Hamas seeks lawsuit against senior IDF officer
Elior Levy, AP
Published: 06.12.12, 23:11
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1. Terrorist organizations ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.06.12)
.... and Hamas is very definitely all that .... do not have standing to bring lawsuits.
2. Why not sue hamassss..
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.06.12)
..for rocketing Israel from the strip, with the intention to kill.
3. The palestians are disturbingly funny
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (12.06.12)
and disturbingly and stupid. Israel should sue these fools for teaching hate lies and jihad to their children, firing rockets at children into Irsael, for having a chance to have their own state in historic Jewish land at least four times and saying no by starting war each time. They should be sued for being mega hypocrites! It's obvious you cannot fix stupid!
4. Forgot to mention the obvious
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (12.06.12)
If the poopasstians didn't fire rockets in the first place there would be NO blockade. These super brain dead idiots should sue themse.
5. #2
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.07.12)
Because the only money they have they leach off of us. If we won we would only end up having to pay ourselves.
6. "Blockade was meant to harm women and children"
William ,   Israel   (12.07.12)
If that were true, then food and schoolbooks would be forbidden entry to Gaza and rockets and explosives would transfer freely. However, quite the opposite is true. Hamas never understood that despite the Arab stranglehold on the UN, they have no real power at the ICC, thus Hamas BS won't be taken has fact there.
7. That's like Nazis suing UK for shooting its soldiers
William ,   Israel   (12.07.12)
Good luck with that Hamas. Be sure to read the UN Palmer report which claimed the blockade was legal, and thanks to Abbas, you're now under Intl Law obligations. Be sure to read the rules of war and your loss of rights when you DECLARE war as you did in 2007. Good luck.
8. Hamas Lawsuit
Dr.Kahn Keller ,   kingsport, tn, usa   (12.07.12)
...and people think that hamas does not have a sense of humor....
9. Icc very funny
Damien ,   Tel aviv   (12.07.12)
They can't sue anyone in the ICC as they are not part if the P.A.
10. Rajoub, Al Ashkar, Meshaal.
Uzziel   (12.07.12)
Why all those terrorists with airs can talk about suing Israel? Because they are alive.
11. Hamas suing??? LOL
Not impressed   (12.07.12)
Israel should start offering free psychiatric treatment to all the Hamastan strongmen...each and everyone of them more demented than the next. Alternatively, brain transplants (very very small ones that would fit the minuscule empty cavities available) should be offered to help these degenerates.
12. Hopeless Comedy at its worst - who cares?
NudNik69   (12.07.12)
These idiots are getting worse by the day.
13. IDF to sue Hamas for every rocket fired into Israel
zorro ,   NYC   (12.07.12)
14. Hamas Seeks Lawsuit
Ben Zion ,   Melbourne, Australia   (12.07.12)
When will Hamas put on trial its own rocket makers when Arabs in Gaza get killed from an 'industrial accident' after a home made missile explodes before launching?
15. Hamas Seeks Lawsuit ..
MM ,   Local Town, USA   (12.07.12)
The reporter who wrote this piece is not very knowledgeable about international law. The International Criminal Court (ICC) and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) are two entirely different organizations, with different membership requirements.
16. this is just way too funny...:))
les ,   canada   (12.07.12)
those mental midgets seem to forgot about the thousands of rockets fired against civilians, and just maybe was the reason that israel had no choice but kick them in the a$$. who on earth can take those retards seriously???
17. Don't Forget 80% of Gzaans are refugees
Another x   (12.07.12)
Their land And homes are in Israƫl.
18. Why aren't the women and children complaining to ham-ass?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.07.12)
19. If the blockade
Daniela   (12.07.12)
Is hurting women and children can they explain how they "imported" so many missiles. I imagine there is no blockades for weapons in gaza. Regarding to Meshal visit I would have expected that a true leader would have stayed with his people, but no...but I imagine that for him it is to much of a sacrifice... That's the leadership you have gazans....
20. when UN adopted New Baby PA, she adopt hamas as well, great!
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (12.07.12)
little does UN knows, her "generosity" in adopting the never-ever-grow up baby PA, she has automatically adopted hamas, and legalized hamas from terrorists sect to a non-member co-state, because deep down in their blood, fatah and hamas think the same way as they are twins. you will find hamas kick out fatah soon by quoting their corruption, and hamas represent all pals. UN will be forced to recognise her new baby hamas and accept hamas sue Israel at ICC over itzy bitsy silly issues. oh, ICC staffs will be very busy soon, forever tied to her illegitimate son hamas. UN, enjoy!
21. terrorists cried been terrorized ?
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (12.07.12)
ICC : Idiots Concentrated Cesspool
22. because ICC : Idiots Concentrated Cesspool
mary_of_bethanys ,   singapore   (12.07.12)
... thus any cockroaches sue insecticide there, rats can sue cats.... so be my guests.
23. idiocy
Jean-Louis Atlan   (12.07.12)
intelligence is a hard climb, idiocy is much easier, like a free fall to nowhere.
24. Sue for bus bombings, Shalit, etc
mea   (12.07.12)
25. Why not? If a Jewish lawyer covers expenses...
Miron ,   USA   (12.07.12)
Greta Berlin would cut her own child head off for this sort of a pleasure.
26. Because we know...
shmulke ,   w coast USA   (12.07.12)
that Hamas diligently avoids aiming the hundreds of missiles they've launched over the border at any women or children...oh wait... This suit would be hilarious if it weren't so evil-minded and tragic.
27. So sue me
ASTRONAUT ,   ME, USA   (12.07.12)
Yeah, and they'll hire a Jewish attorney - - - a grad from Columbia Law.
28. Frivious Lawsuits
Larry ,   Vancouver   (12.07.12)
Israel should welcome these frivilous lawsuits and just beat them in court. Fighting terrorists in court should be fairly easy.
29. Blockade ?
Tom Hill ,   Terre Haute Indiana   (12.07.12)
The blockade was a gift from Islamic Jihad and Hamas to the people of Gaza. Their members such as Yecchia Ayyash (the Engineer) and many others. All restrictions on Gaza was an Israeli response to terrorism. Very simple.
30. Perfectly Legitimate Lawsuit and Likely to Win
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (12.07.12)
Palestine will likely now be allowed to file suit in the ICC. A panel of five independent U.N. rights experts headed by Richard Faulk ruled in September 2011 that the blockade was illegal. The Palmer report ruled opposite, but they had no legal experts and their main goal was political, not legal. Let the ICC rule once and for all on the legality of the blockade and if illegal, let the Israelis responsible face the consequences.
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