Israel eyes US Hispanic community
Itamar Eichner
Published: 11.12.12, 23:10
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1. It's your conduct, stupid,...
split ,   US   (12.11.12)
People can watch your 'casts' and 'pillars' live in real time if you happen to miss it ,...
2. With Hispanics, with most Americans israel has no crediabilt
US Voter   (12.12.12)
israel is one nation that is 100% untrustworthy. Plus stay ut of our bussiness.
3. If I was you ,...
split ,   US   (12.12.12)
I would concentrate on US Jews bailing out of your dink ,...
4. Israel and Latin America make natural friends
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (12.12.12)
Israel is wise to cultivate their friendships with Hispanics. Spain and Hispanics are no stranger to Islamic aggression.
5. #2 has no crediability
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (12.12.12)
US voter does not speak for Americans or Hispanics. Most Americans are waking up to the threat that Islamist present to the US, Latin America and the world.
6. Be honest for a moment, split
Tahl   (12.12.12)
For rabid born & bred antisemites like you, it was never really Israel's conduct that bothered you. You know damn well you'd never give a rat's a$$ about the Palestinians, had they been in conflict with someone other than Israel. So no, your problem with us is not our conduct. It is our mere existence.
Rafi ,   US   (12.12.12)
8. The US Hispanic Comunity !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.12.12)
They are Sefardim who are Askenazim. The divide is only by Language Arn.Sweden.
9. Israel can forget about forging ties with Black community
AK   (12.12.12)
Despite Jewish participation and support for the Black civil rights movement, Black are the most antisemitic segment of American population, beating out Poles for that dubious 'honor.' Black antisemitism is long-standing and illogical and thus cannot be changed. The only pro- Israel Blacks are Conservative, like Alan West or Thomas Sowell and we all know that there are not too many Black Conservatives. Hispanics are also more antiSemitic than an average American, but an outreach there could possible bring some change.
10. Chaim, most Hispanics are Catholic
AK   (12.12.12)
And the Carholic Church was, is and likely will remain rabidly antisemitic. The antisemitic poison CH keeps pumping into their flock since they are babes in arms cannot be easily overcome. Just think, during WW2, the Poles, themselves under Germans occupation, still helped Germans catch and murder Jews.Such is the power of irrational antisemitism -- they would rather self-destruct that forego their hatred. It is also why CH would rather see Jerusalem in Muslim hands and the Christians there brought to their knees than tolerate Jewish control of the Jewish holiest site. Just think, split, who hates Jews with every fiber of his being, cannot tear himself from this Israeli site and the Jews. What would he do with his life if there were no Jews for him to hate.
11. To #5 Chaim
Ludvig ,   Creel, Mexico   (12.12.12)
"Americans are waking up to the threat that Islamist present to the US, Latin America and the world". I'm from Mexico and I don't think Islamists represent a threat to the world, much less Latin America we have done nothing to them. However, climate change and the massive destruction of our ecosystems due to a retrograde, nature-killer monetary system is a REAL THREAT TO OUR OWN EXISTENCE. When humanity focus on things that really matter, not war and hate against each others. That is going to be the real awakening of consciousness.
12. #11 I agree with you dude
david ,   canada   (12.12.12)
13. #11 Ludvig
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.12.12)
If that is so, who would you rather support? The nation that burns endless amounts of fossil fuel and has made no technological developments except in the field of killing and torturing people? Or the nation that develops green technology in computers, energy generation and agriculture?
14. Chaim I blame you
Spengler ,   US   (12.12.12)
If it werent for APAC Americans would have little trouble with the middle east. Islam is a threat to you, not me. Europeans also blame for driving them out of the lands and into thier countries. Isreal was once an asset, now it little more than an expensive liability
15. Hey #3
Jenny ,   Brooklyn USA   (12.12.12)
(maybe #2, not really sure..) But you are NOT us (ignoring the poor grammar), so feel free to crawl back under your rock from whence you came... Jenny
16. #9
Menachem ,   Europa   (12.12.12)
The issue I see with Blacks being more antisemetic is that certain sector of the Jewish religious community sees blacks as inferior, hence fostering distrust and resentment. I think if Israel is willing to develop a proper relationship with the black and Hispanic communities in the US, it should utilize Israelis that resembles the population they are trying to court. Israel should use Ethiopians and Jews from Latin America currently living in Israel to gap shorten the distance. You know there are still a large percentage of people in the US that still believe there are no black Jews? Sending Lieberman alone is not going to help. They need to see that there are Jews that can speak their language and look like them as well. I am the son of an Ethiopian mum and an Israeli dad and I still get discriminated against by some religious Jews in the US when I walk into their Synagogues.
17. # 6 ,...
split ,   US   (12.12.12)
Just want you to keep your hands out of our pockets and stop meddling in our affairs ,...
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