'Passing WMDs to Hezbollah – a red line'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 10.12.12, 07:32
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1. The joke of red lines and game changers
Devorah   (12.10.12)
Hizbullah's 70,000 rockets crossed the red line and changed the game years ago by violating U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701 which forbids it to re-arm. Nothing has been done about it, and nothing will be done because these rockets are intended for Israel. Therefore, the U.N. has turned its face from it. But wait for the screams and calls for restraint from the U.N. and the U.S. should any or all of these rockets be used against Israel. Watch the E.U. turn red with rage should Israel attempt to defend herself from Hizbullah's rockets. Watch the world's peacemakers demand peace negotiations that are unfavorable to Israel. And watch Israel comply.
2. Jihadists wouldn't be do bad??? Like Egypt and Hamas in Gaza
Shlomo ,   RBS   (12.10.12)
What are these people smoking, the USA Nato and Oren are pushing for a war with Syria, the are supporting Jihadists and alquadia (rebells) when they take over it will be much worse and more dangerous to everyone.
3. Shows how truly awful Israeli leaders have become
David ,   Canada   (12.10.12)
because, as I recall, prior Israeli gov'ts could hardly wait to give back the strategic and life-sustaining Golan, on the premise that this would move Assad away from Iran. Now we read that Assad is "reckless" and a "loose cannon". And I suppose the other neighbors are not "reckless", as in Egypt? We really are our own worst enemy, by doing equally reckless things, such as giving back land that young IDF soldiers died for, in return for meaningless words. Nobody takes these red lines seriously any more, after years of crossed red lines that were met with the bombing of empty buildings, with advance warnings. Israel really needs to look inwards and cleanse itself of the current generation of politicians who care only about personal power, at the expense of the common man.
4. #1 Devorah, you should write a column
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.10.12)
5. everybody misses the point
zionist forever   (12.10.12)
Obama's red line is if Assad uses the weapons and Israels' red line is if he passes them onto terrorists The line everybody is missing is waiting for Assad to use the weapons or deliver the first batch to Hezbollah means the damage is done already before we decide to take action. it Assad has to cross the one before they will do anything and by then it will be to late. We need to solve this with a preemptive strike against the chemical weapons sites and other sites which store chemicals which could be turned into poor mans chemical weapons. No sending in the troops, let Assad & the rebels to continue fighting it out, no need to be heroes and help the noble cause of toppling Assad. Just some heavy bombing of all the chemical weapons because all that concerns us is the WMD threat not bringing freedom to Syrians. Israel needs to destroy the things while the fighting continues because we can't risk the weapons falling into rebel hands and during the chaos that will come immediately after Assad falls some of those weapons might be stolen and passed onto terrorists before anything can be done. Once the war is over you can also be sure Obama will tie our hands because he wants peace and stability in Syria and he will assure us the rebels will destroy the things and so we should put our faith in rebels we know nothing about and Obama. What will we do once some rouge rebels decide to sell some of them for a profit or if the new regime decides to break its promises to Obama and hold into the weapons to use as a tool to blackmail Israel?
6. Oh look, it's another red line
Me   (12.10.12)
The world has a habit of crossing red lines. Long ago, at least you could feel some danger in doing so. But these days, you happen to cross them by chance.
7. Syria
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (12.10.12)
It doesn't matter who starts the US/NATO - Syria conflict. Syria attacks Israel with chemical and biological weapons and is nuked as retaliation. End of story.
8. "So yesterday's better than tomorrow"
sam ,   colorado-USA   (12.10.12)
Why all this fear?Solution is very simple to avoid people of Israel all these threats is entering into a real peace,don't be fooled any one that all defense systems will not prevent from the rockets traditional or chemical or any other kind of the advanced weapons over Israel, the majority of the Middle East going to change their dictatorship systems, some willing or did not want, the change is coming ....coming,of course it's not for the benefit of anyone "So yesterday's better than tomorrow"
9. What makes you believe Hezbelah doen't already have them?
Payback   (12.10.12)
les ,   canada   (12.10.12)
this red line talk becoming a sick joke. DO IT, OR GET OFF THE PATTIE...not even those hamas toddlers in their "suicide" vests are taking it seriously.
11. remember,when talking to the PLO was a red line
CHAIM.S ,   BROOKLYN NY   (12.10.12)
what a sick joke these criminaly insane traitorous self hating governments of israel have become, citizens of Israel,don't you realize by now,there is absolutely no red lines anymore,thousands of rockets have been fired on all of Israel from Gaza,forcing millions of jews to hide in underground bunkers,exactly like the jews in the Warsaw ghetto 70 yrs ago, and what did this leftist regime do ? answer" nada,zilch zero,nothing, People of Israel,you have been abandoned by your so called leaders, you have a choice either get rid of this traitorous regime,or get the hell out of there,before you will find yourselves and your families thrown into the medteranian
12. REDLINES are RETARDED TIMING. Vision&action for BALANCE !!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (12.10.12)
13. TO NO 9 " miscalculation"
sam ,   colorado-USA   (12.10.12)
How is told you? are you Sherlock Holmes "NO 2?"the vanity is the beginning of the fall,so miscalculation also
14. in Israel all red lines are designed to be crossed
zionist forever   (12.10.12)
In Israel the attitude is anything for an easy life so we make red lines but they are designed to be crossed eventually if it will make life simple. JERUSALEM - once a red line that was unthinkable to cross. Today for lots of seculars Jerusalem is just a city give it up if its for peace. The Hermon ski resort is more important than Jerusalem for many. RIGHT OF RETURN - once that was a red line but today its we will allow a limited number to return, Olmert offered 15,000. DOING DEALS WITH TERRORISTS - once we refused to talk with terrorists and do deals. In 1976 we could have done a deal with the PLO when they kidnapped Israelis and took them to Uganda but our attitude was no doing deals and se we sent commandos half way round the world to mount a rescue operation. Nowdays we do deals all the time and fighting back is rare. We just don't seem to know the meaning of the word red line these days, if its convenient to rub it out and draw a new red line we will. I just wonder how this red line on chemical weapons will stay red before we decide to cross it out of convenience?
15. #4 - Noodles
Devorah   (12.10.12)
Noodles, Noodles, Noodles, thank you for such kind words.
16. If Hezbollah have already got some
Get Real ,   UK   (12.10.12)
WMDs have they crossed the Blue Line? .
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