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National Menorah lit near White House
Published: 11.12.12, 12:56
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1. What Chabad does is a shame.
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (12.11.12)
Drawing attention to us in the parks of every city and town, and now with a huge pasul menorah in the nation's capital is a tribute to the arrogance and lack of wisdom of the Chabad movement. Individually, they're generally nice people, but that have a psychosis about being way too visible. It will come back to haunt us Jews.
2. hahaha
where are the hateful angry ''atheists'' demanding separation of state and religion. Why no angry emails from the ADL or the ACLU? The FFRA? The SPLC? Hmmm. Btw ...Christmas is part of the culture of non Jewish Europeans whether they believe in Jesus or not. People who attack Christmas don't just anger believing Christians. They infuriate nearly everyone.
3. Navy band should not have participated. In the US there is
American First   (12.11.12)
seperation of state and religion.
4. The MENORA should be on the Israeli flag not the star of
Rivkah   (12.11.12)
Remphan/star of Mollech that Yahweh despises. King David had a SEVEN point star like the kings of Georgia had in the days of the monarchy there. The six point star is a witchcraft symbol that also signifies fornication and child murder to Mollech. Read O.J. Graham's book "The Six Pointed Star: Its Origin and History". He is a Jewish scholar and uses Jewish references to prove his point. The MENORAH is the symbol of the Jews not the star of Mollech. Wake up, people!
5. Holiday candles with pagan roots !!!
6. Nobody complaining ?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.12.12)
This reminds of the Miami Beach Menorah and the protests that ensued, thereof. White House giant menorah is allowed and the other not. I don't know, but to me, it seems someone is kissing ass or votes.
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