IDF defends restraint policy
Yoav Zitun
Published: 11.12.12, 15:36
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1. First time I say: I love the IDF!
Mary   (12.11.12)
It is the first time that I'm beginning to admire the IDF. It is absolutely important to use military weapons only in military combat situations and not for controling demonstrations of a civil population as violent as they ever may be. Gratulations IDF!
2. So incredibly stupid.
Ralph Haglund ,   Sweden   (12.11.12)
How long is the IDF gonna try this game? The cause is the hate propaganda in schools, mosques, TV. Against Oslo - so analyse the source, every TV/radio spreading hate incitement, give them 24hrs to stop it or IDF stops them. Permanently. Every imam screaming hatred, stop him. Every - well, as far as possible. Every signal from the Abbas "government" celebrating terrorists - stop it.
3. discretion and restraint yes But
milson   (12.11.12)
the recent ceasefire in gaza saw idf give up a 300 meter strip on the gaza side of no man's land. so now protestors by the hundred's can come up to the fence and taunt idf soldiers and worse storm the fence. Who is the head of the idf -gantz and his boss barak.Thier thinking that if the gazans are farming the land then there will be less provocation. Read meshall's speech. We'll see how it develops. No matter though ehud barak continues with his concessions like olmert. What concessions do the gazans and west bankers make? None, zero.
IDF   (12.11.12)
5. OH WOW! The IDF didnt use assault rifles against stones!
jj   (12.11.12)
Give them the peace prize! cue: "BUT STONE ARE TEH MOST DEADLYEST WEE-PONS KNOWN TO MAN!!11!!ONE!!!" posts. Come on talkbackers. Will be surprised if ynet publishes this. they have a tendency to be selective in their posting of opposing opinions.
6. End restraint. Treat enemy civilians as WW II Allies did.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.11.12)
Israel should immediately abandon the loony policy of restraint. Countless Israelis have been maimed and murdered as a result of this sick policy. Israel should treat enemy "Palestinian" civilians the same way the WW II Allies treated hostile civilians. They should be viewed as completely expendable in the interest of protecting Israel.
7. throw stones back by catapult loads
Adam Balm ,   AMERICA THE BEAUTIUL   (12.11.12)
Let's get some Israeli engineering about catapults loaded with stones to throw back in HUGE amounts and WAVES of rocks on these juvenile terrorist delinquents...I know they are uneducated beggars with no jobs or responsibilities, but they need a lesson in about sound cannons??
8. The upper echelons fail to give clear orders
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (12.11.12)
And then blames the lower ranks.And causes humiliation to the soldiers.Humiliation in Arab and muslim culture means a great deal.This will cause the riots to be larger and more violent.
9. # 1 I would love to agree with you,
Mira ,   Vienna   (12.11.12)
but you are talking without understanding the Muslim soul, their religion is one of subdueing and that's what they are used to since 14 centuries, they won't cherish mildness, they will only bow to force eventually.
me ,   here   (12.11.12)
apart from ridicule.
11. Some elementary phycics.
Jules   (12.11.12)
A stone is as dangerous as a bullet, especially if thrown against, for example, a moving vehicle: their kinetic energies would be similar.
12. The problem here ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.11.12)
.... is that the ersatz "Palestinian" thugs have a very long and very well-documented history of showing absolutely no respect for restraint. They perceive it as a sign of weakness, and it emboldens them. That "courage" extends to targeting Israeli civilians. This is not a situation which can be tolerated.
13. Tactic must be changed
Build baby build! ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.11.12)
Beside real munition, they should carry gas, rubber bullets, TRAINED DOGS (several) teasers and so on. And FYI I believe people has the right to manifest but those that don't do it peacefully should deal with
14. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.11.12)
Well, then I invite you to drive along the highway in your car, at the speed limit, when a boulder comes crashing through your windshield. I suspect you'll soon be singing a very different tune.
15. control weapons
Mark ,   USA   (12.11.12)
Maybe it would help if Israel got the microwave or sound weapons from the US Army. When the protesters start to burn on the inside or their ears can't take it anymore the will turn and run like their hamass leaders.
16. Stones
barson ,   somerset   (12.11.12)
The IDF should return the stones exact- ly the way they were sent.
