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Iran shows homemade helicopters with military role
Associated Press
Published: 11.12.12, 22:20
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1. That choper Is Eirely Similar To A
Prize I pulled out of a box of Cracker Jacks, HA Ha ha LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Has the little bearded monkey Been
on joy ride in his new Super Duper chopper??????????????????????
3. Military show on the Island of Kish...
Shish-kabob ,   US   (12.11.12)
... mir in Tukhes!
4. Are we supposed to be impressed? (nc)
Get Real ,   UK   (12.12.12)
5. Do you know how far behind Iran is .. ?
michael redbourn ,   Arad, Israel   (12.12.12)
When did countries get nuclear weapons? America 45, Russia 49, UK 52, France 60, China 64, and Israel in the '70s. That's over 40 years ago! And just consider how much ALL technology has moved on since then. Look at Stuxnet and other programs that installed themselves on Iran's computers and not only sent back info but images too. Yes, Iran might become a threat but right now, not only doesn't it have a nuclear bomb, but it doesn't have the means to launch one.
6. Saddam and Quadaffi also had many "toys"
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (12.12.12)
Look how far it got them!
7. These are Hueys with new bodies
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (12.12.12)
The pictures aircraft could only carry 8 midgets.
8. Iran
Rick S. ,   USA   (12.12.12)
Where does Iran get the engines for their home made planes, ships & tanks? Surely they do not make them themselves?
9. WHY WORRY ABOUT THAT?..........#8
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.12.12)
No one participating in the exhibition had any doubts of the Iranian achievements.Why does it bug you?
10. NOT AT ALL......................................#4
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.12.12)
Just swallow it as a bitter pill.............that is all.
11. #9 &#10 Flying Rubbish..not for long
NudNik69   (12.12.12)
WOW! You get really excited when people denounce these pieces of shiite passed off as 'technological achievements' - You, like your bearded monkey mate are dead meat when the real shooting starts - TOO WEAK
12. Mahmood the Hamud
Hertzel ,   Tveria   (12.12.12)
It is amusing how you get so exited about any little claim by the Muslims for being able to produce these things... as if it helps your self esteem. Man, let them contribute good things to humanity's sake, such as in medical and other things that the jews have provided to humanity, good things, not these useless pile of junks they are braging about, You are a funny little man.
13. just laughing, it is called a MUSLIM
arik   (12.12.12)
achievement, be it arab or persian, same joke, MAHMOOD.
14. designing it isn't hard you just need the money to do it
zionist forever   (12.12.12)
Iran has developed a rocket program, they knew basic rocket design and invested in improving it. Iran has submarines they knew how submarines worked and how you make them just needed invested. Iran knows how fighter jets, tanks, ships and helicopters work all they needed was investment. Israel designed a fighter jet that could compete with the F16 but we had no money to continue the project so we buy American. Israel is refurbishing its subs but it we had the money we could build our own. All comes down to money not know how. The best invention I have seen a picture of recently is the Syrian rebels tank. A truck, coated in thin steal with no stopping power, machine gun on top and play station controllers to drive it, shame they didn't have any Iranian engineers.
15. Hey little mockmood Please Answer This
question, Just How Many wars have the persian arabs won in the last 100 years?
16. ANSWER TO #11,12,13 AND 15
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.12.12)
For some reason none of my response to you individuals were published.However,all your talk-back sound more of someone really bugged.Do you all realise that if the Iranians were so backwards how come your leaders have been planning on supposed raids on Nuclear installation and destroying Iran's infrastructure for the last six years!!!!!!Yes,six years!!What do you make of it?On every conceivable opprtunity,Americans are asked to take care of it.Why are you so scared to do something?? That answers you all.The helicopters are there to be utilised as and when needed,yes.
17. #16 helicopters there to be used
as and when needed, Maybe when the leadership has to flee the
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