FM: If PA wants war – they'll get war
Yuval Karni
Published: 11.12.12, 21:59
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1. Is Mr Lieberman positioning himself?
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (12.11.12)
We already know that Mr Barak will be retiring from politics at the upcoming election.A new Defence Minister will have to be found. Could Mr Lieberman be making a pitch for the position? THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
2. But Abbas did say he seeks peace
Dave from Brazil ,   Sao Paulo   (12.11.12)
It is unfair that Lieberman is attacking so much the man who said many times he seeks peace with Israel and who even admitted the Arabs made wrong decisions in 1948. Continuing aggression will only lead to bad things, a sincere desire to make peace with Palestinians must happen and this starts by stopping to build on land recognized by the UN as belonging to Palestine.
3. Mr Lieberman
Moh ,   Yemen   (12.11.12)
What if they want their land back can they get it
4. Mr A.Lieberman HERE HERE TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!!!
Seems to me That ANY KIND of mercy or thoughtfulness is Taken As Weakness by arabs/isslim!!! This Speech about one rocket should have been said 6 months ago? As for the IDF soldiers, when their post was challenged they should have fired one warning shot then OPENED FIRE with (3) round burst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Lieberman got it!
big bad Jew ,   United States   (12.11.12)
He knows which asses to kick and when.
6. Yawn Yawn Yawn!
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (12.11.12)
Yea we heard that before. Israel fails to understand that every time it doesn't thoroughly kick some Jihad a$$ they yell victory. Israel has to show who's boss and stop with these missile for missile strikes. Israel needs to MAN-UP and get the job done, because to do anything less weakens it in the eyes of the Jihadist. The last operation by Israel was weak because it was afraid to send boots in because of world opinion.
7. no invasion of Gaza
Lieberman should concentrate on liberating Judea and Samaria from the Arab occupation
8. Lieberman is right the guy!
Malone ,   Hfx   (12.11.12)
9. What if they want their land back can they get it ?
Moh Yemen   (12.11.12)
10. #2..are you for real? seriously..
Malone ,   Hfx   (12.11.12)
11. To #2, Dave
Gabe ,   Canada   (12.11.12)
Don't be misled ! Abbas and Haniyeh have never renounced from the destruction of the Jewish homeland. Abbas is speaking from both sides of his mouth.
12. you didnt serve in the army liberman!!!
avner ,   tel aviv   (12.11.12)
so dont play macho!!!
13. Lasting calm=ARAB TRANSFER. Regime "change" is NOT ENOUGH!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (12.11.12)
14. Moh no 3
OF COURSE they can get back the land of Arabia where Mohammed invented Islam.
15. Straight Talk
Adam H ,   USA   (12.11.12)
It's about time someone said things as they really are instead of being politcally correct.
16. Lieberman would be fine as FM
Ralph Haglund ,   Sweden   (12.11.12)
Up to now Netanyahu and Barak have kicked him aside and done his job too often. There are others who are armymen who can be DM, and just everyone would be better than Barak. So next time there is talk with Obama, send Lieberman! Even Obama would get red ears hearing some truths instead of honey, wow!
17. Lieberman
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (12.11.12)
Lieberman is very accurate and to the point. 1) Islamic Republic of Iran is threatening to destroy Israel and very soon will aquire nukes. 2) Hamas is threatening to destroy Israel backed latently by a Muslim Brotherhood President in Egypt. 3) Hezbullah with Sheikh Nasroallah is threatening to destroy Israel. 4) Abbas and his gang want to destroy Israel a little bit at a time and gradually. 5) Hostile anti-semite EU. 6) US is changing its policy in the world following the demise of Soviet Union. They are planning a new world order with minimum intervention from US. Final Analysis ------------------- Israel has to fight for its survival. "If Arabs want war they will get war, if they want peace they will get peace." They will never get Jerusalem as it is the enternal and undivided capital of Israel. Gaza is Part of Egypt. Judea and Sameria are part of Israel. Areas currently under PA control and Jordan are one country. If they want to rename it Palestine it is a matter between Abbas and King Abdullah II. Have a nice day one and all!
18. #12 Lieberman DID serve in the IDF.
Jules   (12.12.12)
19. Not exactly Abba Eban
Avramele   (12.12.12)
Lieberman's language is more suited for a thug in a second rate American motorcycle gang than for foreign minister of the Jewish state. The tragedy of Bibi will be followed by the farce of this two- bit Putin. The founders of our beloved Israel are rolling over in their graves.
20. Real Leadership
andrew martinez ,   Encinitas San Diego   (12.12.12)
Mr. Lieberman, We need ministers like you here in America,instead of those who call themselves" servants of "the people", who have their own agendas to weaken America. We pray to The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob to fullfill His promises ,to guard,and keep you. Amen
21. 1 he has defence expreince.
Sad but true.   (12.12.12)
in Moldavia he was one of the best bar defense minister and in Tel Aviv at least 2 bars enjoyed his expertise. And if he could be foreign minister, defense is piece of cake for him.
22. moh
marv   (12.12.12)
west bank is originally judea and samaria. San remo promised all the land including jordan part of palestine to jewish soverignty You moslems are unaware of the reality. abbas needs to move out .
23. The ICC?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.12.12)
Israel has not ratified the treaty which established the ICC. Neither, for that matter, has the United States. The ICC therefore has no jurisdiction with respect to the State of Israel and none over Israeli nationals. Any country which violates international law by detaining or arresting any Israeli traveling overseas basis an ICC ruling will be acting in violation of international law. The ersatz "Palestinians" can run to the ICC until the cows come home -- the State of Israel is outside the reach of the ICC. The ersatz "Palestinians" must be thinking about now "Curses! Foiled again!" They never do learn from their mistakes, do they?
24. Re: # 19
Mitzi   (12.12.12)
You again spout leftish defeatist, indirectly anti-Israeli or at the least un-Israeli rubbish, but that is what you usually say and do. I tell you that Putin however is not Jewish if I'm not mistaken. Lieberman, however, IS. And what a tremendously fine one at that!!!
25. election time...
european   (12.12.12)
... blabbermouth. meh.
26. No suprise. The election is weeks away.
BH ,   Iowa   (12.12.12)
We'll see whether he says the same after the election. Every politician pretends he's Churchill when asking for votes.
27. "Palestinian" poseurs must go!
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.12.12)
This tiny land belongs to the Jews and "Palestinian" poseurs must go! After the next election, they will find out they are no longer dealing with Shimon Peres. Hopefully, Israel will elect a patriotic, vehemently right wing government.
28. 23 ICC?Tell that to Netanyahu/Lieberman
lydia ,   Brisbane   (12.12.12)
Those two have done just about everything to impede the Palestinian from acquiring Statehood. So if you think you are privy to rules and reg. concerning the ICC and you know more than the rest of the World then perhaps you should enlighten the two hoodlums.
29. big bad
sealift67vet ,   northern calif   (12.12.12)
likely you are so bad you have never been under fire. the PA has shown complete absence of belligerence. Gaza and Hamas is another matter. there has been economic development through the west bank despite all of the restrictions placed upon them by us. treat them all like terrorists as sarah would have us, fire upon their protests, dehumanize them as we know more than anyone leads to ethnic cleansing. after all they are not people they are ersatz.
30. PA/PLO/Fatah only wants war
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (12.12.12)
The PLO entity knows nothing else but violence and is careful because they remember their ass being beat in the early 2000's so they hide behind the UN.
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