'Juvenile sex offenders are ticking time bomb'
Omri Efraim
Published: 10.12.12, 14:30
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1. sex offenders
joemoer ,   israel   (12.10.12)
time has come for there to be a national sex offender list which would make it easy for the population to see where they are living and who they are...similar to this american government site
2. What about when it's abused?
Dave ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.10.12)
It's so easy to point a finger at somebody with a false accusation. What if there is someone in your community who is targetting because they are a little different from the norm with slander? Their whole life could be ruined forever, especially if they make it onto a persecution list. Punish and rehabilitate the offenders. Don't create a police state.
3. Therapy shmerapy
Shalom   (12.10.12)
A Torah education with separate schools for boys and girls is the only option to prevent teen sex. This is probably one of the reasons so many non-religious parents opt to send their children in religious schools.
4. Therapy
Zvi ,   Bat Yam   (12.10.12)
To #3 What aboutthe pervert sex offenders in Bnei Brak and Mea Shearim and please do not tell me they don't exist. They are just swept under the carpet
5. 4 They are exceptions....
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.10.12)
that make headlines.
6. I treat juvenile sex offenders in group therapy
Group Therapist   (12.10.12)
I treat juvenile sex offenders in group therapy in a closed facility in Israel. Treatment of juvenile sex offenders is of utmost importance and can prevent future abuse. To Shalom #2, sex offenses and teen sex are two different things. I have treated religious and charedi juvenile sex offenders that themselves were abused by religious and charedi adults (men abusing boys) and/or abused other boys within the religious and charedi single sex educational system. To think being religious somehow protects individuals for being abused or being abusive is a dangerous cognitive distortion.
7. Therapy must include moral teaching.
bob k ,   orlando usa   (12.10.12)
Although therapy claims to be 'value-free' it is not. The 12 step process e.g. includes recognizing harm done to others and seeking to repair it if possible or apologise. For teen sex offenders we are tallking about their victimizing vulnerable children. The therapy process has to start with asking how the offender grew up and what happened to them. If they were sexually abused it could lead them to repeat this on others. Next the offenders have to recognise that it is wrong to intimidate and abuse others as it was wrong for them to be abused or neglected. Taking moral responsibility and recognizing the rights of others is a key part to rehabilitating offenders.
8. Facts and figures
Joseph ,   London UK   (12.10.12)
Are there any facts and figures to show that therapy for teens does work? One gets the impression that therapy does not work, for instance, for paedophiles. A lot of teenage sex crime has to do with porn and the Internet. One study after another in the UK has shown that teenage boys -- and boys as young as ten -- are copying things they view on the Internet. Every professional study has re-enforced what the Rabbinate has said about the dangers of unfiltered internet access.
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