive study is needed to determine the percentage of incidents that involve israelis and if it stands out in comparison to others. But can someone do such study without risking being accused of anti-semitism.
19. The riot only began ...
Jonah ,   Victoria, Canada   (12.06.12)
...when indigenous Chilean Palestinians commenced with the barrage of stones and rockets made from camping stoves. But seriously, anyone who thinks a country can be judged by ignorant tourists is in for a rude awakening. ALL countries have their own traveling cretins. I've met them.
20. When all else fails try Tora teaching...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.06.12)
at school and in the army.
21. To nr 13: What "occupation" are you talking about?
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.06.12)
And what "corruption" are you talking about besides your racist Jew hatred and support of theft of Jewish land and history? "Too many Israelis have no morals and no respect for non-Jews and the possessions of non-Jews." Oh really? Is that why 1.4 million Arabs live in Israel with equal democratic and civil rights, religious rights and the freedom to vote and freedom to run for Knesset and to actually sit in the Knesset? "This is due to 35+ years" It's actually 45 years. 2012 minus 1967 = 45. "occupation" According to International Law, an occupation can only take place when a state is doing a conquest and another state is being conquered. No "Palestinian" state existed in 1967, 1949, 1948, 1947, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000 or 10.000 years ago. Tell me the name of the "Palestinian" capital, Prime Minister, President, currency etc in 1967. "colonization" How can Jews "colonize" a land they've lived in for 4000 years? It's like accusing the Chinese of being "colonialists" in China. "brutalization" The Arab population has increased by 1000% since 1948, they have running water and electricity, they are among the most educated Arabs/Moslems in the world, they were granted the Bir Zeyt University, the infant mortality has decreased, they were granted modern homes, cars, a modern society, schools, hospitals, legal rights that people in third world countries can only dream of, the right to appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem, the Arabs were granted money and even weapons - all given and granted to them by Israel. "humiliation" A population treated like human beings and growing by 1000% is a "humiliation"? LOL! "theft against the Pals." When in history has there ever been a "Palestinian" people and a "Palestinian" nation, state, culture or civilization?
22. To nr 12 Garbage in garbage out
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.06.12)
That just describes your daily visits to Ynet split...Too bad Ynet is not getting rid of the garbage permanently. Not that I want to insult garbage but in lack of a better word that's the word I'll use. Google Polish anti-Semitism and you'll see what Poles have done to Jews for centuries, during the Holocaust and during the Cold War era. Also Google whether or not Jews have treated Poles or anyone else for this matter in the same way and we'll soon see who is morally superior. Primitive, medieval, racist, backward and biased behavior is the trademark of the Poles. split, and Tomek are good examples.... Poles are made fun of everywhere in Europe and America - no exception. You are the laughing stock of Europe and America. Also Google the origins of Google. An American Jew and a Russian Jew invented Google. Don't use Jewish technology my dear Polish pinhead. Now go back to the sandpit and play with some toys.
23. Uncouth
Kishen ,   Sydney   (12.06.12)
Recently I was in Japan and have noticed Israelis being so rude and obnoxious to Japanese waitresses and waiters. May be that kind of behaviour is ok in Israel, but they looked like absolute idiots.
24. 13 doug
alsky ,   Toronto   (12.06.12)
yes, its a shame that "Pals' didnt accept partition in 1947. and 2000. They thought driving the Jews into the sea was a better option. they were wrong.....and so are you !
25. they break rules in israel,OF COURSE they do same abroad
Ahava   (12.06.12)
so a sign says, no smoking here - they smoke anyway sign says one way only, - so they go down the road the wrong way anyway. i've even seen some israelis in black clothes at night cycling on the highway, wth cars 100kph driving past.. cycling on a segway with no head protection in the middle of fast traffic, they dont care for themselves, so why do they care about the countries they visit. middle east is a big mess, period.
26. doug.....chew on this
alsky ,   toronto   (12.06.12)
if 'occupation' is the problem, why were Muslims murdering Jews before the so called occupation -1967 ?
27. Israeli's not welcome in Chile
dmmd ,   bronx, usa   (12.07.12)
Why go to places that do not want you? The planet is large and you have plenty of places that will welcome you.
My Planet Israel ,   LA-Jerusalem   (12.07.12)
29. Hey Alexander
Gal ,   Haifa   (12.07.12)
You cannot deny the fact anymore that Palestine exists. The whole world has made it clear last week
30. Torah doesn't teach sharing with others.
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