17. may i suggest...
les ,   canada   (12.11.12)
to the israeli government and idf to learn "RESTRAINT" from mursi, assad, the ayatollah in iran, the russians in chechne, chinese in tibet, turks against armanians etc. amazingly not gul or un or eu has a word to say about them. oh, i forgot, they are not jews...
18. Positive thinking
J ,   ISR   (12.11.12)
This is good. The ME is an ever changing place, likewise, it's time we started thinking outside the box regarding security/foreign policy to adapt to the new realities.
19. They did the right thing
Cohen,Israel   (12.11.12)
20. Every been smashed in the head with a Brick?
Levi ,   Israel   (12.11.12)
This is stupid.
21. Effective in injuring soldiers, encouraging terrorists
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.11.12)
22. Take the gloves off!
Sam M ,   UK   (12.11.12)
Time for Israel to get tough with arabs who have become emboldened by rules of engagement designed to placate the ‘international community’ rather than get results. Which is a complete waste of time with Israel the villain of the piece irrespective of what she does. Israeli security forces must take a firm hand to avoid the real danger that events will spiral out of control. Whether it's stone throwers in Jerusalem or rioters in the west bank the IDF/police should be empowered to use whatever measures are required to get the job done up to and including live rounds if all other measures fail. The two-state solution is dead and buried with arab fanatics aided by hateful leftists now smelling blood and clearly out to destroy Israel. While spineless western politicians will as ever call on both sides to 'show restraint' in other words a 'proportionate response' from Israel designed to let the terrorists carry the day. Get tough Israel!
David ,   New York, NY   (12.11.12)
Any policy which results in IDF soldiers appearing to run for their lives from teen-age "protestors" throwing ROCKS is, by definition, a DISASTER.By appearing to show the soldiers totally unprepared or even worse,encounters such as these embolden not just some "kids" but Israel's enemies everywhere and at a MINIMUM act as the catalys for far worse confrontations in the future.
24. Confirmation Given
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (12.11.12)
B"H - This statement confirms that the IDF is not a Jewish army: "The military source further revealed that the IDF's fire orders do not distinguish between Jewish or Palestinian assailants".
25. Restraint Open Fire Orders Misguided
Avi ,   Beit El, Israel   (12.11.12)
Don't know what support an anonymous senior military source uses to justify that restraint prevents further violence. Arabs are more brazen each day with more stonings and firebombings on the road reminiscent of the beginning of a new intifada. The first intifada according to former Mr Security Yitzchak Rabin developed from a slow weak IDF response. Harsh punishment and appropriate strong open fire orders deter. Hesitant overly restraining open fire orders are interpreted by Arabs as weakness. Stones and firebombs as we know from a 100 year history from the Arabs are harmful, maiming and lethal. A 13 year old- though most perpetrators are more close to army age should be aware that there are consequences in kind as response. Purity of arms is not a Jewish concept and should have no place in the IDF. The prime concern should not be for violent Arabs but for the citizens and soldiers subject to such attacks.
26. #1 MARY,
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (12.11.12)
How about throwing stones at civilians? Do you want to try it?
27. @24 so what's your point?
Where is it stated that the IDF is supposed to be a Jewish army? And what does mean a Jewish army? Is Israel a Jewish state or an Hebrew state?
28. Mired in the political dirtyworks!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (12.12.12)
Once war is politicized, it is lost! The need for its management and careful restraint undermines the clear objective of war: close with the enemy...and, KILL IT! War can only be won, when the politics, of the situation, are defined by that simple fact.
29. THE IDF is viewed as weak and useless.
Al   (12.12.12)
When the COS is more concerned with being PC and posing for IRON DOME PR then you have a very great problem on your hands. No matter how you spin it, you look like losers on the run. If you have any illusions that this piss poor army can defend the country today, you are in need of special care. THE IDF TODAY IN WEAK, POORLY RUN AND A FRIGGIN MESS. Get your shit together or you are cooked.
30. #5
jj   (12.12.12)
boulder? what the hell are you talking about? these are kids with rocks throwing them at men with helmets, combat armour and assault rifles and we're supposed to imagine that opening fire with live ammunition is ok because the soldiers are under threat? once again Sarah; get real.
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