Prosor: UN vote changed nothing for Palestinians
Published: 07.12.12, 08:47
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1. Ron
James   (12.07.12)
138 in favor, 9 against. Of the 9 you have micornesia, palau etc.. and the 9 feel that their take and opinion on this democratic vote means more. If you dont respect the majority vote then you will be telling the 138 stuff democracy.
2. abbas via New York to Gaza, will never go Jerusalem.
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (12.07.12)
did not we already know long ago that Abbas has never intended to go Jerusalem at all. Only EU / UN is gullible to equip Abbas with the weapon (non-member state status) hoping finally fatah can fight hamas with this new found weapon. but fatah use if against Israel instead of hamas, and next fatah will go from New York to Gaza Strip marking the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Islamist movement. But Prosner, everybody has to change except fatah, why, Israel has to face more lawsuits by fatah/hamas to ICC over Operations PD or Cast Lead. UN has to babysit and fund fatah further, UN may have to be forced to sweet-talked hamas soon. everybody changes. except fatah/hamas can remain shamelessly reject any peace talk.
3. UN vote changed everything
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.07.12)
This has annuled and unvalidated all Oslo agreements between Israel and palestinians. In the future Israel can act freely, not obligated to previous accords.
4. Un
Eduardo novo ,   Brazil   (12.07.12)
Its true nothing had chá fed. You continue not to understand the palestinians...
5. Un Vote
Larry ,   Vancouver Canada   (12.07.12)
I think it's a good thing that the Pals consider themselves a country. There is responsibility with being a country. IAF took it easy on hamas because they are not a country - just a ghetto. Ask the Lebanese what happens to a country when you screw with Israel.
6. Ersatz Pals
Sarah B ,   U.S.A/Israel   (12.07.12)
The ersatz palestinians will always be the scum of the earth ,no matter what the UN says
7. So Mashaal has decided to move to Gaza?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.07.12)
So he claims this is his great homecoming? Whats he forgets to say is that this is because since he was summarily booted out from Damascus NOWHERE on earth except Ahmadinejad will give him refuge But here is the rub If and when he comes to stay in Gaza...who will rule the roost? Haniyeh, Zahar or Pretty Boy Mashaal? Can you honestly see Haniyeh being eclipsed by Mashaal in his very own back yard? But for ordinary Gazans whose property and lives have been ruined by the Hamas adventure with Israel.....Hamas expect THEM to pick up the pieces but then claim a 'famous victory' for Gaza Do they honestly believe Gazans are THAT stupid?
8. To No 1 a Mayority can make a big legal mistake as is this .
case. The resulution Granting non state memebr status, is ilegal. In his discourse.Abbas talks of 67 borders and Jerusalem as the pals capital. This contradicts and infact anuls theoretically res 242 of september 1967. Res 242 states secure borders etc with all it's implication such as the Kotel the Hebrew University etc etc and the home of morer than 300.000 people on the west bank. On 1973 the UNGA stated that zionism is racism. Nevertheless ono or two years later that resolution was anuled because of it's ilegality. the UNGA cannot anull a UNSC resolution. This can become a chaos it is against the charter of the UN and the constitution of the UNSC So with a good team of lawyers that resolution of the UNGA can be changed or anuled by it's contradiction.
9. Mr. Prosor
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (12.07.12)
B"H As a minimum, Mr. Prosor, Israel's UN ambassador, should pack up his personal objects from his high UN office and announce his resignation. That the "palestinians", a fake nation, could sell their fake story to the world is also his fault and he should assume his part of the responsibility. We need Jewish thinking, Jewish looking ambassadors in the diplomatic service, people who can help the world understand who we are and what we, the Jews, doing in this world, on this Land. The Prosors are a liability to this nation, not an asset, as portrayed here. Besides, the Prosor analysis in particular is faulty and dangerous: If the fact that now they are viewed as a State doesn’t change anything for Prosor, it means that they, his elitist, and secularist clique, are not prepared to hold them responsible for their attacks on Israel, as if indeed they were a State. Sticking to Oslo at this point, even if only technically, is outright suicidal. We cannot afford the Prosors any longer, they screwed it up and it’s time to draw the consequences! Prosor, submit your resignation and return to private life. I’m sure you’ll have plenty to write about in your upcoming memoir.
10. After vote theres been tentions with israel over settlements
Abdalla   (12.07.12)
I wouldnt call that nothing
11. If nothing changed can we get our taxes
Free gaza   (12.07.12)
12. To # 1
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (12.07.12)
So you think the majority knows best as when the majority thought the world was flat or world was the center of the our solar system? The majority might rule but under no circumstances does the majority know best as often demonstrated in History.,
13. #12
Ron   (12.07.12)
The majority will always be wrong to the minority.
