Denmark: Jews warned not to wear religious symbols
Itamar Eichner
Published: 13.12.12, 15:12
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1. Jews, Leave sinking Europe. Come home to Israel!
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.13.12)
It could not be clearer that Europe is sinking. When Europe sinks, it takes Jews down with it. That is 2,000 years of history. Jews, be smart this time. LEAVE EUROPE. Come home to Israel!
2. Anti-Israel incidents
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (12.13.12)
Not surprising at all. I cannot speak for Muslims, but anyone who purports to profess Christianity and does not oppose the sin called the state of Israel cannot in truth call him/herself a Christian, but rather a heretic. I do not normally condone violence, but BDS must be expanded and enforced.
3. Spain and Denmark
ky   (12.13.12)
Spanish authorities have been in the news recently for seeking to increase the number of Jews in Spain . They really do want Jews to come and live there. Likewise authentic Danes do not support anti- Semitic or anti Israeli acts. I think we need to keep this in perspective and realize that all this springs from an outside source . Even those Europeans pictured are more than likely in relationships with Palestinians. Do not fall into the trap of ostracizing Jews and Israel from the world by condemning a whole nation for the acts of a few who have an agenda of hate and hysteria.
4. Bocott #2 Graczek
Steven ,   Rockville, MD. USA   (12.13.12)
Boycott Graczek and his ilk. He and the others are seeking attention and recognition, therefore do not answer /argue with him and the others, brainless hatemonger nazis will never change. They represent nobody, and they speak for nobody. In the absence of any response, they will gravitate to other web-sites (Hamas etc) and will fade away.
5. #2 who are you trying to kid
ky   (12.13.12)
hate is from the horses mouth
6. What a shame for Denmark
David Israel ,   new York, USA   (12.13.12)
A government that is not capable to protect her own citizens is asking them to keep a low profile means that lost its governing power. If Denmark is a secular democracy then her government has a duty to protect the freedom of every one of her citizens including Jews, Muslims, Christians, etc.
7. #2 from Maryland
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (12.13.12)
I have read your posts in the past and you are no peace lover. You have stated many times that you are against the existence of Israel. When you deny existence to Israel you are not asking fr peace, you are asking for the destruction of a country and a nation. People like you are the reason Israel exists and defends herself with all her might. It is a defense for imply staying alive. And we will stay alive despite people like you.
8. Denmark
Anshel ,   Canada   (12.13.12)
Shakespeare was right; there is something rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark. The FM should immediately call in the Danish ambassador to protest for gross violations of human rights, display of racism and antisemitism. Is this the same Denmark that openly defied the Nazis and saved the Jews from deportation?
9. Better to pay attention to Israeli officials
Ypip ,   Canada   (12.13.12)
Europe is in financial crisis right now; and there is an up-surge of political extremism laced with antisemitism.
10. What rubbish!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.13.12)
Why should the Jewish people be required to maintain a low profile? Shouldn't Denmark, Spain -- and any other country where Jews are threatened -- take affirmative action to negate the threats? And if these countries are so concerned about the behavior of the Arab and Moslem immigrant communities, why allow such rabble-rousers and troublemakers into the country in the first place? Send them all home!
11. A repeat of history
Tova ,   Canada   (12.13.12)
This again is no new for israeli/jews to be cautions. Europeans afraid of Islamic rule in Europe, a repeat of nazism, but it has come back to Europe. People are afraid of Islamic. they assume if Jews are quiet the muslins will not harm terrorize their country. Problem is muslins are much smarter than europeans, americans, canadians, australians when it comes to physcological warfare. Europe is no longer a democracy, Islam is the ruler. Israeli/Jews know it. The same poision is already in Canada
12. cut the excuses. denmark and europe not worth it dead future
ralph   (12.13.12)
13. Leftist in Denmark, Norway, Sweden.
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.13.12)
..are Israel-hating people by nature. That is the way they are brought up. Just like the youngsters in arabic countries. The funny thing is they are totally unable to understand facts, and does not accept ANY other perseption of the history that has been learned in the socialistic circles. They are brain dead..Sorry Israel, theese shit we are unable to transform, they are lacking brain capasity.
14. Take them to the ICC-its all the vogue
Jonny ,   Cape Town   (12.13.12)
Well how about taking the Danish Government to the ICC, or let them be tried for Crimes against Humanity. Its all the vogue. That will shake them up. If a country cannot protect its citizens, or allows one of its minority groups to be attacked, then surely its a crime.
