'West Bank on verge of intifada'
Yoav Zitun
Published: 09.12.12, 07:33
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1. A few things to keep in mind, though....
Vlad   (12.09.12)
Israel has fences on its borders with Gaza, Egypt, and Lebanon, a fence and minefield on the border with Syria, a fence protecting Israel and most of the settlements in the West Bank, and these areas are combed by constant military patrols. In addition, Israel is planning to build a fence on its border with Jordan, and it has constant naval patrols on its Mediterranean coastline. In addition, most of the little isolated settlements beyond the wall have fences and heavily-armed residents. The effectiveness of rocket attacks has been largely nullified the Iron Dome. A Third Intifada will barely hurt Israel. It'll maybe kill a few dozen Israelis before it's over (Netanyahu will deal with it REAL quick).
2. Third Intifada
Foreign_Observer ,   Wexford, Ireland.   (12.09.12)
Well this is what happens when you strangle a people economically, It leads to the rise of extremis, which Israel's govt wants as it provides a nice excuse to expand settlements for so-called 'security' reasons, when in fact that just makes matters worse. Dispossessing families of their homes is just increasing the Hamas recruitment pool of bitter people.
3. Number 2 What have you to say about S'derot ?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (12.09.12)
4. #2 Irish
Marcelo ,   Berlin / TLV   (12.09.12)
Irish and childish, your talk is cheap. You are a 'foreign observer", then keep your comments in foreign newspapers. There is no justification for more killing but your support for a rice of murders and killers as arab's is. You have no clue whatsoever what is happening or even happened but only some borrowed nazi-ideology. It will not end with an invented palilala land. i wish you the same you wish for the jews...
5. Now we will hear the right wing settlers cry
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.09.12)
6. the UN bid of course made it worse
zionist forever   (12.09.12)
Before the palestinians didn't like the way things were but didn't see any change near term but the only ones with any fight left in them was Hamas. Then came the UN bid and it reinvigorated them and now they are willing ti fight again They also saw how Israel rewarded Hamas with easing of some of the blockades as part of the truce for Gaza. Many arabs want to start fighting again and although he might be on a roll right now because he went to the UN he is not a strong leader like Arafat was and has plenty of people who think he is to weak and leading them the wrong direction.
7. @Foreign Observer, Ireland
Dallas ,   Canada   (12.09.12)
No, your libel is wrong and deeply offensive, and shows that you are wilfullly ignoring easily-understood and readily-available facts. Economic effects on citizens, especially when coddled by generous international welfare continually invited to negotiate, can never be a justification of murderous rampage as you claim. Economic difficulties, where they exist, have something to do with 1) PA/Hamas' corruption and misallocation of the generous and endless international dole, 2) obsessive focus of those regimes and systemic incitement to murder instead of taking responsibility and building an economy, and 3) restrictions on PA citizens for essential security purposes - the boomerang effect caused by the culture of hatred.
8. Re: Roland Seener
Foreign_Observer ,   Wexford, Ireland   (12.09.12)
I don't agree with attacks on Sderot but the Iron Dome is stopping that anyway. I don't think anyone should be killed on the other side unless they are dying on your side. Also Gaza is under a blockade. Haniyeh said on 3rd Dec he supported a two-state solution so I think Israel should talk to him. Also, I think Gaza and the WB need to be addressed differently because the latter is under Abbas who is doing his best to stop attacks on Israel and has been mostly successful.
9. the 3rd Intifada
tiki ,   belgium   (12.09.12)
Would be the best time to reunite the Arab Palestinians from Judea & Samaria with their families at home in Arab Palestine, renamed for some reason as Jordan and bring the Jewish lands from the old Testament back inside the borders of Israel, where they belong. Like this order has been restored and so has deterence for those Arabs with bad intentions.
10. Foreign Observer
Carmen ,   Melbourne, Australia   (12.09.12)
The Gaza blockade is to stop weapons. The naval blockade was deemed legal by the UN remember. Sure enough weapons have come in by land as the recent attacks have shown. Haniyeh is not a moderate - while he stated that he is for a two state solution (including all of J'lem) - he expects Palestinians to be able to move to Israel. The outcome he expects is that Israel is overcome as a separate state by Palestinian refugees.
