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US blacklists al Qaeda-linked Syrian rebel group
Published: 11.12.12, 22:32
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1. alternative is much more dangerous than that
sam ,   colorado-USA   (12.12.12)
That arming the rebels and incitement to overthrow the Assad, you will see in the near future,How has been presented your hands? from a secular change to a more hardline state and we will wait to see the result and miscalculations gain could be have weakened the Syrian army but the alternative is much more dangerous than that
2. most of the groups are terrorist murderers
name witheld   (12.13.12)
but i notice they are all left alone. I also noticed that even the "moderates" are against this move, and they intend on funneling weapons themselves to this group. Why? because these psychopath jihadis from all over the world are the most dedicated fighters there are in the civil war that the west created
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