IDF seeks to clarify rules of engagement
Yoav Zitun
Published: 13.12.12, 00:59
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1. The saddest video
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (12.13.12)
This was the saddest video I have recently seen. Hoards of Palestinian barbarian savages pummel IDF soldiers and all they can do is "run away"!!?? Is there no one with enough common sense to understand that retreating in the face of the Palestinians only emboldens them to further rioting and acts of naked aggression. If the IDF keeps running away the Palestinians would burn Israel to the ground as they did Gaza when we returned it to them.
2. The soldiers aren't paid enough to be target practice for
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.13.12)
terrorist scum, what is the so-called leadership thinking? Let the generals go down there with their stars and face the rocks, bet not.
3. yeah
rm ,   Amsterdam NL   (12.13.12)
sad as it may be, what's even sadder is that Israel takes it for granted that they have a right to eternal occupation....
4. IDF soldiers
shrinkDave ,   Miami USA   (12.13.12)
From the perspective of a soldier in Zahal, killing teenagers is less desirable than running away. This behavior of course is seen as weakness by the enemy, but it is a sign of humanity of the Israeli soldier. I wouldn't want to pose a real threat to these soldiers; they are very very well trained and understand the stakes involved.
David ,   New York, NY   (12.13.12)
That it was realized TODAY that a "clarfification" was needed to the most experienced army in the world is a harsh, not to say incredible, commentary on the current leadership, both civilian and military. As was highly predictable, the botched responses to recent confrontations has of course encouraged a greater number of incidents with accompanying greater violence. Do the so-called "clarifications" help the soldiers of Tzahal and improve the situation? Stay tuned.
6. clear orders
Human Rights Activis ,   EU   (12.13.12)
As an activist for human rights I applaud the new clarifications from IDF. Jewish people have human rights too! Soldiers and citizens of Israel have the human right to life! they have the human right to defend themselves! They have the human right to eliminate threats to their lives! The have the human right to live wherever they want without restrictions (why can Arabs be in historical Jewish cities such as Yaffo, which they try to claim as Arab, and a Jewish person cannot live in Hebron? which is historically a Jewish city too). IDF are not occupying, they are ensuring security and liberty! and they have the human right to provide such heroic service. When your life is in danger, forget about who is filming what or who is going to criticize you and your people. Just do the right thing: eliminate and extirpate the cancer of Islamist terrorism!
7. #3 the truth is
Mira ,   Vienna   (12.13.12)
that Israel is not "occupying" but freeing the territory occupied for long years by the Arabs. Period.
8. It is QUITE inexcusable that IDF
DT ,   TA Israel   (12.13.12)
soldiers are put in such a ridiculous situation by the Israeli hierachy were Palestinian rioters "protection" comes before our soldiers
9. Bring back curfews if needed
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (12.13.12)
If the Palestinian settlers choose to riot then they must be forced to stay home or be deported.
10.  Shoot with indelible paint bullet......
salomon ,   israel   (12.13.12)
Yes, now it's time to shoot with an indelible paint bullet. They dont care for their lives, but will cry for an useless T-shirt.
11. Great news.
Sam M ,   UK   (12.13.12)
At last some common sense! The IDF should use all means at its disposal to maintain law and order including live fire where necessary. And for those pals who feel a 'special calling' as shahids this will be a godsend. Gone will be the days when they trudged forlornly home their pleas for martyrdom unanswered. Now an 'early bird shuttle' to allah is all but guaranteed! Just carry on with your violent campaign to destroy the Jewish State and ignore those orders to disperse!
PAUL ,   LONDON UK   (12.13.12)
13. Arabs stone throwers
Shoot the bastards, then ask questions. Enough is Enough. To hell with the world condemnation. The soldiers have human rights !!!!!!!!!
14. IDF running away
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (12.13.12)
Try throwing rocks or Molotov cocktails at a Chicago cop or squad car. See what happens to the culprit. I don't see why Zahal soldiers should have to risk bodily harm or worse because of world opinion. When I saw the video, I was shocked. From here in Chicago, I say to Zahal, whatever it takes to disperse them and protect yourselves. Have enough soldiers on the scene with the appropriate options for action to settle these not so benign rioters down. Believe me, if they could they would kill any of these soldiers and dance in the streets over the bodies.
15. Introduce POTA or AFSPA type
yonathan haokip ,   sderot, israel   (12.14.12)
Israel needs to introduce some measures like Prevention Of Terrorism Act (POTA) or that of Armed Force Special Power Act (india), in a place like Hebron, Gaza or West Bank....
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