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Shas campaign suggests FM backs interfaith marriage
Akiva Novick
Published: 10.12.12, 21:30
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1. Lieberman looks great with the..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.10.12)
yarmulke. Looks more humane,more mensch.
2. Sadly,100% true
hadad ,   U.K   (12.10.12)
3. Im no fan of Shas, but they are right about Liberman
Jake ,   USA   (12.10.12)
4. Who does $ha$ represent?
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (12.10.12)
There are basically three sorts of Israelis - those who work hard, pay there taxes and support everyone else, those who work hard and don;t get paid enough and who deserve to be supported - and then there are those who choose not to be fruitful, just to multiply, expecting the rest of us to pick up the tab - $ha$'s supporters. The Tax law that was passed changing the tax burden was a misnomer- because it is basically changing the allocation of paying for the $ha$ burden on society.
5. I am with Shas on this one.
Israeli 2   (12.10.12)
6. Why again was Darai in prison?
A ,   Belgium   (12.10.12)
Because he is a THIEF and a LIAR while hiding behind his "orthodox" facade. Their "dear leader", Ovadia Yosef, claims Jewish soldiers are killed because they don't observe Sabbath. Shas can sit with their arab buddies in the opposition, there are enough religious parties to form a government without them.
7. just plain stupid
me ,   tveria   (12.10.12)
8. Only a strong Shas
Devorah   (12.10.12)
Will join Tzahal, wave white flags and retreat when Gantz tells them to.
9. Shas are a danger to the state
Dmitry ,   Israel   (12.10.12)
They will cause the downfall of modern Israel. I never intended to vote for them, but since I married a non-Jew this year, I never even have to consider that I will vote for them in the future. They should better busy themselves searching the Torah for reasons to declare my children Jewish (and it can be done easily by a few words from the right rabbi), otherwise they are making the Jews irrelevant in the modern world. Sorry Shas, you better start changing with the times.
10. To #9: Sorry for you Dmitry
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (12.11.12)
You may need to move back to Russia b/c Judaism comes from the mother or via conversion. You can not buy it or intimidate people for it. If you cared what your children would be you shoud have married a Jew or one who honestly wanted to convert. This is not Shas' fault...only yours.
11. #9 Jews become irrelevant when they intermarry
Anita   (12.11.12)
even in the modern world. A man who marries a non-Jewish woman has non-Jewish children and grandchildren unless they convert. A Rabbi can never change this even if you'll bribe him with all the money in the world.
12. @ #9 and #10
Mike ,   NY   (12.11.12)
While I don't condone intermarriage, I'm with Dmitry on this one. Shas and the shameless so-called "religious" factions are the biggest desecration of Judaism yet, maybe topped only by Neuterai Karta. While identity may be matrilineal, Dmitry and his wife decided to live in Israel and that says a lot, and he hasn't mentioned whether his wife converted (probably not through Shas' rabbis of course, too bad they won't get paid or more servants). Judaism also says there is no Torah without the flour/work and even more clearly states serving in defense of the people, or did Shas cut that out of the canon. I don't blame the rank-and-file Shasites, they've been brainwashed, I blame their leaders. Bibi and Lieberman should do the right thing and pass reform when they get re-elected.
13. To #10
Meir ,   London   (12.11.12)
Of course the thought of 'spreading' Judaism to the wife of Dmitry does not even remotely cross your narrow mind.Instead of encouraging him and helping him to find solutions for his children to be Jewish (ask someone more learned than you about giur katan),you suggest that he moves back to Russia.Congratulatins,you've just won the 'Imbecile of the year 2012' prize,you self-righteous moron!
14. Evet LIEberman's old shmear campaign against Jews
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls   (12.11.12)
When it comes to notorious masters of expulsion of people from the land of their own name and assimilating those that come to kill them in the land of the name of the Jews, LIEberman has no greater bedfellow than BB since BB expelled the Jews from the first land of the first Jew in Chevron, ceded the first city in creation to those that come to kill you in Yericho, voted over&over&over&over again for the destruction of 10000 Jewish lives in Azza and YoSh. LIEberman created a party whose basic policy plank in its political platform is to expel Jews from the land that they love, that protects them and is named for them to those that come to kill you who should have their right of return enforced back to the homicidal Hamite peninsular homeland of their own name.
15. to #10 and the other shas defenders
Ben ,   Australia   (12.11.12)
The state has no right to govern who one marries. To defend the state intruding to such an extent on ones personal liberties is excessive and incompatible with a modern democratic state. Denying certain marriages reminds me a lot of the nuremberg laws in nazi germany in 1935 which made marrying jews illegal. No difference. As for matrilineal descent-judaism was once patrilinial and became matrilineal after some men (just ordinary men like us) changed it, a sense of jewishness can be passed down just as easily from a jewish father than from a jewish mother. Finally, Dmitrys cildren will do more for Israel when they work , serve in the army than all the rabbis who waste their time learning fairy tales
16. #9 and #10
Daniel ,   JM   (12.11.12)
Careful with babies and bathwater. Would you say the same thing to Moshe Rabeynu? #10 would you tell him to go back to Egyptbecause people of Israel will never accept him or his progeny? #9 would you tell him that marrying a very non-jewish medianite girl has made him irrelevant? Sapienti sat.
17. to #10 Eli in Jerusalem
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (12.11.12)
>> "You can not buy (conversion to Judaism)" dear Eli, you are not asking around enough. It is purchas-able. The difrence from a frier to a non-frier, is how much gets extorted from them by the Rebbe.
18. to #11 Anita
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (12.11.12)
just an eyeblink ago, Jews did not speak Hebrew as a mother tongue. And the Rebbes threw Ben-Yehuda into Turkish prison when he tried to change that. Well, our ethnic mother tongue got changed. And so can the matrilineal rule. That rule came from humans and can get changed by humans. Sorry to shatter your "b'al pe" idols..... but that is what they are. Idolotry.
19. #5 Shas
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.11.12)
Shas collaborated with the Left to import Arafat and later to ethnically cleanse the Jews of Gush Katif. They are responsible for the burnt synagogues and the desecrated graves. They are responsible for the mortal danger that Jewish children suffer in the South. You cannot be with Shas on anything, unless you get a cut of the money they are getting.
20. Only Shas.
moses ,   jerusalem   (12.11.12)
21. "only a strong shas will ensure corruption & graft"
jack bauer   (12.11.12)
22. answer to #10
Dmitry ,   Israel   (12.11.12)
#10 Eli, I love Israel, but if we were to leave, we wouldn't go to Russia, but the US. I lived there for a long time and that's why my English is very good. I don't want to intimidate the Rabbis into anything. I just think that if you love the country, live with the Jews, serve in the army and go to schul, then you should be probably recognized as a member of the people of Israel and the pathway should not only be through the Orthodox way of life. Incidentally, my wife is Russian and I haven't been to schul since I married (I actually hardly go when I'm in Israel; something about it being more necessary outside the country for me), so I'm not the best example, but nevertheless.
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