11. Time for peace?
Jayd ,   Melbourne, Australia   (12.09.12)
Someone on either side needs to hold out an olive branch, say 'These are the lines, this is where we stop" Israel must stop any more new expansion, there cannot be any more new settlements as they are a slap in the face. Palestine must accept the 1963 lines no longer exist and cede some of it's prior land peacefully to Israel in return. Freeze things as they are. Which country is braver, which country is willing to embrace the other and say, OK, this is where it stops and live to that as a God given promise. Israel could garner great respect in the world by withdrawing from a large slice of the disputed land and saying, we have our country now, we give you the right to have yours too. It doesn't need to be the 1963 lines but Israel does need to recognise the palastinians as a separate country and move on peacefully with your lives and at the same time the palastinians must accept Israel's right to it's lands as well, in return for full recognition as a country. Be brave fine people of Israel, extend your hand in friendship, draw new lines, give a little back - enough to give the palestinians their own country.
12. Foreign observer
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.09.12)
the hamas leader said yesterday that hamas will never recognise Israel . So talk to hanyeh ?, a hamas man
13. @ Foreign Observer
Steve-o ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.09.12)
Your comments are just pathetic as is your broke ass country. Israel should wait for civilians to die before attacking terrorists?? Are you serious? Abbas and Hamas will never recognize Israel...what is left to say? What are we even talking about.
14. to foreign observer ,Ireland!!!
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (12.09.12)
Your own statements reveal how little you understand! you believe rockets flying over people heads is fine as long as no one is killed? the constant fear of "this could be the one that lands on me?"" this could be the end of my life!" Do you understand what terror is? if somebody tried to kill you! and that person had a gun loaded Russian roulette style! would you do nothing? after the first blank, or the second? or the third? would you wait only, til after the bullet goes right into you? how about if you are wearing a bulletproof vest? is there really a thing as bulletproof? no there isn't! it's bullet resistant, not proof! same with iron dome buddy! Terror is terror is terror! we get along just fine with Arabs in israel, you know... the ones not trying to drive us into the sea!
15. Nakba+Nahsa= Ichsa !
Hamas wants the whole of Israel by force, the PA prefers through the political UN. Both will use salami tactics. They forget one thing: Israel is no salami.
16. #14
By your comments, the "terrorists" are winning.
17. re: time for peace @jayd
JP ,   tel aviv   (12.09.12)
give them something back, you mean like gaza? how about the palestinians also give something, like abandoning their charter that calls for death to jews. and no, i'm not being melodramatic, google the hamas charter and read the articles.
18. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.09.12)
Doubtful. Now you will see brave Israeli pioneers fight for what is theirs. If you wish to join the ersatz "Palestinians," that is entirely your privilege.. Do you know what the word "treason" means, Dawwid? Do you know what the penalty for treason is, Dawwid? You haven't fooled us for a moment.
19. All pre-planned
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (12.09.12)
While Israel was busy trying to convince what is left of the degenerate West, instead of building settlements and securing Jewish land. With Western support Abbas and Hamas was planning to corner, humiliate and provoke Jews in Israel. Another stain on the failed, short-sighted leadership.
20. @11 Jayd - Learn from the past
B L ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.09.12)
Israel has given back land that it once held, in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and GAZA! And all of those entities still wish and call for Israel's demise. Israel has put out the olive branch many times, and has always received a spit in the face and rockets in return. Jayd, read some history.
21. Is a third intifada unavoidable?
Yephora ,   NYC USA   (12.09.12)
Unless Israel get much tougher on her implacable Muslim enemy - yes, not only unavoidable but inevitable.
22. Let's hope they do it!This will force our impotent govt. to
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.09.12)
act . We can always count on Arab psyche to get us out of deep trouble (case in point: UN declaration has made us renew construction in Eretz Israel)
23. To F.O. Wexford Republic of Ireland!
Arlene ,   Israel   (12.09.12)
What mosy outsiders dont seem to understand is that they will NEVERm be happy with anything other than NO ISRAEL! They want Israel off the face of the map, they want the only democratic free thinking and speaking country out....they want it all, and even then will they be happy? probably not! I do hope your beautiful Ireland will not become the UK or Europe, with more minerets than church steeples on the skyline! PS I could say so much more to you, but I always feel long talkbacks get boring!
24. Dear Foreign Observer, Haniyeh and
No to naivity   (12.09.12)
Abbas are addressing the naive foreigners in English by telling them whatever they want to hear which at times sounds interesting and just for the money pushing Europeans. On the other hand, both of these hate mongers hold completely different speeches for their domestic customers, in Arabic, of course ! The bottom line - destroy Israel and the Jews.
25. Foreign observer
Johnny ,   nyc, USA   (12.09.12)
Wow, where do they find ynet commentators? I'd love to know if they're an actual reflection of Israeli society or not. Besides foreign observer the others come across as a bunch of lunatics.
