How Israel lost PR war
Noah Klieger
Published: 12.12.12, 10:47
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1. The truth?
MC ,   DC, USA   (12.12.12)
How can someone be so delusional about what's going on in their country? My grandfather lived in Palestine, he lived in a village called Hittin. He lived among a small community (not religious) and grew olive trees. They were EXPELLED for no reason. Now I am a third generation Palestinian who is forced to live abroad. The people who took our house and land are living in Israel. Who is the victim?
Israels' P.R. Stinks like a hot day in Cairo. Lots of spokesmen / spokeswomen who can hardly speak two words of english desperately struggling to put their cases across on British and American television. Every other word is eeeeeeeh ,eeeh . And the bitter truth is that Jew haters do not want to believe the truth . They just want to believe what they would like to believe .That we are totally evil and therefore Israel is evil.
3. Public opinion.
Paddy ,   Dublin, Ireland.   (12.12.12)
Excellent article. I agree with the author that the Arabs have conquered public opinion. Last year a friend in Israel would post on social network sites instances of rockets fired into Israel but when I looked I couldn`t find anything about these in the online sites of the Israeli media. Yet it would be plastered all over the worlds media if the Arabs were on the receiving end. Although the foreign media is largely to blame for this situation the Israeli government bears some responsibility for not getting the message through.
These folk do not hate jews because of Israel ,they hate Israel because of jews.
5. Re #1
Andrew Brehm ,   Zurich   (12.12.12)
Guess what, that's exactly what happened to most Jews outside Israel. In the case of Arabs in Israel, however, the reason was a war the Arabs started against the Jews. It might very well be that your family was completely innocent, never wanted to participate in a war against the Jews, and was made a victim by Jewish troops intent on removing hostile elements. However, if "throw the Jews into the sea' and the often-mentioned "seas of blood" (and by that they meant Jewish such), is not a _reason_ for you, then I wonder what could be. I am all for descendants of Arab refugees who never wanted to participate in the war against Israel to return to their homes or be compensated. However, you do not strike me as someone who isn't hostile to Jews or Israel. You seem to think your situation is unique. However, what you consider a grave injustice is simply normalcy for Jews. Nobody ever worried about expelling Jews and the world never thought that fleeing Jews deserve any international aid or a "right to return" let alone compensation for lost property. Do live abroad. It's not suffering. I live abroad too. I think the basic problem here is perception. What you consider a nightmare (fleeing a country alive) has been a dream for Jews in 1948. As long as other nation's nightmares remain a dream for the Jewish people, the world and Jews will never agree on much.
6. to #1, MC
Alberto ,   Italy   (12.12.12)
My family was expelled from Spain on 1492 and was forced to live in Italy. Shall I bomb Spain? Shall I slaughter spanish children? It is victimism that kills you Palestinians, ignoring opportunities like last one to start a peaceful path with Israelis. Extremists call extremists. Salam alek.
7. To number 1
Shimon ,   Poleg   (12.12.12)
You are an American. I am an Israeli. My parents were expelled from Aden and my wife's parents from Tripoli in Libya. I have no claim to Aden, My wife has no claim to Tripoli and you have no claim to anything in the Middle East. You stay in America in your armchair and keep your mouth shut
8. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.12.12)
Expelled? Or did they leave voluntarily? Were they forced to leave by their own so-called leadership? How would that be Israel's fault? How do you account for the fact that there are Arab citizens of Israel today? They weren't expelled. You have fallen victim to your own fiction. The ersatz "Palestinians" are a mythical people. Get over yourselves.
9.  #1 The facts about Hittin
YIsrael of Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (12.12.12)
Check out Wikipedia for the real story. The inhabitants fled on their own accord and apparently they were not allowed to return, BUT they were NOT expelled ! Another Arab lie passed down for 3 generations !
10. Very true,Arafat convinced the Vatican he was David
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (12.12.12)
This is a great article about the upside-down world in wich we live;Arafat turned up in the Pope office saying he was the discendent of the Prophets of Israel,and that the Israeli Goliah were killing the Palies....this was the biginning of the "Biggest Worldwide Islamic Deception of the Century..!!!! The bishops almost kiss His hass....
