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Sweden's Jews 'dying of 1,000 cuts'
Published: 09.12.12, 15:01
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1. Sweden, a country full of Human Rights Racists
tiki ,   belgium   (12.09.12)
2. Sweden is invaded by islamic followers..
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.09.12)
...and so is Norway also. Wherever islamic followers are able to get their foot inside, their will destroy minority communities. First they wants to remove the local minorities then they will go for the nation. Islam is a deadly force/cult which should be banned from spreading into Europe.
3. Sweden
Robert ,   USA   (12.09.12)
Ah yes, this people's paradise, cradle-to-grave nurturing, this model of societal organization...such a marvel, such a delight...unless, of course, you are a JEW.
Swedish jews have a choice ,they can leave that hellhole called Sweden.
5. A comparison -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.09.12)
- as acording to the word of HASHEM, HASHEM will draw all Nations upon Earth against Jerusalem - And - HÁSHEM now allowes Antijudaism to rise in the whole World in order to prepere and Push for the Homecoming. Heed HIM !!!. Arn.Sweden.
6. Israel
Jay ,   USA   (12.09.12)
That is your country why don't you go there?
7. #2 What goes around comes around.
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (12.09.12)
With that i mean, the jewish community organizations have been the loudest advocates of making Sweden into a multicultural society. I just think it's wonderful that the community that is most at fault for the situation also get to suffer the consequenses.
8. #7 take responsibility for your own actions
ronen   (12.09.12)
white jew haters always say that jews are responsible for muslim immigration. that is pathetic. its your country and jews are a small minority. and no they wont suffer most. they will move to israel and you will be stuck with the muslims. from experience people who speak like you are usually stormfront members and are the lowest of the low. jews are not responsible that you fools gave 200000 iraqis residency at one time. jews are not responsible for your people voting overwhelmingly for the left. jews are not responsible for your country being the most anti israel country in the west. only you are responsible and what goes around comes around: malmo is not swedish territory anymore
9. Knut Agnred-Swedish Poet
Avouskila ,   South America   (12.09.12)
If you want to understand the characteristic of a Swede read the Poem by the Swede Knut Agnred: "Nothing is stupid as a Swede", it says it all.
10. #7..Diversity
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.09.12)
So, your opinion is Sweden for the swedes?? And your anger is towards those few which, for hundreds and tousands of years, have lived under, and still believe in diversity, even in Sweden!! Then your focus should instead be on what is going on in the world right now. Islamic countries are turned into caos by their islamic leaders, and thereby sending huge masses of islamic followers into western countries. Theese immigrants suffer still from the pressure their former leaders had on them, and accept those former imams to also be imported to mosks which enable the spreading of the old rethoric into the new country, which ultimately send the new western country into violence. To my knowledge jews are NOT making that kind of turmoil which you are afraid of. Instead they are contributing positively to the society they are members of. Then, if you let your objective side a bit more into play, I am sure you will be positvely surprised what "comes around."
11. I really dont think telling us to make aliyah is what Swedes
Swedish jew ,   Stockholm   (12.10.12)
want or would seriously do. My dad is Israeli and he would never go back. Israel is nice and all but not for everyone. I wouldnt want to waste my great education to end up earning sh*t wages in Israel, and with its expensive living, low standard of living and its security situation and so on. If I were to move anywhere, I'd go to London, New York or Sydney.
12. Wake up European Jewry
Ezekial Haim ,   LONDON UK   (12.10.12)
Because as Europeans know it starts in Sweden and the rest of Europe follows.European Jews need to start building their homes and their future in Israel.They need to be ready before they are forced out.By then it will be too late and they will loose everything,Just like the Jewish communities in Arab countries.
13. The scandinevian countries should be condemed for life
Samuel ,   Israel   (12.10.12)
Why has Sweden,Norway,Finland & Denmark become impotent? Can't they do something drastic regarding these incidents? They are ready to pounce on Israel for any thing shortcoming.Just wait and watch,they will all be swallowed by these Muslims.
14. The facts are
Damn them!   (12.10.12)
that both Sweden (FM!) and Norway and their governments now are controlled, led by outright fascists and antisemties. This is the not so hidden truth. Denmark has an extremist, ultra-radical far-left government, esp. its foreign minister, that's why it supports the Arabs - "Palestinians" against Israel.
15. 7# Just another conspiracy theory!
Christian ,   Suomi Finland   (12.10.12)
7# The claim that Jews are behind this "multiculturalism" is just another classic antisemitic conspiracy theory! Those who spread it - are usually very pro-Islam, anti-Christianity and anti-Western in a twisted way! There is also an unholy alliance between real neo-nazis, far leftists and radical Muslims. Sweden will soon be in big troubles as they take more immigrants than they can integrate properly - and they deny certain obvious problems - but that is what the Swedes have chosen! If the Jewish leaders in Sweden are not hatemongers and speak about tolerance - it is a good thing! By the way, in Finland we have a historical Tatar Muslim minority that has a good relationship towards Finnish Jews! As it is a totally different thing to be tolerant in a daily life than to want the whole radical Muslim world to move in - and to accept the radical Muslim way to live and to think! But now even the official Sweden seems to accept the hate speech and harassment towards Swedish Jews by radical Muslims - and also far leftists as they use Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an excuse - to harass Swedish Jews!
