Riots in Hebron continue after teen's death
Ynet reporters
Published: 13.12.12, 12:34
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1. Palestinian teen
Yosef ,   Israel   (12.13.12)
I think he was set up on a type of suicide mission in order to set off riots and international indignation!
2. She was justified the media NOT
big bad Jew ,   United States   (12.13.12)
anyone brandishing a gun in front of the IDF at a checkpoint should expect to die. Who allows a teen to do such insane things? his parents should be jailed. The female officer should be given a medal and promoted where she can't be threatened with death for doing her job and, doing it well.
3. The officer took the right action.
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.13.12)
Earlier. many teen/youths have done terror actions, and the officer responded correctly to the treath. Now, he is in the hoax martyrdom and he will not make any problem anymore for anybody.
4. Do they work?
Daniela   (12.13.12)
We See on tv that those people always have a reason for riots. If it is not one thing it is the other... Do those people work? If they are youngsters,do they have school? It seems all the donations from the Eu u and Arab countries support this behavior. Any other part of the world people are busy supporting themselves.
5. A new form of terrorism
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (12.13.12)
Understanding Israel's hesitation to inflict harm on innocent civilians, this was planned in advance hoping that some idiot IDF commander will tell soldiers not to fire until it's confirmed that it's a real weapon. This will happen a few more times with riots taking place afterwards. Until it's a real weapon...with hope - on the part of the terrorist - that the soldier will hesitate to fire.
6. Stop displaying the photos of our soldiers on internet
Yossef   (12.13.12)
7. Inhuman behavior by the pals..
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.13.12)
The dead body is thrown into air, while the surrounding people shouts and yells shit.. This behaviour is just unhuman, and shows no respect for death.. No wonder why kids can grew up to be terrorists... I normally have more respect for my salmon when I am on fishin: Taking off my hat with gratitude to the nature, let the salmon touch the water after it is dead, and put some beautiful flowers/grass into its mouth. But I am not a terrorist....
8. Comparison
R ,   Israel   (12.13.12)
If someone walks down the corridor of an airplane with what appears to be an explosive device, threatening to blow up the plane, and the flight security shot them before they could detonate the explosive and kill the people on board, what would it matter if the perpetrator was 17 or that the explosive device was fake? Play with fire, get burned. Take responsibility for your actions.
9. The soldier's photo was released by the israeli media.......
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (12.13.12)
Does the the leftist media cooperating with arab thugs, endangering the lives of soldiers who are protecting israeli civilians?
10. And what did they expect her to do?
Me   (12.13.12)
Make sure it's a real gun? Shoot thrice into the air, perhaps? These puerile acts are bound to result in tragedy.
11. Criminal media
Shaul Cohen ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (12.13.12)
The person that put the soldier picture in the media must be in prison!
12. First rockets - now violent riots - nu - I think
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.13.12)
it is time to be proactive.
ABSOLUTELY.. this was the right decision.. NO REGRETS, NO FEARS, NO DOUBTS..'HEAD HELD HIGH'.. this is the course of action necessary, when anyone of its JEWISH citizens, is intimidated, by barbarians(who drag dead, thru' their streets).. AHM YISROEL CHAI
14. Riots
alan ,   ohio   (12.13.12)
It is very clear that the PALS are not ready to form their own country. The ideal solution is to place them under Jordan and move all PALS to areas east of the Jordan River which is exactly what the San Remo Treaty and the 1947 UN declaration on a Jewish homeland envisioned. TOO BAD TO ALL THE ISRAEL HATERS AND LEFTISTS. All your belly-aching is ignored so go back into your rat holes.