11. What a rediculous spin.
Phil ,   Los Angeles   (12.12.12)
Arabs are not masterminds in PR. it is Israel's actions and arrogance over the past decades that speaks volumes.
12. To # 1 And the truth is
SDB ,   ZY Israel   (12.12.12)
that you'd rather live in "Palestine" than in DC? Jews were expelled and their property confiscated for millenia all over the world. They picked themselves up and got on with their lives. How do you explain that some of your grandfather's countrymen remained here, living full and meaningful lives? The TRUTH is that no-one was expelled. Some fled, with the promise from their misguided and misguiding leaders that they'd be back in a jiffy. Why did they flee? Because the Jews found a way to defend themselves against the mass of Arab armies who tried to drive them into the sea. Those Jews whose families had been driven into gas chambers were no longer submitting to wholesale slaughter, which today's Arab leaders still do not comprehend.
13. #1, no reason?
Danny   (12.12.12)
Your grandfather mention there was a war going on?
14. 100 Hamas terrorists are worth more than 41000 syriand
We do not eeehhh have to eeeeh explain ourselves eeehhh to nobody eeeehhh.
16.  P.R ( A RAP )
Yo ,P.R. Won't get you far Better to travel in yo motor car I aint no fan of Public Relations just fills me with endless frustrations go preach da truth to da nations let them have their celebrations cause me thinks that Israels PR stinks like a hot day in Cairo or a leaky biro like birds of a feather ISRAEL GET YO ACT 2GETHER.
Yo MC , spare us your sob story bubbemeises .
18. How Israel lost the PR war
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.12.12)
Simple. Leftist Jews and Leftist Jewish newspapers parroting the Fatah/Hamas line. Israeli Jews working for NGOs funded by foreign money to attack Israel.
19. The Big Lie = Palestinian people / nation
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.12.12)
But hey, everyone falls for it.
20. (1) MC.DC
tiki ,   belgium   (12.12.12)
Your father lived in Palestine? No he, like many Jews, lived in colonial 'British Mandate of Palestine', which before was 'occupied by Turks & Romans (who took it from the Jews = JUDEA & Shomron). He was expelled? Listen to the old radio speeches calling for the Arabs to leave and come back ONLY when all the Jews were driven into the sea by the Arab armies! The Arabs that didn't listened and stayed, are (with their children/grandchildren) ALL well to do citizens of Israel! You are 'forced to live abroad? No you can live among friends in Gaza or Jordan/Palestine (70% Arab Palestinian). People who 'took your houses? You should learn from Jews who's houses/money/valuables & the lives of complete families was taken throughout history, what to do with your live. Look at some old films/pictures how the Jews were driven out and/or murdered in Arab countries & Jerusalem, (occupied by Jordan till 1967). So, stop believing lies, wining & hating and start rejoicing life, because that is much more rewarding and to precious to throw away.
