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Report: Assad firing Scuds at rebel forces
Published: 12.12.12, 20:23
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1. Assad
alan ,   ohio   (12.12.12)
Need to keep the war moving west to include Lebanon. Best results is to destroy HEZBOLLAH.
2. Nothing to worry about.....
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.12.12)
as long as they don't start building homes for Jews in Israel. We need to keep these things in perspective.
3. UN failure
aaron ,   canada   (12.12.12)
How many innocent civilian deaths need to be attributed to that war criminal before the world finally does the right thing and intervenes? Assad is a war criminal, this is well documented. The blood of the innocent children, women, and men who were caught by Assad's wrath is on your hands, UN
4. boring
Like it or not, Scuds and incendiary weapons are allowed if used against military targets. Since the Al Qaeda forces use the Arab tactic of hiding amongst civilians, it is likely that Assad legally killed civilians. But where is the outcry about the 125 dead civilian Alawi murdered in Aqrab village by Obama's Al Qaeda forces?
5. Syria
Marty ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.12.12)
May both sides win.
6. Escalation?
Sean ,   Phoenix   (12.12.12)
Nonsense. Assad has been hitting civilian areas (to get hit the rebels) with artillery. So how is doing the same thing with SCUDs any different? It's not. Would you rather be killed with artillery or a SCUD? Who cares? The west is just looking for an excuse to wage an air campaign.
7. A storm in a Waterglas ?.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.12.12)
Bombing with Aircrafts or with Scuds, is the same if the warhead on the Scud is conventional. Arn.Sweden.
8. the UN
Eli ,   USA   (12.13.12)
Israel is condemned in the UN constatly, despite being the most moral armies in the world... case in point dropping leaflets warning about a strike. However, the UN will not comdemn Syria for its bombing of highly populated areas and murder of syrian civilians? Personally, I could care less what is going on in Syria, as long as it does not affect Israel, but this is a case in point on the arbitrary and capricious nature of the bias at the UN
9. this is great for Israel
zionist forever   (12.13.12)
Before this fool turned peaceful protest to turn into a revolution he was all set to modernise the army with MIG 29, T90 tanks and subs and we were the ones who would be on the receiving end in a war. Now the army is splintering, he is using the equipment he has against his own people and he has devastated the country so no money to rearm for decades. The best thing he is doing now is using the Scuds against his people because the biggest threat to Israel from Syria is his missiles now they are being wasted on the rebels. So looks like everything has turned out for the best providing he doesn't decide to provoke Israel into a war to unite the people around a strong president to fight the zionist aggressor and then get us to do the killing for him. Then of course there is the WMD issue if he wants to die a martyr and be remembered as the greatest hero the arab world has ever known. To counter that we need to blow away his chemical weapons sites now but stay out the war. If we can pull that off the Syrian spring will be the greatest thing thats happened in decades as far as Israel is concerned.
10. politics
judith kay ,   bureau county illino   (12.15.12)
DO another Mezzeh 86 ,,,add the embassies
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