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President Obama wishes Jewry happy Hanukkah
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 08.12.12, 11:48
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1. i wish he would not
JL   (12.08.12)
2. Every Chanukah we have to take his "wishes" Its sickening
Alan ,   SA   (12.08.12)
Let him celebrate Eid!
3. He is truly welcome to.....
Gideon Reader   (12.08.12) his greetings where the transparent government dom't shine, AND his head resides. Bracky? Stufit!!!!
4. Excuse for a good party?
Grandma Beck ,   US   (12.08.12)
Hanukkah was G-d moving in a miraculous way to encourage his beloved people.
5. Oblabla would be much more convincing
A ,   Belgium   (12.08.12)
if he actually believed what he was saying and was sincere in saying it.
6. Chanukah 2011 of the Obamas says it all
Jake   (12.08.12)
They'd rather be someplace else.
7. Thank you President Obama for your wishes
Chaim   (12.08.12)
We Jews gladly accept wishes and blessings from everyone. May Jews in Israel already merit the coming of Moshiach, a true JEWISH leader with morals and values. May Israel already be worthy of a head of state, head of defense and head of military as courageous as the Maccabees. Happy Hanukah!
8. Sorry, Mr. President ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.09.12)
.... but my religion has absolutely nothing in common with Islam. I don't share any Islamic "aspirations," although I realize that you do. How are your "aspirations" doing so far in Tunisia? Iran? Egypt? Sudan? Syria? Iraq? Afghanistan? Yemen? Pakistan? Bahrain? Lebanon? How about what used to be Libya? What a pathetic sycophant you are, Mr. President!
9. Waste of a good candle.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (12.09.12)
Rather than that candle in Mr Obama's hand being used insincerely,I can think of a much better place for her to shove it. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
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