Yesh Atid petitions court over haredi draft exemption
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 10.12.12, 10:32
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1. Lapid for PM- Just got my vote
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.10.12)
2. Right on!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.10.12)
Go for it Yair. Only if we fight for it will we have a law abiding government!
3. Lapid just lost my vote
jojo   (12.10.12)
Its inconceivable that the secular parties and the prime minister will flout the rule of the Torah
4. Says the one who did his service in Army Radio
Akiva   (12.10.12)
What chutzpah! Lapid is a hypocrite just like his father. He rants and raves against Torah but meanwhile wastes his own army service in the media. What about the secular draft dodgers, Yair? Where are your court orders against this rapidly growing phenomenon? What about the arabs? The numbers of arabs who do not serve dwarfs that of the hareidim. Where are your court orders, Yair? The truth is, you are just a hypocrite. An anti-Torah lemming like your father before you, incapable of thinking for yourself, desperately trying to prove yourself less Jewish than Livni. You couldn't just let it be, you couldn't accept the growing amount of hareidim willfully joining the army and integrating in Israeli society. Now it's shrinking. Why? Your stupidity and populist electioneering has given credence to the extremists. You are to blame for the split in Am Yisrael. You are to blame that there is no workable solution to this problem. You are to blame for your failure to get double figure seats this election. Not the hareidim. Not the Torah. Not Hashem. You Yair, because in the end, despite your protestations, you really are Tommy Lapid's son after all. As they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
5. The High Court of Justice headed by
Moshe   (12.10.12)
Rabbi Weiss ruled yesterday that it's forbidden for Haredim to enlist because of "the lack of tznius in induction centers".
6. Lapid, Livni, and Yechimvich...
nadav ,   tlv   (12.10.12)
would do the exact same thing. Livni and Lapid's parties have said they would defer the draft as well for several years. the problem is simple- there are no logistics or budget in place to accommodate such a sudden vast amount of conscripts. Also, what about Arab men and Haredi and Arab women!? They must be drafted in to the IDF or National Service as well- NO exceptions!
7. Comedian of the year
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.10.12)
Draft dodger Yair Lapid petitions the High Court to prevent draft exemptions for Haredim. He says "It is inconceivable...[to],,,differentiate blood from blood", unless you have a rich daddy, in which case your blood is more important. As the pigs in Orwell's Animal Farm said, some animals are more equal than others.
8. Lapid just got my vote!
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (12.10.12)
9. Keep protecting the haredim, let's just kill ourselves
Me   (12.10.12)
With all due respect to the Torah, Bible study should not exempt you from military service. I don't see why the fact that Arabs don't enlist and that there's a "growing phenomenon" of secular draft dodging means that Yair should quiet down and forget about the haredim. According to that logic, instead of solving a small part of the problem, we understand that the problem is much bigger, and therefore do nothing at all. And what does Yair's service has anything to do with it? Oh, so he didn't carry a gun, and therefore the haredim should keep growing their communities and not enlist or work, herald the downfall of the Am Yisrael, just because of Yair's service.
10. Shame
Dr. Sol ,   Israel   (12.10.12)
A cheap trick to get the votes of the haredim at the expense of Israel. Shame on you Netanyahu. Stay in power - wreck the country.
11. Akiva #4
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.10.12)
1. There is nothing shameful about dong one's army service in Galai Zahal/IDF media - why doesn't one of the Haridi volunteer for that? 2. What about the Arabs? A totally different kind of problem. Many Bedouin do serve. Many Circassions (i.e. Abu Gosh), do serve. Many Druze do serve. Only very few Haridi serve - why? 3. Calling names is not going to serve anyone's interest, it simply lowers my opinion of you. 4. If anyone is to blame for the split in Am Yisrael it is the Haridim that demand we all live according to their rules. I refuse!
12. #9
Yair did not have to serve because his father Tommy picked up a phone and got him a job at Bamahane. For them, only suckers serve, shelanu start their career. Now Yair is trying to get a job as an MK so he can get lots of money for no work. His platform is to bash Haredim, demanding that they serve because of the "rule of law", the law that says if you are rich you are too important to serve but if you are poor you are expendable. This is extra disguting because less than a month ago, a Haredi soldier fell defending the children of Sderot from rockets that Hamas received from Yair's father.
13. ATID of balance&peace via SECURE BIG ISRAEL, Arab TRANSFER!!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (12.10.12)
14. 8 That was LAPID s intention...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.10.12)
and nothing else.
15. Jobnik Lapid
Amir ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.10.12)
Look who's calling the kettle black. Sure they should serve but lets give it a bit mire time to figure out the details.
16. Akiva
Solly ,   Israel   (12.10.12)
BB will take your vote and then leave you with nothing. Open your eyes. He goes only with the rich people.
17. All comments miss the point
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.10.12)
that a caretaker government should not rush to decide issues of major national importance overnight. This is an issue for the next government to address in its guidelines. Let's see whether Lapid refuses to join the next government without a clear commitment to drafting the haredim, Arabs, etc. for at least civil service. Right now he, like everyone else, is just grandstanding on this issue in order to gain votes from this or that constituency.
18. haredim become a danger for Israel..
Ze'ev ,   Nbg, germany   (12.11.12)
...cos they dont want to defend it, they dont want to work in majority BUT want all others to obey to them and expect all others to PAY for them. That is kinda social explosive threatening to destroy Israel. And be true, who really wants the arabs to get armed?! Nobody! Thats just an attempt to distract from the fact that the haredim became just parasites!
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