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Olmert: Israel ruled by far-right leadership
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 08.12.12, 20:45
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1. olmet is v ery very weak
mohson   (12.08.12)
kiss the US, that is olmert, kiss and suck up. He forgets what winograd said about him. Olmeert picked peretz for defense, need I say more. Olmert trusted erdogan to show his lack of understanding of enemies, olmert was prepared to give away the golan, can you imagine that in any world. Atilla is as weak as olmert. Bibi in fact is insecure, without a doubt though his heart is in the right place. Now that ehud barak will be leaving, israel has a chance with moshe yaalon. Bibi in fact is left of centre. Olmert was the weakest prime mininster in terms of security that israel ever had. and israel has to assert its rights as the US at times is wrong about specific areas of the world.
2. Olmert is a disgrace and a worthless hack
Marco ,   Spain   (12.08.12)
In a recent interview in the US on the Charlie Rose program he praised Abbas, Fayyad and Barak as excellent leaders and partners for Peace. He went on and denigrated Bibi in every way possible.
3. Just SHUT-UP
Shalom ,   Ashdod, IL   (12.08.12)
and go to jail where you belong
4. utter miserability
avi ,   israel   (12.08.12)
Actually, the subject of my comment if phrased honestly indeed, the way I truly feel it, would run like this: Der dreak called Olmert.
5. When will the degenerates
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (12.08.12)
stop being covered by the media, and when will we see descent people leading the Jewish people??
6. Barack Obama has alienated me.
Steve   (12.08.12)
What is former PM Olmert talking about? Far-right? PM Netanyahu and FM Lieberman are middle of the road; moderates. They are pussy cats.
7. credibility
hersh   (12.08.12)
maybe judge arad paid olmert back because olmert was proarab. Forget about the allegations and indictments. Let us just assess credibility. i look at olmert, at what he said about israel, about gaza withdrawal, about his handling of nasrollah's war, about his offers to assad and abbas and I say this- in my opinion, he is a born liar and crook, I do not believe one word he says, he is the definition of a crook and weakling. i do not need to hear any evidence-Olmert is not credibile and any judge that finds olmert credible, that judge is incredible period, end of story.
ROSENVALD ,   BRASIL   (12.08.12)
9. How in the world was this man Sharon's acting PM?
Yitz   (12.08.12)
If anyone was Right it was PM Ariel Sharon. Should we say that it's all Olmert's fault that Sharon is suffering all these years for heeding the stupid and dangerous advice from Olmert for the expulstion of 10,000 Jews?
10. #5 The media consists of these kind of Leftist morons
Yitz   (12.08.12)
Don't you know that in democratic Israel the Right are banned from radio/tv media with all kinds of "illegal" violations? Thank G-d for internet where the Right have a say and quite some power too.
11. Thank God!
Dr. langhorne ,   USA   (12.08.12)
W should all give thanks the he and Livni 's behinds are no longer glued to Knesset cabinet seats.
12. #5. Concessions & retreats are source Israel's suffering.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.08.12)
Israel is full of wise and courageous men and women. Our problem is that few of them make it to the Knesset. Israel desperately needs sincere patriotic right wing leadership. Leftist concessions and retreats are the root source of virtually all our suffering. Had we stayed in Gaza and South Lebanon; our last two wars would never have occurred. Nor would we have suffered the thousands of rockets from Gaza and Lebanon. As you note, Paul, it's time to end the lunacy once and for all.
13. A corrupt and self serving rubbish PM
David ,   Israel   (12.08.12)
The corrupt prime minister wants to point fingers ? All you have to do is take a look at his childrens' left wing involvement in Pro-Palestinian activities
Avi Mizrachi ,   Tel Aviv   (12.08.12)
We love you Ehud!!!
15. Only Olmert can bring us peace!
Sarah Mizrachi ,   Tel Aviv   (12.08.12)
Unlike Bibi, Olmert is well liked by the White House and has a special relationship with Abbas and Morsi. Let's give Peace a chance!!!
16. Why did you print this?
Terry Hopper ,   USA   (12.08.12)
BIBI was elected by the majority of the Israeli people, enought said. In times like these the far-right is what Israel needs, not the surrender left.
17. Olmert. You will always know.....
Gideon Reader   (12.08.12)
...where he stands. That is because of the electronic ankle braclet applied by the Department of Detention Services. But admit it. Tasing him would be MUCH more fun, ncest pas?
18. Un vote a klots lasher
Zivron   (12.08.12)
The Un vote was not worth the sweat .a Palestinian state with right of return I cannot comprehend human feral nature can bring anything but tribal blood baths Massacres and Nuclear Chemical Biological and the Usual Barbaric weapon destruction of Israel and its surrounds. D
19. Man's a moron
Hope ,   Auckland New Zealand   (12.08.12)
20. Moses would likely consider the current Governmen ..
Galut ia ,   Selah   (12.08.12)
not conservative enough ....but one day soon it will be ...
21. No Israeli leader matters any more.Peace needs to be imposed
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.08.12)
This longest lasting conflict of the modern era is going nowhere and it matters not who will be elected to sit in the Knesset. Only the Great Powers can force peace on the region and the sooner the better.
22. Only leftist journalists care what Olmert has to say ..
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (12.09.12)
He decided not to run because he may still be sent to jail.
23.  Force peace
Ester ,   Canada   (12.09.12)
There are two kind of peace; 1-Peace of death. This kind you can force (by war) 2-Peace of life. That you can not force. For that kind of peace one needs a change of heart.
24. Olmert should be deported to France
Hinda ,   sf bay area   (12.09.12)
Israel needs to undo all the harm that Olmert and others did to her since 1993. No appeasing terrorists. Olmert IS a traitor to Israel by it's very actions!
25. Olmerts statement
Hanno Phoenicia ,   Irvington, USA   (12.09.12)
Olmert is 100% correct and virtually the entire world agrees.
26. In a democracy the people choose who
jason white ,   afula, israel   (12.09.12)
they want to govern them. If we want right wing, then we elect right. olmert does not get it. Also when the term is over or the goverment falls, our politicians leave office. Not like abu ab-ass. his term was over years ago and there were no elections to replace him. olmert wants to hurt Israel through bibi. he disses bibi as a way of getting back at Israel for his political and legal problems.
27. B"H for the right, saviors of Israel.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.09.12)
28. Olmert does not represent
Rube Vogel ,   Jerusalem   (12.09.12)
the views of the lunatic left, or those of Israel's other career criminals or drug abusers.
29. Olmert the corrupt
Ari ,   kfar saba   (12.09.12)
This scum drips with hypocrisy.
30. Olmert has the spine of a snake
Chosid ,   New Jersey, USA   (12.09.12)
He has zero credibility. I don't trust him in the least. And I believe the Europeans have our best interests at heart about as much as the Arabs do. So no, his words are meaningless. I would actually be concerned if he were supportive.
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