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Israelis take on soda super-giants
Associated Press
Published: 10.12.12, 14:52
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1. wont be a success in the US
k ,   US   (12.10.12)
sorry most Americans could care less about the environment, and they are set in their "Coke/Pepsi ways they are gonna spend alot of money on Super Bowl advertising but it is going to be a flop
2. U.K shies from Competition
ASTRONAUT ,   ME, USA   (12.10.12)
"Aside from political backlash, last month the United Kingdom banned a SodaStream TV advertisement saying it disparaged other soda manufacturers." Dear Brits: when Pepsi stepped up to rival Coca Cola's market share, did you shriek with dismay? This is what is known as INNOVATION, you schlemiels. Am Yisrael Chai!
3. 1
actually, you are so wrong. look at the reality on the ground. i have been to numerous stores both in n.y. and austin and all kitchen stores that carry them were completely sold out. not a single soda maker from israel was available. i called other outfits and they ran out of them. it was very frustrating to find one. i finally had to go on amazon to purchase one and only one was left in stock. most stores told me that once these items come in, they leave the stores by the thousands and that these items are the in thing now. they can't keep them in. go check for yourself if you are lucky to get one anywhere. it is the biggest thing now on the market.
4. SodaStream Commercials
NYC Girl   (12.11.12)
Ordinarily, I loathe commercials, but there's something quite satisfying about all those bottles exploding...perhaps a latent destructive tendency on my part. But I had no idea it was an Israeli product or that the usual terrorist sycophants are whining about a boycott. And, by the way, that nonsense about the settlements is just an excuse, because those same so-called activists just coerced a group of musicians to pull out of a jazz festival in Eilat...which, the last I checked, isn't a settlement of any sort. In fact, now I'm almost tempted to go out and buy one...although I don't even drink soda.
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