16. #15 Accurate analysis
Raphael ,   Netanya   (12.10.12)
However this unhealthy red-brown-green conglomerate of hatemongers are sprawling all over Europe, especially France, which is home to the largest jewish community and under murderous attack. Sweden is a sanctuary for Hitler praising holocaust deniers such as Ahmed Rami and Israel Shamir (main operative of Wikileaks). If cleaning this trash from Europe was serious, it should start with Sweden.
17. #15 Christian, Finland
daniel ,   EU, IL   (12.10.12)
How exactly is the situation concerning Muslims and Antisemitism/Anti-Israelism in Finland? I know that the situation in Scandinavia is very bad in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, but I never ever read anything concerning Finland? I have a job offer from a company in Finland, but I am not interested into getting assaulted just because me and my family is Jewish/Israeli. According to Wikipedia, the Muslim population in Finland is 1,0 %. Can you tell me anything about the situationin Finland? Are there similiar problems with Muslims ? Is it dangerous for Jews/Israelis in Finland? Thank you for your answer!
18. To # 1 and all the rest who ignore "price tag" terror
Stan ,   Israel   (12.10.12)
How would you describe Israel? A country of faschist extremists? I DON'T THINK SO. Here a few thousand extremists are involved in terror activity against Palestinians, mosques, and also churches in Israel. They sometimes even attack our soldiers. So, as you do not condemn Israel for the actions of some racialist extremists, don't do it to other "normative" countries either.
19. To Daniel - situation in Finland
LM ,   ex-Finland   (12.10.12)
I'm Jewish and lived for many years in Finland. You definitely don't need to be worried. Finns are rational, calm people and the immigrant population much smaller than in the other Nordic countries. I have never heard of Muslims or native Finns attacking Jews. Leftists and the media are anti-Israel like everywhere else, and there is opposition to male circumcision but no bans. No doubt there are some prejudices towards Jews but nothing violent. Finland is a fine country all in all. I'd be more worried about the dark, cold winters than anti-Semitism. Good luck.
20. While Europe Slept
Josh ,   Usa   (12.11.12)
This is the title of a book by this author Bruce Bawyer. It's about the big inroads Islam is making in aeurope, and the daggers it causes for the future. Definitely a good read!
21. Probably the attack on the women was carried out by
me ,   here   (12.11.12)
a. someone from the very small group of rightist extremists that exist in all of Europe, not in Sweden b. someone from the large immigrated muslim pro-Palestinian population in Malmo A common Swede would hardly care to make any such attack, it is a work of someone from a small extremist group. It is true that the Scandinavian media's coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is largely pro-Palestinian, which makes the average Scandinavian person know much more about the Palestinian view on the conflict than on the Israeli one. Still, the great majority of Scandinavian people would never commit a violent act, neither for criminal, political or other reasons! Let's not forget that Malmoe once was the destination of "the white buses" transporting Jews out of the European continent to the safety in neutral Sweden. Many people were helped by Folke Bernadotte, who issued Swedish passports and distributed them freely, and so managed to make many escape the death marches at the end of the war. Swedish men also helped fleeing Jews cross the Baltic Belt between Denmark and Sweden in small boats, in spite of the mines and the German control of the waters. Many Swedish families welcomed Jews into their homes, where women and children were given proper food and care until they had recovered from the starvation and sufferings they had endured on the continent... I am sorry for the victims of the latest attack, but they shall know that most Scandinavians may be mis-informed by the media, but vast majority of them are not violent in any way, and would not dream of hurting another person, whether Jewish or not. Actually, the muslims in Sweden keep complaining about islamophobia among Swedish people...
22. 18# Price tag, 17# Daniel
Christian ,   Suomi Finland   (12.11.12)
18# Price tag -attacks - I do not accept those either! But it is hard to compare Sweden and Israel, as the situation, history, relations between groups, religions etc. - are so different! Sweden has not suffered for any kind of societal problems in ages, and their last war was 200 years ago. And those are mainly radical Muslims who are attacking against Swedish Jews and may not even have a Swedish citizenship, as many of those radical Muslims are in fact refugees! Jews in Sweden have done nothing to these radical Muslims that would somehow "explain" any kind of harassment or even hate. And still the official Sweden seems to do nothing to stop this - even when there is a multimillion branch of industry against racism in Sweden. On the contrary the leftists and the Swedish media just make up excuses. 17# You got already one answer from #19! As a Finn I also think that Finland is not as bad as Sweden, nothing like Malmö! There are good and bad people, but the Finnish culture is also certain - that some will like it and some will hate it! Maybe you should contact Jews living in Finland - and for example the Jewish community synagogues (in Helsinki and Turku), I think they can give you more information, so google their sites! But the amount of Jews is also very small in Finland.
23. Aliyah
Robyn ,   Montreal   (12.12.12)
If you had to move anywhere, you would move to London,New York or Sydney.What makes you think that in the future(near?) you might HAVE to leave them too. The sad part is, that people like you have lost, the idealism that built Israel and the memory of being a homeless people.
24. About Finland
SG ,   Helsinki FInland   (12.15.12)
To those interested in Finland: Finland has been and probably still is one of the safest countries for Jews, not like the Scandinavian countries with big and aggressive moslim population. Of course, there are anti-zionists in the labour and green parties, but they don't stone you for wearing a kippah.
25. Swedes
Steve ,   US   (01.01.13)
At least they aren't claiming to be neutral anymore.
26. If Polce are being called 4X and not responding
Dina ,   USA   (03.11.13)
It probably means that tyey are in on it. The Israeli gov't should providecavsafe haven andchelp these victim come to Israel with sufficient housing and wages... Anything less is disgraceful.
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