Gaza's tunnels rebound from Israeli offensive
Associated Press
Published: 12.12.12, 14:49
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1. Tunnel Based Economy?
emanon ,   USA   (12.12.12)
I think this one line sums up the situation: "The tunnel industry has become key to Gaza's economy". Yeah, guns and explosives get smuggled in and terror is exported. Some economy!
2. Does th UN know is - OH Yes - the voted for Hamas
Tova ,   Canada   (12.12.12)
3. OF COURSE They would RATHER build tunnels
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.12.12)
Its always served Hamas Pockets And now they have Pretty Boy Mashaals Wardrobe, Shoes, Gourmet Dining, Jewellery, Globe Trotting to finance Tunnels are a PRIMARY source of UNACCOUNTABLE Hamas funding. Its enriches the elite - who cash in MILLIONS OF DOLLARS - week in week out They could never in a million years rake in as much through normal trading and normal borders But the fact that Gaza society would benefit from normalised borders is worth NOTHING
4. Egyptian blockade is worse than Israel's but,
Andi ,   Israel   (12.12.12)
the Euroleft never mentions it proving they just hate Israel more than want to help Palestinians. George Galloway even passed through the Egyptian blockaded border at Rafa without saying a word, entered Gaza, and started complaining about Israel's relatively open border. How stupid is that?
5. But these tunnels have TWO ends
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (12.12.12)
There's no point to these tunnels unless they have entrances/exits in Egypt.So why isn't the Egyptian government shutting them down from ITS end?Surely you cannot miss a tunnel with people and goods going in and out from all directions. This stinks. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
6. and Israel?
tiki ,   belgium   (12.12.12)
Israel is sending in the food that after 'a hard days work, the poor workers won't get hungry. Someone wounded in building the tunnel? No problem, Israel will bring him into an Israeli hospital for treatment!
7. I Bet The Drug Smugglers Are Happy
Tim Upham ,   Tum Tum, WA   (12.14.12)
One of the things these tunnels have been responsible for, is making Gaza into a haven for drug smuggling. Hamas has had enormous difficulty cutting down on this illegal cartel. So if these tunnels are rebuilt, they will just be supplying this cartel. Unless Hamas is hoping in the next Israeli aerial bombardment, they knock out a meth lab.
8. above
moishe   (12.14.12)
and soon they will be destroyed!
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