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Assad era coming to an end?
Published: 10.12.12, 14:28
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1. with assad's fall
the iranian conduit of terror is over. hezbullah is also over! iran is plagued by huge economic problems and the riots on the capital streets' by most merchants is soon to come. iran has no money to spend on hizbullah, hamas and terror around the world. syria's fall and assad gone will terminate the route of weapons to hizbullah. be prepared for the revolutionary army of iran to exist lebanon and for all syrians in lebanon to be persecuted and thrown out back into syria where they belong. lebanon will get its suvreignity back and maybe then will be able to make a peace deal with israel. everyone is the arab world, including the turks are against iran. the russians will loose their only port in syria in the middle east because the syrian rebels will never forgive russia for its support of assad killing 50,000 of their people. russia is finished in syria and so is iran finished in syria and lebanon. israel will finally breath easier.
2. the photo...
rob ,   Orangevale, U.S.A.   (12.10.12)
Hold on tight Mr. Idris. It's gonna be a heck of a ride. You are now target #1 for Assad's hit-men. There's a gang of 'em in every Arab country. Find a villa somewhere in Turkey and keep your head down. France is on your side! Brave France will make you famous! Oy. Shalom Israel, rob
3. #2 Rob
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (12.10.12)
The same as when France made Ayatollah Khomeini famous by allowing him to come over from his rxile in Iraq to overthrow the Late Shah Of Iran. The French also helped his regime to kill the only true opposition to the Islamic Hijack of the so called revolution - Dr Shahpour Bakhtiar - The last prime minister before the Ayatollahs takeover. Dr Bakhtiar was murdered with the full knowledge of the French secret service on French Soil. Shame on France.
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