14. #6 138 + 41 nations beg to differ...
Lynx ,   Palestine   (12.07.12) who the 'scum of the earth' is.
15. #11 pay for your electricity , scab
NudNik69   (12.07.12)
Bludgers and whiners. Only muslims and the jew-hating demented actually believe all this BS. The pals need to find someone other than their enemy to pay for their stuff. Buzz off freeloaders!
16. #14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A/Israel   (12.07.12)
If things dont go our way it must be wrong because we are always right. We will only agree to the UN if its in our favor.
17. # 10 Abdalla. We should call Netanyahus bluff
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.07.12)
And get down to talks without preconditions Because this stand off is a NEVER ENDING viscious circle. Abbas wanting this - Netanyahu wanting a game of never ending tug of war that leads nowhere Once genuine talks are underway..this creates an atmosphere much more conducive to compromise It needs people on all sides to urge the two leaders to quit the dithering and get down to business
18. Prosor
Abou Fayez ,   Brussels   (12.07.12)
Not one single word of what he said is true: this is Israel I know.
19. The post at No. 6 is not mine.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.07.12)
20. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.07.12)
Sure. Just as soon as you pay your utilities and fresh water bills.
21. The post at No. 16 is not mine.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.07.12)
22. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.07.12)
Abbas refuses to recognize the State of Israel as a Jewish state. He even refuses to recognize the right of the Jewish people to live in their ancient homeland. That has always been Israel's red line and, unlike Abbas, Israel does hold all the cards and Israel does have the right to set terms and conditions. But November 29th changed everything, forever. Judea and Samaria will be annexed. And the ersatz "Palestinians" can have their fictitious state in Jordan. Judea and Samaria are no longer on the table. I'm sorry, but Israelis are fresh out of patience and the ersatz "Palestinians" are fresh out of chances. They have a long and storied history of never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity. It is time for them to recognize that they must take ownership of their really bad decisions. Nothing more can be done for them.
23. Your Leaders are not listening Sarah
Allison ,   NY, USA   (12.07.12)
I've read alot of comments by Sarah B, who calls for action and violence against the Palestinians, but the problem is that the leaders of Israel are ignoring her rants and those like her. No one has annaxed Judea, no one is planning to force all the Pals into Jordan nor are they deposing Abbas. This is because they know that the 139 + nations of the world will not let them do any of this. Sarah ranted for them to 'turn Gaza into a parking lot' but Israel was forced to stop bombing after just 8 days, and didn't dare send in ground forces. I Think that Sarah is very cross she can't get what she wants, but I shall pray for her, may Jesus grant her peace of mind.
24. #23 & Sarah B
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (12.07.12)
#23 poorly informed, since IDF had no intention to go into Gaza , and no external pressure will deflect Israel from fighting to the last breath , on the never again principle the other is deluded , practically in need of treatment ; lucky if the cats hear her
25. If the vote changed nothing....
Jackson ,   Chicago, Illinois US   (12.07.12)
Why did Mr Prosor try so hard to stop it? All those nations they lobbied, all those favours he tried to call it, the pressure he demanded the US put on other nations like Czech Republic, in despiration to get some to vote no. All for nothing, he lost the vote. It sounds like he is trying to excuse his mess by saying 'it doesn't really matter that all bar 9 nations on Earth accept the State of Palestine, on the 1967 boarders, and will now start sanctions on Israel and end our visas and close our embassys if we don't stop the settlements and make peace. He says that doesn't matter. But there are a few right-wing zionists here who might be it bit upset with this defeat and his attempt to brush it under the carpet.
26. It Changes Nothing!
Julian ,   Cawdor, Scotland   (12.07.12)
South Africa once though like that, they thought the world would not change. They were America's ally in the Cold War, Europe supported them, and they could keep white-rule forever. Forever is along time. The world changed it's mind and with sanctions, pressure and the levers of power forced an end to white-rule.
27. So called Sarah B
...   (12.07.12)
"Sarah B" is a fictitious commentator designed to express radical Zionist views
28. Sarah B you're scarring the hell out of these lil' men
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (12.07.12)
HA HA and, frankly m' dear, I'm enjoying this shit out of it. You go girl!
29. "One major "Change" BUILD BABY BUILD !!!
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (12.07.12)
More to come. More Jewish homes, less pals. Ah, revenge is sweet.
30. #1 ron the MORON
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (12.07.12)
138 yes,of them how many are as you call democracies? IRAN,LYBIA,EGYPT,JORDAN,SYRIA,ETC.Just because they hold elections doesn't mean they are democracies.The palis held elections for a president 6 years ago for a 4 year term,he won't call another election is that your view of a democracy? The dumb egyptians voted in the MB do you actually think that there will be another election without thousands of deaths in egypt?think about it before making a stupid statement.
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