We're losing America's Jews
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.12.12, 00:25
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1. America's Jews are becoming irrelevant
Vlad   (12.12.12)
They are intermarrying and assimilating at a rapid rate, and many others never marry or have small families. Old Jews are dying, not enough young to replace them. American Jewry is dwindling rapidly, by 1,000 a day, 50,000 a year, and 1 million every 20 years. There are only 1.5 million young Jews in the US today, out of some 5 million Jews total. The average American Jew is middle-aged. Also, the one state for two peoples doesn't seem likely to happen. The religious, not just the Haredim, tend to have larger families. The birthrate among settlers is actually higher than among Arabs in the West Bank. Israel will maintain a Jewish majority for the forseeable future.
2. Have no fear! American jews always put israel first. Ahead
Peter   (12.12.12)
of their homeland, USA. Just stating a fact.
3. As a pro-Israel student leader on campus
Naor ,   USA   (12.12.12)
I can say this is article is nonsense. The State of Israel cannot be bullied into acting against its own interests by the threat (which we have heard for years now) that American Jews will abandon Israel. Israel must secure its national interests, and those who support her understand that. Israel can NOT revert back to the 67 borders to establish a Palestinian state. And no one (not even diaspora Jews) have the right to try and force Israel into taking actions that may risk Israeli lives. Who cares if everyone and their mother believes they "know" what is best for Israel?The State of Israel is a sovereign nation, its about time her leaders began acting like it.
4. American Jews
alan ,   ohio   (12.12.12)
Secular...secular and democratic. Israel cannot rely on the next generation when they are silent when Hamas and the PA have a charter and verbalize that Israel/the Zionist entity must go. If this generation cannot understand the Arab position that is so out in the open, then either they are deaf or feel the same way and are too ashamed to admit it. All the more reason why Israel must maintain an arsenal of nuclear weapons against the 7th century Islamofascists!!!
5. #3 (Naor)
Brian ,   New York/Jerusalem   (12.12.12)
As a former campus leader who is making Aliyah this summer, I couldn't agree with you more. Well said!
6. Israel alienating Jews
David ,   Detroit, usa   (12.12.12)
As an American Jew long supportive of the right of the Jewish people to its homeland, I am sickened and repelled by Israel's right wing agenda. It's callousness toward the Palestinians, its obstructionist policies in pursuit of peace and its colonialist pursuits in occupied territories clearly create a wedge with many Jews. Jews should not blindly support these policies. If you don't think it alienates many Jews the you are wearing blinders.
7. American Jews abandoning Israel
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (12.12.12)
I am an American Jew. I read several Israeli online newspapers a day to try and get a perspective from several points of view. I vote. I call my Senators and Congresspersons on matters related to Israel. I will not be abandoning Israel.
8. Liberalism, not Judaism
Barry ,   USA   (12.12.12)
Unfortunately, the author cites examples of Jews who are politically left, but exhibit no real connection. Quite the contrary, American Jewish support has never been greater. We understand what is truly going on. The EU has excused Abbas from negotiating directly with Israel as per the Oslo agreements and now Abbas is trying to leverage that to get the EU to force Israel to concede what he could not do through negotiations. Notice that no one from the EU condemned Hamas for declaring that they would not back down from their resistance until the land is theirs from Jerusalem to Haifa. It wasn't until Netanyahu asked where the EU condemnation was that we heard a statement. We know exactly what is going on and are watching very carefully.
9. Israel is a sovereign nation
Mark A. ,   Eilat Israel   (12.12.12)
Than Israel should act like one, and not belly up to the US teet like an expectant crack addict. As Israel moves further to the right and continues to accommodate the Haredim, then Israel will find itself more distant from the values Jewish Americans and non-Jewish Americans identify with. Bibi is a right-winger but he's more or less mainstream, Lieberman and Shas are the gutter. The country is turning into Jamaica or Zimbabwe.
10. Wake up
David Asleson ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.12.12)
North Korea has just test fired a successful long rang rocket. The United States needs to wake up ! Both Iran and North Korea scare me.
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (12.12.12)
12. the crux of the issue
Nissim ,   New York, NY   (12.12.12)
it's not WHAT Israel is doing that is getting so many people's backs up, it is the HOW Bibi and Lieberman are making Israel into a fortress and making themselves isolated - and Israel and world Jewry will have to pay these two idiots' price. They've done NOTHING to put the onus on the PA as far as peace goes, and got played like FOOLS at the UN. Now you have a PA that will blackmail you into a state with threats to go to ICC at every turn. The bellicosity of this bloc has painted us all into a corner. Meanwhile, they've failed on Iran, they ignore social reform, and Pillar of Defense is a hudna at best. And it all comes down to tone and timing. No one called Abbas' bluff on talks, no one put down stage gates. By saying that there was no partner for peace, you only presented a half-truth. You never proved it's nonexistence. And yes, Obama's abstaining from EU rebuking Israel is probably just the start of it. The thug from the USSR and the scholars son have really led us into a dark cave.
