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HRW: Syrian army using incendiary weapons
Published: 12.12.12, 16:54
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1. The world is more concerned about Israel
A ,   Belgium   (12.12.12)
building homes for Jews in their capital city Jerusalem than Assad frying his own people.
2. the Butcher of syria is on his last leg!!!
When he goes down he will do so in A BLAZE OF DISHONOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As Soon As he gets his Que from the ILLEGAL regime in tehran There Will Be FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yella
3. maybe assad is correct
marv   (12.12.12)
alqaeda jihadists uses the cruelest methods. Maybe assad is correct to counter with equally cruel methods. If he quietly made peace with israel formally ceding the golan, maybe israel would look the other way.
4. Who Cares?
steve from raleigh   (12.12.12)
No one in the Arab world does so who are we to argue?
5. we need Harry Potter
zionist forever   (12.12.12)
It doesn't matter how many thousands Assad kills or how brutal was the manner in which they were killed the only red line for the international community is the use of chemical weapons. Assad is destroying homes and the world sits by and watches and all they do is count the latest casualty figures. Israel is building homes and the world is up in arms and we have European countries withdrawing emissaries some even talking about sanctions as if we are the ones who have just killed 40,000 and using thermite weapons. Do you thinkHarry Potter would end his invisibility cloak so Israel can make itself invisible and then we can get on with our lives without having to worry about what the rest of the world thinks.
6. The Syrian rebels are forcing CHILDREN to cut off the
Rivkah   (12.12.12)
heads of prisoners! CHILDREN! I saw a video at Walid Shoebat's news of a CHILD being given a curved sword to cut off the head of a prisoner tied up on the ground! A CHILD! He cut it off in one whack! America should not be backing the Syrian rebels or the Assad regime. Back off and stay out of it unless the chemical weapons need to be secured. By the way, those chemical weapons are from Iraq that the news media said Iraq didn't have when President Bush went into Iraq to secure them. Even the ELS Scriptures codes speak of them in the Bakaa Valley of Lebanon, too.
7. When Arabs Clobber Arabs....
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.12.12)
no one cares. But when the Jews clobber the Arabs....what an outcry!
8.  " SYRIA SHOULD " ( stop using )
Should ,would ,could.
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