15. far cry from WW2 Denmark
zionist forever   (12.13.12)
During WW2 the Nazis ordered all the Jews to wear yellow stars. Next morning the king came out and he was also wearing a yellow star and non Jews followed his example and wore yellow stars themselves. During the war when everybody else is persecuting the Jews the Danes want to show solidarity Today when there are no more Nazis and the Danes have decided to become the persecutors and the Jews are being told not to pretend they are no Jewish in public.
16. It is a fact
BDS   (12.13.12)
israel's racists acts reflect on all jews. Part of the reason is the world's jewish community supports israel's acts. Even murder of Palestinian children are defened by the community.
17. Zionism
vmdeeb ,   SomewhereUSA   (12.13.12)
Has occurred to any anyone as to WHY ?
18. Israel the excuse, Jew hate the motive
tiki ,   belgium   (12.13.12)
Governments are supposed to PROTECT it's citizens & it's visitors! Denmark & Spain and all the rest should start doing their job and not tell Jews to keep a low profile, while Muslims roam the streets in their veils & long dresses and occupy city centers with their prayers!
19. Denmark - These international
Adam ,   London   (12.13.12)
representatives speak out at the way Israel behaves as if it should lead the way when their very own societies and political systems are being slowly eroded by Islamic fundamentalism on a massive scale. Like Israel's behaviour is responsible for this global battle of religious ideolgy. Lets wait and see how things work out with you before we soften our stance. Israel does not have the benefit of distance or time for protection. Support Geert Wilders and the work he is doing, he is Europe's last chance.
20. #17 why?
ky   (12.13.12)
But there wouldn't be such a thing as Zionism without your sort. So like it not its down to you
21. EUROPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
shimon vega ,   Beer Sheva Israel   (12.13.12)
22. To those who say we should come home
James ,   UK   (12.13.12)
If israel would of completed the job with hezbollah and hamas there would of been a million more jews in israel right now, but istead you behave like jews in the 30's whereas you think you can please anti semites, it never worked for jews to be weak and never will. when you grow a pair and tell the world we are no different then usa and euro fighting in afgan and iraq, and you do a massive cleanup maybe you will have respect for more jews, till then all we see is history repeating itself, whereas the jew acts weak and the end is nasty i love israel but hate what you guys are doing, show strength and those who are anti israel that live there ship them to denmark
23. Are there really still Jews living in racist Europe?
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.13.12)
They killed most of Europe's Jews, then recoiled at what they had done. Now they have gotten over it and are back at it. Time to go.
24. #2
Can   (12.13.12)
Lower the sin then
25. Steven, No4, I think Ynet should boycott
We know you Graczek   (12.13.12)
shady and hateful individuals like Graczek simply because they are compulsive hate mongers.
26. ''I do not normally condone violence, but..''
jakob ,   eu   (12.13.12)
''I do not normally condone violence, but..'' Go tell this someone else.
Please do not bother arguing nor debating with #2 ,he is just an obnoxious wanker.
28. The victims
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.13.12)
Jews and Israels are used to this. The victims are the real Danes and Spaniards who find themselves powerless to stop the foreign Juden Raus gangs that have stolen their countries.
29. Failure to integrate
Mark ,   London, UK   (12.13.12)
Although Londonistan is a hub of muslim activism on the whole people of all backgrounds rub together OK. Talking with a friend we concluded that it's the consequence of Empire where the British came across all races and religions. Immigrants come from all over the world and, whatever their initial intentions, by and large integrate into the wider society while holding on to bits of their heritage. On the whole they become British fairly fast. In contrast, many European countries have no history. We don't think they understand the racism thing. They expect immigrants to integrate but do little to facilitate it. The result is a ghettoisation and whole communities of the excluded maintain all the prejudices of the failed states they have come from.
30. My apologies ...
Birgitte Berthelsen ,   Copenhagen, Denmark   (12.13.12)
My apology to the danish jews. I am so sorry, that danish people are so big cowards and are no better than the germans turning their blind eye in nazi-germany. I am so ashamed. Sorry! Once again jews are no longer safe in Europa - and now even attack Israels right to defend itself. We are so many who support Israel and wants jews to life safely here. But I am afraid we are not enough.
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