26. #8
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.09.12)
Everyone answers you, so I will also What Haniyeh said December 3 is irrelevant. he is legally bound to the Hamas charter that calls for genocide of the Jews. In that Abbas is the same. He is legally bound to the PLO charter that calls for the end of Israel as a state and ethnic cleansing of all but a tiny minority of the Jews. When these two charters change, we can talk. As for the blockade: Egypt is blockading Gaza. Go complain to Morsi, not Israel. As for rockets: 50% of children in Sderot suffer from PTSD because of rockets. I do not blame Hamas but the Israeli government that should have done what the UK would have done in a similar situation.
27. Foreign Observer -- Ireland
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Gush Etzion   (12.09.12)
Something else to add to the many posts about your original comment: Rather than Israel strangling the Arabs who reside in the Westbank, it's just the opposite. Numerous Arabs work on construction sites on the various Yeshuvim, some of whom are contracors who supervise other Arabs. While their rates of pay are normally significantly less than what Jewish laborers would charge, their cost of living is significantly less since they do not pay taxes, do not pay for power nor water. Food costs are about one-half what they are in Israel. Westbank Arabs are also employed in supermarkets (Rahmy-Levys) and in industrial parks in Shomron. If a new intifada begins, all employment of Arabs will cease just as it did in Arafat's time. Just thought you'd like to be educated as to the "facts on the ground" as opposed to the nefarious leftist Irish propaganda about Israel and its relationship to its neighbouring peoples.
28. The war-of-attrition-through-terror commenced in April 1920,
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.09.12)
and is yet to cease. Each time either the international community and/or Israel made a peace proposal, plan, offer or gesture, each time, the Muslim-Arabs' response was no, expressed in word and violent deed: 1920, San Remo peace conference, rejected 1922, League of Nations decisions, rejected 1937, Peel Commission proposal, rejected 1947, United Nations second partition proposal, rejected 1948, Israel's stretched out hand, rejected 1967, Israel's stretched out hand, rejected 1978, Begin/Saadat peace offer, rejected 1995, Rabin's contour-for-peace, rejected 2000, Barak/Clinton peace offer, rejected 2005, Sharon's peace gesture, rejected 2008, Olmert/Bush peace offer, rejected 2009 to present, Netanjahu stretched out hand for peace talks, rejected The main losers of this violent culture have been the Muslim-Arabs. Will they ever learn...??
29. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.09.12)
Seems to me that you are faulting Israel for having had the temerity to win six wars, all of which were started by the Arabs. You are also faulting Israel for having defended itself against seven decades of unremittiing terror, visited against Israel by the ersatz "Palestinians." War and terrorism have unpleasant consequences for the vanquished. Just ask the Germans, the Italians and the Japanese. It does not mean that the victor's rights are in any way diminished. That would be Israel, and Israel's victory over Jordan in 1967, in which it acquired nonsovereign Judea and Samaria, means that Israel has the right to settle, retain and even annex Judea and Samaria. Threats of a third infidada only hasten the prospects of annexation, with the consequence that Israel will repatriate the Arabs resident therein to Jordan, country of their citizenship. Israel is tired of being held hostage to Arab threats of violence. We put down two intifadas -- a third intifada will not produce a different result.
30. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.09.12)
In order to have peace, Israel must have a legitimate peace partner. Sadly, the ersatz "Palestinians" are not interested in peace. They present a laundry list of outrageous demands as a prerequisite for negotiations, knowing full well that Israel cannot possibly accept their demands. They refuse to acknowledge Israel's right to exist. The ersatz "Palestinian" organizations -- there are some thirty of them -- retain their vile charters, each of which calls for the destruction of the State of Israel and the expulsion and/or extermination of the Jewish people. Israel embraced peace, and gave up the Sinai. Israel embraced peace, and withdrew from Gaza. Easy to see what happened. A cold peace with Egypt which is now pretty much over, and nearly 20,000 missiles fired at Israeli civilian populations from Gaza. Israel has extended its hand in friendship since 1947. Obviously, it hasn't worked. Israel will NOT be dislodged. The ball is in the ersatz "Palestinians'" court, and going to the United Nations to circumvent serious, direct negotiations was a very big mistake. If you want the ersatz "Palestinians" to have a country, give them a piece of Australia. They have no right to a single millimeter of Israel or Judea and Samaria -- let them go to Gaza if they want. Israel's through talking with terrorist rabble.
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