'Israel using Eritrean bases to spy on Iran'
Published: 11.12.12, 23:50
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1. and that's a problem.....why?
William ,   Israel   (12.12.12)
2. Iran is digging it's own grave
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (12.12.12)
I fear for the Iranian people. Their leaders will drive the nail into their own coffins.
3. Fabricated
Truth ,   Toronto   (12.12.12)
this article has full of lie, you jornalists now days act like prostitute, and leave Eritrea alone, Eritrea is not a play ground for niether of you, if you guys want to fight iran go ahead, stop bushing around!!
4. Is this common knowledge..
Steve ,   USA   (12.12.12)
...or is this information, like secret that needed to be kept secret? Maybe I'm missing something here. What is the motivation that leads one to blab about this stuff? Same folks blabbing about Azerbaijan?
Wedi eretra   (12.12.12)
Eritrea don't need anybody's help, you wouldn't read any article as bogus as this about israel and tehran's involvement in Eritrea. there is no such thing. i would advise any of the readers to google and find a single evidence on this. i would tell you there isn't any.
6. This just proves that the USA
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (12.12.12)
leaks information like a sieve, that's my nobody can trust them
7. More leaks from Obama. Smell the coffee yet?
Shep Fargotstein ,   Memphis   (12.12.12)
It definitely is not in Israel's interest to have this information leaked to the public. I am curious exactly who leaked this information. We all know that Obama has it out for Israel and leaking through anonymous sources has been used quite a few times by Obama. This isn't good.
8.  Obama's subterfuge?
SG ,   Teaneck   (12.12.12)
First the US outs Israels relation with Azerbaijan, then it outs Israel on Stuxnet and Flame, and suggests Israel leaks IEA info on Iran's nuke efforts. Now it outs Israel on Eritrea? Whose side is this Administration on? Israel's? of Iran's?
9. And this is why Eritreans are allowed in Israel
Just deals
10. On your own Israel
Dale ,   USA   (12.12.12)
Our pres has not got the guts to stand by you in ACTIONS. His words are laughed at by Iran. He has tried to buy off regimes in behaving to Western will. USA is paper tiger. Our way of being noble will kill us. We will have acted noble but we will be dead!
11. Israel is using Eritrean bases
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (12.12.12)
How is it possible, Stratfor Global Intelligence? Now Khartoum and Iran knows where the vultures with Israeli spyware start and started their missions. I'm sure the Iranian high tech drones with their super sophisticated spyware are already looking to find the vultures' take-off and landing runways. Then, Iran will launch from their very modern warships, docked in Sudan, very accurate rockets to destroy that Israeli airbase in Eritrea. They have to show to Sudan, their ally, that the destruction of the weapon factory in Khartoum was a one-off event. I'm sure a part of the Vulture sguadron is already moved back to one of the military airbases in Israel. It's a longer distance to Darfur and Iran, but they will certainly continue with their successful missions.
12. We know now
Wendell ,   Baltimore, M.D.   (12.12.12)
We know what Israel and Iran are afraid of,,,, really, these two caucasoid Indo-Aryans have been holding the world hostage thru fear and terrorism for quite awhile with this Thespian play of Villain and hero, they are both one and the same,,,,, the affair is with the Lord which one will get this devestating Earthquake first,,,,, 'Blessed are they that are Peacemakers for they shall inherit the Earth".
13. #12
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.12.12)
You quote a Jew, but you understood nothing of what he said. Let me help you with a question: if a branch grafted on an olive trunk prospers, don't you think that the olive's own branch will prosper no less? Now go and study.
14. Israel has a new spy thing: The Sewer Camera!
David ,   Israel   (12.12.12)
It gets planted in the Iranian sewer and come up to see what the stupid ass in the Presidential Palace is doing on the toilet! The next thing that will come out of the Sunday Times, CNN or Time Magazine is that Ahmadinejad is an Israeli spy or the re-incarnation of Moses!
15. #12 soooo ignorant
Ziv   (12.12.12)
1. Israelis are not caucasoid Indo-Europeans; they are Semitic, genetically, linguistically and historically middle eastern. 2. Israel has never - NEVER - "held the world hostage" through terrorism or fear. Iran has, of course. It never threatens anyone who isn't trying to destroy it - EVER. 3. Israeli efforts to avoid harming civilians are extreme, unlike Iran, which targets them. 4. Israel is a democratic, free state with full rights for its 20% Arab minority. Iran is a dictatorship. 5. Israel has tried to bring every Arab country to the table, and the Pals as well. It is the Arabs who refuse, time and again, stating that peace is not as important to them as other things (all of which ultimately mean the destruction of Israel). You are a sad, deluded man.
16. Eritrea is not the only place where Israel has weapons
zionist forever   (12.12.12)
Its a well knows fact that Israel has taken over a former Soviet base in Eritrea where they have set up an electronic warfare station and they resupply submarines. Israel has also placed a fleet of UAVS in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. For a country of Israel's side and in a day of missiles foreign bases are now essential rather than a luxury. Now all we need is a base in the Mediterranean and we will be able to protect the country from all angles.
17. 3 & 5
zionist forever   (12.12.12)
This article is 100% true. Israel has an electronic warfare station and resupplies its submarines from a former Soviet base. It also has UAVS based in the Kurdistan region of Iraq from where they spy on Iran. This stuff might be getting reported for the first time by individual organisations but its not a secret and Israel has had these bases for quite some time.
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