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US supplies Egypt with F-16 fighter jets
Published: 11.12.12, 10:32
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1. Without AMRAAM capabilities
Abu Zib ,   Haifa, IL   (12.11.12)
The radar on the Egyptian F-16 model is severely limited. Who wants fighter planes without AMRAAM capabilities? These planes are useless on the modern battlefield. Looks like the Egyptian military hasn't thought this through. Heads will roll.
2. Today's Egypt is tomorrow's Taliban
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (12.11.12)
The US is insane to hand over any military aid to Egypt. Morsi just declared himself dictator and is creating a nation based on Sharia law. No more fighters or military aid should be handed to Egypt by the US at all.
3. "Aid packages"
Mark ,   London, UK   (12.11.12)
Aid packages are just a means of subsidising the US manufacturers. Economic aid is much more useful for most countries unless they are intending to fight a war. Who is Egypt defending itself from? Sudan, Libya, Israel, Saudi?
4. Dhimmi Liberals never learn
Johnny ,   Ramat Gan   (12.11.12)
Those Jets will be used either against Israel or even USA. Just like Afghanistan turned on USA after USA helped drive out the Soviet invasion so will Egypt.
5. Hey American taxpayers! Why so quiet?
A ,   Belgium   (12.11.12)
You all have something to say about American aid to the only true ally America has in the Middle East (maybe, at this point, the ONLY true ally America has). Money that is used to "oppress palestinians whose land the Jews stole" and all that B.S., so what do you say about the US cutting a deal with a dictator and than deliviring the goods to another quasi-dictator islamist fanatic? What is Egypt going to do with 20 top of the line F16's? Who are they threatened by, or rather, who do they intend to attack? You're all pretty quiet now, American taxpayers...hypocrites!
6. more stupidity emanating from the W.H.
former expat   (12.11.12)
no conditions, no tie-ins, just like the massive arms package sold the Saudis
7. Ros Lehtinen Prefers Russian Influence
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (12.11.12)
If the US is not making sales, the Russians will or the French, who also make pretty good airplanes, will make the sales. The US aid to Egypt is longstanding policy, tied in treaties that include US observers in Sinai. Ros-Lehtinen would prefer seeing all that go along with the sales, which are cash sales that benefit the US economy. The Russians would probably love to replace the US in Sinai.
8. F16 american tax payers just arabs
dr daniel mostrel ,   paris france   (12.11.12)
not a word when money is wasted for arabs , much more than for israel ; disgusting
9. Ridiculous
David ,   Israel   (12.11.12)
Soon they'll be giving them f35s before Israel. It will be the same story of the US once upon a time arming the Taliban - the only difference is that Israel will experience the first blow not them. How long till Western governments realize the Arab world has secret motives, which really aren't so secret they are spelled out. Throwing Israel under the bus each time won't stop them from aiming at you too. The Muslim Brotherhood wants to create Shariah Law in Egypt, then eventually the world. Wake up and smell the jihad
10. shame on the US
Fad Egypt   (12.11.12)
my country under Morsi leadership is supporting terrorism and is violating the peace of Israel , my country doesnt respect the freedom and rights of speech , protest , women and minorities , my government is inciting against the opposition and the christians calling them agents , instead of punishing my government , the US is supporting it shame on Hussein Obama and the US shalom
11. Interesting to know when U.S. learns of its mistake!
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.11.12)
12. Walt & Mearsheimer should be gloating
Raphael ,   Netanya   (12.11.12)
Howeverr the deal does not say anything about the spares: maintenance operations cost yearly 1/3 of the jets'value.
13. American Tax Payers Joke
zoooz ,   gaza   (12.11.12)
hahah what a joke , your are worried about 1 B USD paid to Egypt as if they will broke the tax payer , but you are not worried of 6B USD payed by the same Tax payer to Israel ?? everyone knows Israel is feeding through the American tax payer pipe
14. Bad Move All Around
emanon ,   USA   (12.11.12)
Israel Watchdog ,   Akko, Israel   (12.11.12)
You have one Gov't. then another corrupt-terrorist Gov't takes it's place, and you still honor an agreement??? This is like a freaken nightmare. Someone pinch me and wake me up! Does anyone in the US administration have any brains anymore?