15. trace every threat on her life and arrest and charge them
ralph   (12.13.12)
16. she did the right thing. good for her.
ralph   (12.13.12)
17. NOT human??
ZOOZ ,   GAZA   (12.13.12)
killing a teenager is inhuman , puting a plastic gun in his back pack is inhuman , framing him just to get justification is inhuman , ocupation is inhuman
18. The soldier is a hero, the perp is corpse, as it should be.
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.13.12)
If the Islamist moron wanted to commit suicide, then he achieved his goal. If he wanted to test Israeli soldiers on their ability to protect each other, he achieved that also. You don't walk up to a policemen with a gun in your hand, why would an Arab do that to an Israeli soldier? About the Arab's rioting? Nobody gives a damn about Arabs rioting. Why wasn't this kid in school? Or was his class on a field trip to try to intimidate soldiers? So many things wrong with Arab culture, on so many levels, it's just not worth trying to straighten them out. A lost people. Thank you Arafat and Abbas- look at what YOU have accomplished for your people. YOU have destroyed them. If Israel doesn't take over Gaza and Judea and Samaria, the Arabs will NEVER amount to anything. Left to their own devices, they are failures in just about every avenue of human endeavor. (Except one: how to murder in novel ways. Pathetic!)
big bad Jew ,   United States   (12.13.12)
They've become too toxic and a danger to themselves and others. AKA NUTS! and, be sure to take the 'mosque' with you.
20. # 4 Daniela THIS IS their job...
big bad Jew ,   United States   (12.13.12)
they're 'paid protesters.' Unfortunately, as terror is their only GNP they aren't expected to act fully as humans, just pawns for Syria and Iran who are losing their grip on power and the power over their 'dying like flies people.'What do we expect form a 'people' who earn $25,000.00 for each dead teen martyr for dying trying to murder Jews?
21. # 8 Well, they do think alike....
big bad Jew ,   United States   (12.13.12)
That's why it's called "The far left media.'
22. The police would have done the same
Ezra ,   San Diego USA   (12.13.12)
Where I live, if someone shows a hand gun to the police, they take it seriously and engage the threat, because they want to go home after their shift. Although it appears Hillary got her peace, the war goes on.
23. Eureka , Murderers will suffer in life from both sides
Yousef ,   Palestine   (12.13.12)
Murderers will suffer in life from both sides .Israelis and Palestinians should seek away to live and dream . occupation is inhuman and nightmares of it are endless
24. #6 - Showing Their Pictures on the Internet Makes it
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (12.13.12)
easier to identify war criminals who willingly support the illegal occupation and colonization..
25. To Yousef
David ,   Israel   (12.13.12)
If someone held a gun to your family would you fire to save them if you were a policeman? This is what happened and it only turned out to be a fake gun. And the same thing would happen in any other country around the world. Wake up! You play with fire you get burned. This wasnt a pink plastic toy gun pulled on a kid in the street. This was a replica gun pulled on a policeman that is armed. You Palestinians chant that you love death like we love life. Well us Israelis are determined to provide you with it if you raise to kill our families and people. We won't continue to allow you to threaten us as much as you love to and strive to. We will always prevail because we seek peace and to contribute positively to the world in every field from medicine to high tech to mathematics to agriculture. The only thing a Palestinian is famous for is terrorism.
26. To David 25
Yousef ,   Palestine   (12.13.12)
Yes , but yu ignored the real cuase of the problem , its the land of Palestine that it was stolen from our point of view and the promised land of Avraham and solomon ...etc from the Israeli point of view . This leads to an endless killing and suffering of both sides , My self i hate to be a murderer because i noticed that every murdrer his fate and when he gets old is miserable ,many psyche problems .......etc this is punishement from GOd
27. The IDF version reeks of fabrication
Nu'man ,   Exeter, UK   (12.13.12)
1. The boy was on his way to buy a birthday cake 2. 4 journalists were beaten when they arrived at the scene 3. The soldier who executed him was known to have a personal vendetta, this according to the family of the victim. 4. The toy gun could have easily been planted when the area was sealed off. It isn't beyond Israeli soldiers to do this in a state of panic. I take comfort in the fact she's scared to death. The truth will catch up to her. It always does
28. why wasn't the teen in school?
29. a real terrorist teen!
30. Fabrication. Media assaulted to Hide Crime.
Reader ,   from Edmonton   (12.15.12)
Media were prevented from checkpoint by IDF assault until cover story could be fabricated. Shot in error by trigger-happy border guard. But fortunately only a Palestinian died. Ever wonder what happened to the birthday cake? Maybe the video account will reveal more.
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