13. leftists should read how hamas/fatah talked about Jews!
mary_of_bethanys ,   singapore   (12.12.12)
"it’s about dignity and respect. " claimed Ackerman. Sir, talking about dignity and respect, you should bring a interpreter with you and attend some hamas rallies, or even fatah interior rally, best be that kind of rally during the recent Hamas and fatah Anniversary rally. and pay perfect attention to what pals said about Jews, even Americans,, calling Jews Pigs and dogs are already very mild, mind you. openly declaring that NOT a single Jew be left living in the future complete glory state of Palestine, and swearing that Hamas will not cede one single inch of land until from Jordan River to Mediterranean Sea, from Galilee sea to Red Sea everything belongs to Pals. when you read pals articles, you won't be free to demand whatever "dignity or respect" from them. demanding dignity and respect from someone who wants to kill you is too luxury. it's demanding "a right to live". you leftists, pick on some verbal outburst of a few very blunt Israeli ministers.... you have no idea how Palestinian ministers condemn Jews. NAIVE!
14. these Jews are not Real Jews in spirit and hearts
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (12.12.12)
it inevitable that some (if not big amount) of Jews will intermarried and be no longer real Jews. it also unavoidable that many Jews though with true Jewish Blood has not the heart, mind and soul to love Israel and the other fellow Jews. more even will be ashamed of being a Jew. One day, they will be even anti-Israel. all these will come to pass. because it shall come to pass, you have to protect whatever you are left in Israel, you are left to protect yourselves alone. so do what is best for Israel and Jews. because Jews are G-D's Chosen People, and dearly loved by Him, He will always keep a small renmant everywhere all over the world, and even will keep a small renmant of gentiles that will support Jews and loved them. He has done so for the past about 3000 years, what make you think HE will not do so another 3000 years? To appease and woo American Jews, Israel got to do dangerous compromises is silly, no matter what Israel do, will not make the very selfish US Jews to love you more. they are gone already, should know it when almost 70% voted the Muslim in.
15. Self Reliance
Zechariah   (12.12.12)
In theory the Jews in Israel have the capacity unlike European Jewry in WW2 to fight did the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto have nuclear suitcases ready to blow up before the Germans entered even to touch a hair on their head USA Jewry has not got that has not got that the Sampson Option.
16. I have no recollection of voting for Tom Who?
Mark ,   Maale Adumim   (12.12.12)
Strange that a person preaching "freedom and democracy" suggests non-elected non-national friends as rulers for our country. And if failed, corrupt Olmert is dear to some of our American friends - could they please keep him?
17. If they accept Obama as personal lord and saviour...
Query   (12.12.12)
...are they still really Jews? discuss.
18. American Jews
K ,   Chicago, USA   (12.12.12)
Have it too easy. They do not experience anti-Semitism. They are not discriminated against. But let the progressives gain full power and the Jews of America will discover that what is happening to Jews in Europe will happen to them. Without Israel, they will be sitting ducks.
19. 3 - its about time her leaders began acting like it.
split ,   US   (12.12.12)
Start with self-sufficiency and stop schnorring ,...
20. Thomas Paine had a term for it
Sidney ,   USA   (12.12.12)
Thomas Paine had a term for New York Times Jews "summer soldier and the sunshine patriot". Like the German Jews during the early Hitler they are complaisant and spoiled. They think that only the nasty Israelis are the targets of anti-Semitism.
21. Ugh.
BH ,   Iowa   (12.12.12)
This couldn't be more wrong. Anyone who uses Uncle Tom Friedman and Jeffrey Goldberg as "pro Israel" sources has no business being taken seriously. Listen carefully Mr Benhorin - As an average American Jew, if a self-described "Jewish Leader" can't even name the week's parshat, he's no Jewish leader of mine. The US is a big country. There's a lot more than the New York Times editorial page.
22. pals won't give piece, so it isn't safe for Jews to give co-
Moshe ,   Usa   (12.12.12)
existence. If Jews have to enter the gooozah & west bunk to subdue threats, there can be no living next to arobs. arobs must be expelled from proximity to Jews.
23. Another sick leftist attempt to scare us into surrender.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.12.12)
The author says we either divide our sole tiny Homeland or...terrible things will happen to us. Dividing our Homeland is absolutely the worst thing we could do to Israel. Israeli polls show most Israelis are fed up with the left; it;s sick policies and fear mongering intended to scare us into surrendering our land to our genocidal foes.
24. Nonsense
Shaul R ,   USA   (12.12.12)
The American Jews that Israel is losing are already lost to Jews. Fortunately they are in minority and will continue to be.
Rafi ,   US   (12.12.12)
... Israel's current govt & its policies - not Israel or its people.
26. Why do American Jewish think they know better than Israelis?
Carrie ,   NYC   (12.12.12)
27. Israel didnt lose Americas Jews
avi ,   nyc   (12.12.12)
those Jews who have become less Israel oriented have become so assimilated that they dont care. If the US were Spain of 1492, 70% would choose communion over leaving
28. American Jews can go to hell
with their messiah Obama
29. Total Bunk Fiction
Joe Stein ,   USA   (12.12.12)
As a American Jew this article is totally nonsense totally fabrication. More Jstreet nonsense.
30. American Jews Support Israel without QUESTION
Shep Fargotstein ,   Memphis   (12.12.12)
This is just more of the same pressure from suspect sources to get Israel to fall in line with the J-Street/Obama agenda. Simple as that.
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