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Arabs offer Palestinians $100M a month
Published: 09.12.12, 20:41
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1. History Repeats Itself....
koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (12.09.12)
Just like Arafat the pedophile, Yimach Shemo, stole the money from his people, so will the new Palestinian Mafia....They will line their pockets with the money...The everyday people will never benefit from it!
2. Arabs offer Palestinians $100M a month
Harold ,   USA   (12.09.12)
All Arab/Moslim oil exported countries must charge an additional ONE DOLLARS per each barrel of crude oil to help the Palestinians and to consturct damaged Gaza. At that time all nations importing oil will chip in for the Palestians and Gaza construction.
3. Stupid is as stupid does....
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.09.12)
Hamas starts a war with Israel. Hamas gets its ass kicked by Israel. Gaza has hundreds of buildings damages or destroyed. Arab states chip in to rebuild Gaza, AGAIN. Are they really that stupid? Or is this simply the plan: have Hamas be the morons that get killed while the other Arab states keep their noses clean while keeping up their eternal enmity towards Israel?
4. Actually, Arab states have contributed little to PA
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.09.12)
Note the reference to "the failure of donors to transfer previously pledged funds". The Palestinians' Arab "brethren" make a big show of pledging major sums, then fail to fulfill those pledges. And why would they, when they count on the useful idiots in the US and EU to make up the difference? And exactly why does the PA - already recipient of more aid per capita than any other people - need so much? Because so much goes to salaries. Salaries for "security personnel". Salaries for Fatah personnel in Gaza who don't work. Salaries for "security prisoners" - aka convicted terrorists - in Israeli jails. And that's not counting how much of that aid is lost to corruption.
5. 8 days extra revenue
Dusten ,   Druze   (12.09.12)
During the 8 days confrontation with Israel the oil price increased by 10 $ per barrel per day The oil revenue to the gulf states increased by at least 200$ million a day or 1.6 billion during that week
6. Where's the money for their "Arab brothers" in Syria?
Just a Thought... ,   This Earth   (12.09.12)
Didn't see them lining up to pledge 100 million dollars to people who were being systematically slaughtered in Syria. Another example of the fact that there cannot be peace until the Arabs learn to love their children more than they hate Jews
7. Takber!!!
Abdalla   (12.09.12)
8. I think its great.but the USA and israel pay for the occu
Sammy   (12.09.12)
9. Gimme Welfare!
ASTRONAUT ,   ME, USA   (12.09.12)
Is this the Arab take on Obama-Care?
10. Common sense
Can   (12.09.12)
What Arabs need to do is offer the Pallis citizenship to move out of Israel by that their 100 million a month will go a long way.
11. 1M /month ? For how long? (End).
Nora Tel Aviv   (12.09.12)
12. now let European & American taxpayers save their money
zionist forever   (12.09.12)
Since the arabs want to start giving Abbas $100 million a month then there is no need for Europe or the US to splash out fortunes to keep this corrupt body intact. In the last 20 year not counting specific foreign funded projects like the former Gaza Airport the PA has received more in direct financial aid than any country has and certainly more than any non governmental body which the PA is. UNRWA has a bigger budget than the UNHCR whose job it is to look after all refugee groups in the world other than the palestinians. Why have both left and right wing governments for the past 20 years continued to supply them with electricity despite the fact they were not paying their bills. That money Israel Electric looses from unpaid bills is recovered by higher bills for Israelis. Taxpayers subsidise the millions of Dollars that the government puts aside for the palestiians to receive free treatment in Israeli hospitals. Time for the palestinians to either get all their money from their own kind or do without like POOR COUNTRIES who don't get billion in international handouts have to do.
13. Financial aid
Nel Sema ,   Spharad   (12.09.12)
This is very funny. With those $100M a month, Pals will build schools, educate their sons in respect to the life, foreign costums, create a right state, and ... pfff! ha ha haaaa! I can't continue ... With that amount of money the will renove their missiles, their weapons and they will have more power to fight Israel. Meanwhile, their people will continue under the constant brain washing, with no education, with no security and, in the end, Palestine will be another banana republic, just like their neighbors, but under the rules of their neighbors (not Israel, of course). I only wish UE stop the current financial aid to these unbrained killers.
14. 9
zionist forever   (12.09.12)
Wait for the Syrian Obama-Care. If Syria is going to get back to the way it was before the fighting started probably going to cost close to $100 billion and Syria doesn't have that kind of money. So how much of that $100 billion will be Obama-Care Syrian branch. Obama loves paying cash handouts without making any demands. Hundreds of millions every year to Abbas About $500 million cash handout to make up for the loss of tourism in Egypt during their revolution, a debt write off of about $1 billion and guaranteeing US investment in Egypt I imagine Libya got its fair share of cash handouts, as well as being allowed to shoot American ambassadors and Obama doesn't do anything about it. I think its safe to say Obama will be very generous towards Syria and won't sk a thing in return which probably explains why taxes are going up.
15. Arab states lie about this all the time
steve from raleigh   (12.09.12)
Every other month they make pledges they never deliver on. After Cast Lead the Arab states pledged 200 million dollars. They delivered zero.
16. Very good!
Jonathan   (12.09.12)
I honestly hope that people will start supporting the PA, so that we can move on into two separated entities already. But let's see if it's true. From what I read in the last years, the Arab countries don't really care about Gaza and the West Bank. They just enjoy blaming the 'evil' Israel... Hope things change.
17. #15. Finally, a reasonable comment.
American Jew   (12.10.12)
I can't believe it took 15 comments to finally expose this obvious hoax. How can the previous 14 posters have taken this ridiculous pledge/article seriously? It is so obviously absurd on so many levels. First of all, there will be no need for this financial support because Israel will (as it always has, and always will) cave on the issue of tax withholdings. It will take one telephone call from Obama, and the money will be released...and FAST! Second, there would be no earthly need for the Arab world to donate money to the so-called "Palestinians" because the U.S. and Europe, via the U.N., would be only too happy to make up any shortfalls in "Palestinian" funding, as they always have and always will, despite their own financial problems. Finally, as noted by Steve (#15), the Arab world wouldn't give a single penny to the so-called :Palestinians" whom they despise more than anyone in the world other than Jews. They will arm the so-called "Palestinians" to the hilt, all day long, so as to support perpetual attacks on Israel, but as for M-O-N-E-Y...Don't be ridiculous! The Arab world has held fake telethons, and pledged fake donations for the Fakestinians for decades, but hasn't actually delivered one red cent. That's the way its always been, and the way it always will be. The very fact that this story even rises to the level of a newspaper article is insulting to my intelligence. That there are people out there who still fall for this kind of trash just blows my mind.
18. Same old, same old
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.09.12)
They have passed around 18 such resolutions, but have yet to fork over one thin dime.
19. It would be less expensive for the Arab States to take
Riv kah   (12.10.12)
in all the Palestinians to get them out of Israel so as to avoid Armageddon.
20. I almost feel sorry for them, ALMOST.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.10.12)
21. Arabs Rejectrd 1937 Partition
Zivron   (12.10.12)
22. #3 The stupid one is the one that did not abort you...
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