21. To no 1 This is the story told to you but..
Ari   (12.12.12)
What they did not tell you is that most of the Pals left their home by their own will. Arab leaders promised to banished the Jews and Ask the population to leave. Once the Jews were expelled they could come back. Instead one millon arab-jews were expelled killed expropiated of their properties because the arab league declare punitive mesures to the Jewish comunities, only because Israel was created. Most of the so called Palestinians came to Palestine in the 20's and 30's. They were not here for thousands of years as falsely they claim. While arab jews were absorved mostly by Israel. palestinian refugees have become a political tool from the Arabs against Israel. In every war there are casualties and changes of frontiers. UN declare a parttion the Arabs did not accept. Today they would have had a country. Arafat was given a good offer of peace he did not accept and now Abbas was given an offer of 97% of what he wanted,by Olmert he never came back to sign nothing
22. The PR war: simple solution for critics
Juan C Sanz ,   Spain   (12.12.12)
I have a simple solution for these critics and antSemites, very easy and PRACTICAL solution that many idiot Leftists and Liberals would love including their pro-gay and feminist/democractic vindications in the West: invite them for a month to tour the West Bank and Gaza with all kinds of food such as pork, use dresses such as miniskirts or go the sea with thongs. Or better still: have gays open gay bars or saunas in this " marvellous and oppressed " Palestine. Or demonstrate against Hamas/Al Fatah for things that go wrong or open a church ( as they do with mosques in the rest of the world ) and you will see Palestinian tolerance comparing it with Israel. Shalom. Am chaim Ysrael
23. Israels PR
Tim ,   Brighton   (12.12.12)
Is getting much better Israel IS recruiting much much better advocates that speak the language that can communicate well in the face of belligerent questioning Israels UN Represenation in the UN is also good - in the shape of Ron Prossor ..clearly a student of the Abba Eban School of Diplomacy But most important hard as that is we need to have a dialogue with the media of Arab and Muslim Countries to present our case directly to the people Its difficult because many of the Arab Media are subversive when it comes to portraying Israels Advocates on TV or Newspapers. One infamous example was the case of an Al Jazeera Cameraman in a discussion on TV on Israel and Iran going close up more than 25 times to the Israelis long Nose! RT is also pretty anti - but seems to be getting better... And you will be amazed at just how little the Arab Street actually knows about Jews and Israel Not surprsing given for example over the years even in the UK Ive met people from the sticks who have expressed amazement and awe at 'meeting their first Jew'!
24. Being there
John ,   Herzliya   (12.12.12)
I have spent four and half years in your country and have seen that things are different than Pallywood presents them with the huge assistance of the world mass media. After returning to my own country I am fighting a war in local media about the truth in ME conflict. I must say, it is very difficult, almost impossible to change the thinking. People really believe that the Palestinians are the only victims in this fight and what is even worse, on the basis of this assumption, they have gained some kind of support for their clearly terrorist policy. Keep on your fighting, there are people all over the world who are supporting you in your fight. Unfortunately, we are much quieter than those supporting terrorists, but still, we are here and will not give up.
25. #1 The truth
Geoff ,   London (UK)   (12.12.12)
The truth is that on the day after the UN voted to re-establish a Jewish state in Palestine in 1947, the Jews were attacked all over Palestine. The intention was to ethnically cleanse the land of Jews. Thus, the Palestinians clearly have no objection to ethnic cleansing. The only thing they object to is being on the wrong end of it!
26. west is much better
observer ,   Egypt   (12.12.12)
certainly those people taking cover behind cars were on the western side, because rockets can come from every side except the west. It's Egypt who can master sea; a potential western danger.
27. no 24
irish ,   ireland   (12.12.12)
couldnt agree with you more, keep fighting israel so many people are behind you and doing their best to get your struggle with the beast across, even if it dosent seem like it we support you xxx
28. It is not a matter of PR it is matter of fact.
Dror   (12.12.12)
The US created this Goliath and that is why it is the US who will have to bring this Goliath back to size.
29. Who Shall The World Believe?
World Citizen ,   the world   (12.12.12)
Israel or our lying eyes? During Gaza 2 the Israelis military, with one bomb, killed more people (one entire family), than all the Israelis killed in those ten years of rocket attacks by the so-called "blood-thirsty terrorists". Israelis, the useful idiots in America, and the writer of this article are so delusional it beggars belief. Any rational human being can see through the lies of your PR campaign. That is why you lost this battle and you continue to lose the PR war. Nothing Israel can do will change the fact that your government and apparently its voting citizens are hostile to other cultures and racist in nature. Those are the facts.
30. perplexed
Fred ,   Ontario, Canada   (12.12.12)
It simply amazes me that Israel has so poorly countered it's gradual demonization in the world press. Unfortunately, once people are convinced to one opinion, it is very difficult to ever change their minds back again. For example, don't your politicians understand that loudly pronouncing the building of more settlements only causes more sympathy for your enemies? This is just plain counter-productive. You do not loudly pronounce you have nuclear weapons, as it would be like shooting yourself in the foot in regards to international opinion. So why do you feel it necessary to make loud pronouncements on everything else? Just to tick everyone off?
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