16. Obama arming Muslim Brotherhood
Brod ,   USA   (12.11.12)
Congress should impeach Obama the Islamist for arming the Muslim Brotherhood with offensive weaponry with the sole purpose of attacking Israel. America should stop selling any weapons to the volatile Islamist-Jihadist states in the Middle East that waste their resources arming, killing and attacking Christians and Israel in the region intead of nation-building. It is time Congress opens its eyes and stops the Trojan Horse for endangering America and Israel by arming the scourge of humanity in the Middle East.
17. unemployment is high morose wants weapons
zionist forever   (12.11.12)
Despite the fact that after Mubarak left Obama gave Egypt hundreds of millions of dollars cash handout to compensate them for their lost tourism income during the revolution. He wrote off about another billion in debt and promised American investment in Egypt now he is donating F16s Morisi is proving to be quite the military man considering when he first came to power instead of sorting out unemployment he opened negotiations with Germany to buy 2 submarines. Now he is getting F16s as a gift. I wonder what he will be buying or having donated next F22 or maybe a couple of nuclear submarines. Obama does love his arabs
18. The Joke is on you # 13
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.11.12)
And who do you think Sufa Arafat is feeding off of? She and your leaders are playing you for a fool. Now that is funny! Ha ha ha back at you.
19. To #5 and #8
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.11.12)
So, in Belgium and France do you get to choose or have any control where your government spends your money? How much aid does Belgium and France give Israel? You should be directing your knee jerk reactions towards our Muslim president if you want to be taken seriously.
20. F-16s to former allies: then and now
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.11.12)
In the late 1970s, the F-16 was a new fighter, and few overseas got access to them. One of the few slated to receive them was IRAN, then ruled by the Shah. Then in 1979 he was overthrown by the Shiite Islamist Khomeni. The decision was made to cancel that shipment of fighters, already being manufactured. The decision was made to offer them (not for free) to ... Israel. Israel, then desperate for a fighter suitable for an operation against Iraq's nuclear facility, responded with an "anything for a friend". Those planes *were* used in the operation. Fast forward to 2012, after a US ally has been replaced by Sunni Islamists. And a feckless Obama/Clinton leadership decides, "No matter. We promised to provide these fighter jets. Gotta' maintain relations." Fools!
21. Another reason why Mitt should have been elected
Moshe ,   Usa   (12.11.12)
22. ...from Israel's friend.
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (12.11.12)
You lefties in Israel and the US...what will it take to convince you Obama is your enemy? You US Jews voted overwhelmingly for this fraud. Now you got your just rewards. A more self-loathing bunch of fools there never was. Enjoy your dessert when Morsi orders these F16s to rain destruction over your homeland, courtesy of your idol Obama.
23. F-16
ky   (12.11.12)
F is for fool and 16 is the mental age of those who voted him into power.
24. #20 Raymond: F-16's were never supplied to Iran
Rafi ,   US   (12.11.12)
25. Morsi needs F16 to attack protesters
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (12.11.12)
26. obummer
DavidR ,   USA   (12.11.12)
obummer, the so called President wants only to arm the enemies of Israel and enable the Muslim brotherhood to control the ME. Israel wake up! Do not follow the mistake of Eve in the Garden of Eden and try to have a relationship with the serpent (nachash) because if you do, you will get bitten.
27. #24 Rafi
DavidR ,   USA   (12.11.12)
Learn to read. He clearly said the deal was cancelled after the Shaw lost power.
28. The US is playing a deadly game
Tova ,   Canada   (12.11.12)
Selling fighter jets to Egypt to destroy Israel. Selling fighter jets to Israel to combat Egypt and all Arab/Musling Countries. Is the United States really supportive of Israel. American iterest in Egypt will soon die. Islam is not loyal to any nation or it;s people. Israel is all the United States has. The United States will fall harshly should anything happen to Israel.
29. This US taxpayer not so quiet!
Dixie D. Perry ,   Cedar Park, Texas   (12.11.12)
I am sick over this decision. Is our president selling our country? At what cost?
30. #2
Rick S. ,   USA   (12.12.12)
It was not too many years ago that Israel allowed the transfer of thousands of weapons and tons of ammo to the PA. I am convinced that the leaders of both countries are not dealing with realities. Who ever heard of arming your enemies?
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