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Iran says it can make copy of captured CIA drone
Associated Press
Published: 12.12.12, 18:23
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1. Yes, I bet. They are really brilliant...
Jonathan   (12.12.12)
Just looking at one model of America's UAV's was enough for Iran to build in a few nights an army of UAVs with its own GPS systems, controlled by Satelites, harnessing the power of two other solar systems, in case they use all of the current sun's power, and need more. These guys are really good. We are so lucky that they also tell us about it. Otherwise, they would have been able to surprise us with their secret weapon. Glad that their top JavaScript developers who are building Iran's competing version to YouTube found the time to write Iran's latest greatest UAVs engine, which I must be even better than Lockheed Martin, or other amateurs who are not as good as Iran's firms. I bet China is going to start buying UAVs from Iran too, and with the money Iran will buy more Fajr launchers for the Hamas in Gaza. Makes sense!
2. you can make something that looks like it only
zionist forever   (12.12.12)
Its very easy to make something that looks the same as the US drone but whats not so easy is to reverse engier is the guts of the thing like the cameras and all the other gizmos. You build a house thats an exact copy of the one next door but once you go inside the front door the paintwork and furniture are different. Don't know why Iran is boasting they can reverse engineer it because that means when they come up with their own they can't say its their own design.
3. These idiots couldn't reverse engineer a toaster!
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.12.12)
Of course, that still doesn't let the US intelligence agencies off the hook for losing the damn thing in the first place! Whatever happened to 'backup plans,' eh, fellas?? You know, when someting goes terribly wrong? Oh, you didn't think that far ahead! I guess we have our own bunch of morons over here as well. It's like the Keystone Cops and the Keystone Bandits.
4. A Beautiful Drone - Just Like The One I Saw At Toys-R-Us
Ron ,   Seattle USA   (12.12.12)
5. They are working on manufacturing
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (12.14.12)
the "Mahdii" now. It has been 30 years and it may take a few more thousand years.
6. There are some brilliant Iranian scientists...
Robert ,   Australia   (12.14.12)
....who would leave many Jews for dead! You clowns who deride Iranian capabilities have a lot to learn.
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