Border Guard officer kills Palestinian waving toy gun
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 12.12.12, 22:53
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31. William @ 22, I disagree - society collects it for them.
leo ,   usa   (12.13.12)
32. Am I wrong or WB is running short on real stuff.
leo ,   usa   (12.13.12)
33. In US it is called "Suicide by a cop".
leo ,   usa   (12.13.12)
34. next time
ghs   (12.13.12)
the kids should make sure they have the real thing if theyre going to get gunned down anyway.
35. Where's Gregg from Haifa's comment?
Ariel ,   Modi'in, Israel   (12.13.12)
I noticed that the self-hating Israeli from Haifa has not bothered to comment on this report. If he had it would have been with condolences for the arab and condemnation of the Magavnikim!! Maybe he has decided to pack his bags and leave the country after all the time he has been threatening to do so! Whichever it is thankfully he has decided to keep his rantings to himself!!
36. he's deaf!!!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.13.12)
shame on you Ynet for posting disgusting and evil comments.
37. Did the right thing!
Matthew ,   NYC   (12.13.12)
Bless this soldier. She did the right thing. G-d protect Israel and the IDF!
38. Correct resolute act & support of a comrade by the soldier.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.13.12)
Bravo. Let's make sure she will not be disturbed riding a bus up front in Bnei Brak. And no spitting, please, even if she parades with short sleeves.
39. Crazyness
Douglas Fireman ,   Chicago, USA   (12.13.12)
Here today and gone tomorrow. How much more ignorant can one be.
40. why are we suppose to believe the idf or the israelis
Abdalla   (12.13.12)
They lie about everything
41. There will never be peace
Samer   (12.13.12)
There will never be peace. Years of fake negotiations while Israel continued expanding settlements while it laughed at what fools the Palestinians were for sitting at the negotiating table are over. I hate to admit it, but unfortunately, as history has shown us, freedom and independence are never won by peaceful protests or "making nice." Israel's goals of an expanded Jewish State which dominates the Palestinians directly and indirectly and giving them only token independence and rights means there is no chance of a peaceful, negotiated resolution. At the end of the day, history has proven that only forceful resistance to occupation will bring an end to the occupation. If Ghandi was Palestinian, he'd be dead by now at the hands of the IDF.
42. Uprising in Warsaw ghetto
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (12.13.12)
is another candidate for Darwin awards.
43. Israel has the nicest army
Sol ,   America   (12.13.12)
EVER. NOBODY has ever dropped leaflets saying where to avoid, or who to avoid. No other army waits years with rockets falling on civilians before attacking back. Why should Israeli's ever believe Palestinians want peace? You always lie, Hamas said that Israel killed a kid that was killed by one of their own rockets. And on and on it goes.
44. # 41
Jules   (12.13.12)
Samer, you forgot that Judea is the motherland of the Jewish people. Your motherland is in Arabia.
45. Your headline shows your anti-Israel bias
Our Homeland Israel ,   NYC and Jerusalem   (12.13.12)
Shame on you.
46. What was this 'kid doing there?
tiki ,   belgium   (12.13.12)
Doesn't he have to go to school or have a job? "Running around with (fake) guns is a hazard to your life" someone should explain to these 'kids.
47. (8) agreed, with a slight change
tiki ,   belgium   (12.13.12)
No one in general should point a gun at anyone!
48. One side of the story
Sami ,   Amman   (12.13.12)
We had heard the IDF version of the story, which seems very unrealistic, as every sane person knows that threatening a soldier with a gun means shooting him immediately, but in our countries we demonize the jews alot, so nobody believes your version of the story, we bleieve that this soldier is a psychopath who wanted to murder a boy for her sick mind, and she brought the fake gun and put it in his hand after killing him. well for me, i dont know which version is true, but both are possible, i think this conflict will never end, we will kill your children and we will kill yours
49. give them all a plastik gun
Rie Olsen Bali ,   Indonesia   (12.13.12)
and a generation is fix. 17 years ols boy dead because he put a plastik gun to the head of a soldier... What are they learning these muslim boys in school??? !7 years acting like that, oh God what about the rest yopung people in palestina??? I get sick
50. If Ghandi was Palestinian
Sol ,   America   (12.13.12)
There would have been a Palestine in 1947. You guys said no, and tried to kill all the Jews. Again. Maybe if you hadn't done that, you wouldn't be in this mess. Maybe if Hamas stopped talking about destroying Israel, there could be negotiations. Just because you don't get what you want you say the negotiations are fake? Bull.
51. correction regarding 48
Sami ,   amman   (12.13.12)
the last sentence meant to say everybody will kill others children,
52. NOT the first attempted "Suicide by IDF"
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (12.13.12)
Last year, a woman seeking to escape an abusive husband "attacked" a border guard with a toy pistol at a checkpoint. That incident ended less tragically, with the woman being transferred to a shelter for battered women, but the intent seems to have been the same. In the US, there are several dozen "suicides by cop" where a felon, rather than go back to prison, prefers to get the police to kill him. Who knows what this boy's motivation was... a lost love? The threat of an honor killing if he didn't become a "martyr"? We know nothing of this boy (17 is still a boy, for the most part), nothing of his life and nothing of his circumstances. We can't even be sure if he wasn't just a tool of some unfeeling terrorist organization who took a fiery young and "idealistic" recruit and expended him to find out if the soldiers would shoot or negotiate...
53. Rachavem "Ghandi" Ze'evi was an Israeli politician
A ,   Belgium   (12.13.12)
who was killed in New York by arabs. That is a fact, what you wrote is typical arab bull$*t.
54. #36 He is deaf but he can pull a gun!
Isac   (12.13.12)
Do you seriously believe that deaf individuals cannot pull a gun or put a suicide vest on. In the latter you guys are so well know and ven prud of it. Shame on you that you glorify killing innocent people.
55. #40 Just watch Youtube
and you can see for yourself that the one's lying are the "Palis". "Dead men" jumping suddenly off a stretcher, presumed "dead" are suddenly reappearing and even worse, where you and your comrades place explosives in the vicinity of kindergardens and hospitals. So much to your "complaints."
56. #36 as if you haven't posted YOUR share
A ,   Belgium   (12.13.12)
of "disgusting and evil comments." Actually, most of your comments are, if not downright hostile. So when you do it, its ok, but when there is an overwhelming majority who are correct in their opinions who you don't agree with, than its whining and crying time. Typical "palestinian" behaviour, just like your phony "president" at the UN.
57. Toy gun
edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (12.13.12)
It is infortunatly a normal reaction of this border guard officer The stress is very hight in this location On a dayly basse soldier are atack This guy perfectly new what will be the outcome of his action,his motivation are not the officer concern She act on a profetional way and she can be congratulat for her reaction
58. What a STUPID kid !
Scott ,   Haifa   (12.13.12)
59. #35 he's probably off getting cozy with his Muslim boyfriend
60. What a did he expect her to do?
Rubi ,   Berlin   (12.13.12)
If they think that they can point a gun to someone and walk away with it, they┬┤re wrong! How could she ever know it was a fake gun? This was the right reaction! Kids should not play with guns!
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