Haredi draft exemption stirs political uproar
Moran Azulay
Published: 09.12.12, 13:13
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1. Bibi kept his promise
Dan   (12.09.12)
He said he would resolve trhe issue of Haridi service and he did. They will not serve. Issue resolved.
2. Bibi you just lost my vote!
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (12.09.12)
3. interesting
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.09.12)
When Kadima was in power under both Sharon and Olmerd, both Zippy and Plesner were happy to support Haredi draft exemption as long as they received their generous salary. As for Lapid, is he that ignorant or is he just a demagogue? Israel has a huge budget deficit, in no small part because Israel's defense needs have grown. The IDF would rather have more Iron Dome missiles to stop Hezbolla and Hamas rockets they have thanks to Kadima than expensive Haredi soldiers.
4. where is the principle of equality?
Ed Stack   (12.09.12)
5. #3 Israeli Israel check your facts
Leah ,   Hertzaliya   (12.09.12)
FYI When Kadima were in power under both Sharon and Olmert they were unable to change the TAL law as it was an active law which cannot be ammended due to agreements with the harideem. So i suggest you check your facts before sprouting your usual garbage. Happy holiday and see you next tuesday.
6. # 4
Ned Kelly ,   Natanya, Israel   (12.09.12)
Do you mean in Israel ???
7. Boycott the Haredim.
Adam ,   Golan Israel   (12.09.12)
Refuse them entry everywhere possible. If the gov't is allowed to discriminate against the serving oublic in favour of the haredim, then the rest of the population can and will boycott the haredim in favour of the serving public. Refuse them entry and service where-ever they are smelt. Believe me, they will change their ways fast.
8. Was going to vote for Lieberman. Think I'll stay home.
Thinking Jew ,   Israel   (12.09.12)
9. Remember...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.09.12)
this on election day. Bibi is courting the haridi and the far right! Is that what you want for the next few years?
10. # 3
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.09.12)
Israel has a huge deficit budget for years now because of the non-working, subsidy receiving haridim and because of the cost to support and protect the settlements in Yesha. It is not new. It is not because of Iron Dome. Defense needs are, to our regret, a legitimate expense, supporting the haridim that don't serve in the IDF is not a legitimate expense.
11. the aid going to Arabs in Gaza
Ita ,   israel   (12.09.12)
should be cut first.. Many Chareidim would serve if they felt that their religiousity wouldn't be threatened by those who want to make them more Israeli. Freedom of religion means that all Jews should be free to keep religion as they please and not feel threatened by others.
12. #5 #10
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.09.12)
Once there was a basic law that limited the number of Ministers to 12. Ehud Barak appointed 24, and the High Court approved. I can give countless other examples how laws can be changed when a politician wants to. If Zippy cared about the Haredi draft and not about her own pocket, she'd have found the way. But as you say "agreements with the harideem" that lead to Zippy being a Minister are unchangeable. #10 Deficit now it stands on 4.8%, higher than past years. The greatest recent economic failure was the ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif by Kadima. Judea and Samaria bring in more taxes than they cost, but let's pretend it is not true. What do you suggest we do with "exoensive sectors" like handicapped, sick and single mothers? But you know what, don't believe me. IDF wants to use money to by missiles, not employ Haredim. You are smarter? Contact AKA and convince them they should draft the Haredim.
13. #3 "expensive parasitical haredi draft-dodgers"
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.09.12)
Maybe when we pay them to sit around, and not contribute anything to society, we could better use that money for what you suggest - another Iron Dome battery
14. Soldiers with guns and soldiers withTorahs. Both are valid
Rivkah   (12.09.12)
and valued by HaShem. Both protect and defend the other. If the Haredim are corrupted morally, then they are of no protection to the soldiers with guns. So the Haredim need to be in National Service which is less likely to pull them away from the morality demanded of them by the Torah.
15. Netanyahu says "Hamas has shown its true colors".
David ,   Karmiel   (12.09.12)
Bibi Netabyahu has shown his old colors : Kiss the posteriors of the Ultra-Orthodox and buy the support of Yishai and Shas. Have we forgotten that Yishai and Steinitz have STILL NOT acknowledged their responsibility for the deaths of 44 people in the Carmel Forest Fire? In a Netanyahu world no one expects them to be fired by surely the decent ting would have been to face the bereaved families and admit their failure? This what Likud-Beiteinu stands for. no responsibility, no money for hospitals or protecting the people and no money for underpaid and overworked nurses but always plenty for the Haredim who leech of the land and give nothing back! We have a right wing and an extreme right-wing but we have a government that does nothing right, not even for the right except look after its own pockets and that is right?
16. Don't induct them stop paying their stipend-they will join
miki ,   tampa   (12.09.12)
17. 4 The worst form of equality...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.09.12)
is to try to make equal,that, what is not equal.
18. Highest and lowest percentage of combat soldiers
Sarah M. ,   Tel Aviv   (12.09.12)
From all of Israel's major cities, the highest percentage of combat soldiers comes from Modiin while the lowest comes from Tel Aviv (it's northern neigghborhoods in particular). If I had $1 for every Meretz "Faltzan" who got an a psychiatric exception from the army, I'd be rich.
19. Cut off the check and make them work
Rachel ,   US   (12.09.12)
20. # 12
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.09.12)
Your political arguments suit those that you admire - you twist my words. I never argued against supporting those that cannot support themselves, like the handicapped, the sick, the old and single mothers that cannot work (although most do, you know). My argument is solely against stipends to haridi families and those that do not serve in the IDF, as well as the the yeshivot boys (and not the university students).
21. Its not Bibi's fault
zionist forever   (12.09.12)
The problem is who is in the coalition. The religious who have always been needed by both left and right wing governments and the far right. This is the kind of problem we will only see more of after the election assuming Bibi wins and the majority are right wing because ideology will often conflict with what Bibi wants to do. Bibi is not a haredi supporter he is just a PM trying to put together a collection of smaller parties into a single coalition and to do that means compromises. On the plus side this is not an issue that should be rushed just because people want to see haredi serve, its a complicated issue and if we are going to get it right need to take time and think about it rather than just do whats popular. This is though potentially going to cost Bibi alot of votes especially benefitting Lapid who is not a leftist to the same degree as Livni & Labor but people know he is no haredi lover. I just hope people don't start voting for the opportunists like Livni & Lapid over one single issue they don't like because that will harm the country whilst the haredi draft will just anger people.
22. 18
zionist forever   (12.09.12)
Both Meretz and some of the more ideological elements of Labor both officially support draft dodging if people don't want to serve in an army of occupation. I would be interested to know what Livni's new boys Peretz and Mitzna have to say on the issue of ideological draft dodging. Whilst I do think haredi should do some form of national service be it military or some kind of civilian service their reasons for not wanting to serve are good ones ( they want to study Torah ) and the Tal Law is not draft dodging its a legal exemption the leftist ideologists don't have.
23. 7 Adam You will lose costumers.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.09.12)
24. Haredi are to Jews, what Jews are to Christians, pain in the
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.10.12)
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