Hebron: Soldiers shoot Palestinian who threw firebomb
Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun
Published: 13.12.12, 22:31
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1. Israel must proceeed carefully
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (12.13.12)
Israel must balance their usage of lethal force with the need to not appearing to be weak and this will be a challenge. Those responsible for these riots must be arrested, and if not during the riots then at home in a peaceful manner.
2. proceed carefully
Leonard ,   LA,usa.   (12.13.12)
Let's face it. All that I read around the world Israel is on it's own. God has said it would be so and it is the way it is. I feel so sorry for Israel and it won't matter what you do it will be wrong to the world. You have nothhing to loose if you kill your enemy and just kill them slowly.
3. Tough Love!
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (12.13.12)
Sorry but if you throw a Molotov cocktail at me, I fire back.
4. Past time
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (12.13.12)
It's way past time for these "rioters" to be dealt with. They need to be educated with the bottom line - you try to harm our troops, you will be fired upon. NO EXCEPTIONS!
5. That's the way it must be done...
Stand tall, proud, and ready to defend our people and land. No leniency or opportunities for terrorists--no matter what their age. They must be held accountable for their vile actions. Am Israel Chai!
6. Any 17 year old should know better
BEN JABO (MACHJAL) ,   ISRAEL   (12.13.12)
He used a Moltov agaisnt the ID He used a Molotov Cocktail agaiinst the IDF knowing full well what he was doing Next we'll hear the Arabs claim that he was only "A boy" f
7. Teenager who hurled Molotov cocktail at troops MUST BE HIT
JOE ,   KFAR SABA ISRAEL   (12.14.12)
8. #1
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (12.13.12)
It should be better you'd go back where you came from. Palestine have not been land without people. Deal with it.
9. Get rid of these thugs
American ,   USA   (12.14.12)
If anyone would try any of these dirty tricks in America he would be shot or in jail Israel must do what it has to do to stop these criminals!!!once and for all
10. Play with fire? Get burned!
The IDF solider Needs MORE TIME AT THE RANGE! Should Have Been A Head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11. #8 Your post is garbage,
A ,   Belgium   (12.14.12)
it makes no sense at all. Try to learn English before you post something. Or post in your own language on a Czech website. Lesson 1: Its time Israeli soldiers shoot back.
12. How dare the IDF soldier Shoot
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (12.14.12)
This poor defenseless child! I'm very sure it was just a toy firebomb the kid was just playing games with! How dare Jews defend theirselves! What is the world coming to? Oy va voy
13. #1 - "Those Responsible for these Riots Must Be Arrested"
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (12.14.12)
You mean the Israeli government for it's illegal occupation, land, tax and water theft? You mean the 500,000 settlers for illegal colonization? You mean Bibi for announcing further colonization? You mean the woman "border guard" thug that murdered a 17 year old boy and then blamed it on a "toy gun", knowing her claim would never be investigated?
Sam ,   NY   (12.14.12)
The name and photo of the Border Guard officer who fired at the Palestinian teen was released by the Israeli media on Wednesday before being placed under a gag order. Palestinians web users circulated the image, alongside images of other Israeli combat troops, in the social media and international anti-Israel forums. The messages branded the officer a criminal and featured threats to her life.
15. No Doug ... the Arabs who still dream of killing us
GZLives   (12.14.12)
but here's the bottom line in case you missed it ... you make a war, you lose, and you suffer the consequences. Yes even your poor misunderstood Arabs must pay the consequences. They lost land, water or whatever you want to add is all their own doing. Good luck, God bless and move on because WE SURELY WILL
16. Doug of Rochester
Daniel ,   TA   (12.14.12)
Doug it's a pity you have no idea about the issues in Israel or the history. Can you name any country that forcibly removed it's own people to unilaterally give land to someone else? Do you know any country that built resorts and cities and infrastructure only to give that land to a former enemy in exchange for peace? There is only one country on earth that did those things. Do you believe a police officer in the US would have acted differently when confronted with the situation the Israeli Border Guard faced? A toy gun looks like a real gun. When a fellow officer appears to be threatened the correct course of action is to respond to that threat with deadly force if necessary. If a molotov cocktail were thrown at the US police or military the perpetrator would be dead. So please learn some real history not propaganda. Also once you learn this history let us know if you've been surprised that there was never a Palestine. That Palestinians are just Arabs. That Jordan is as much Palestine if not more so than Israel. That the West Bank was conquered by Jordan in 1948 and occupied by Jordan. In1967 the Israeli retaking of this land was not then considered occupation but liberation. Please let us know.
17. #13. Well, Dougie boy
A ,   Belgium   (12.14.12)
When you return YOUR country to its rightful owners, after you have lied, murdered, cheated, " illegaly colonized", and in numerous other ways STOLEN the lands of the Native Americans in order to spout your nonsensical B.S. garbage here, I'd don't have much to condemn now, do you?
18. Oh how much wisdom Israeli soldiers do need!
Jouko ,   Finland   (12.14.12)
Israeli soldiers should understand how bad the Palestinian leadership is - PA leaders are brainwashing their youth to hate Israelis! PA leaders don't care a little about their children and youth! How sad! Oh what a challenge to the Israelis how to handle the Palestinian youth with Godly wisdom and love!
19. Doug @ 13
Moragh   (12.14.12)
You obviously don't have a clue the terrible life the Jewish people must live in their very own land going back centuries. Educate yourself with an Encyclopaedia. If you want the truth regarding to whom the country of Israel belongs you'll find the true answer in Encyclopaedia Brittanica, book No. 2, page in the Index, and in the second column under Israel..... it's all there. And if you don't find the truth there to your satisfaction....... kid, you've had it ......... you're one lost "bubeli".
20. Good doctor's advise ,...
split ,   US   (12.14.12)
Check other sources before you judge and leave any comment based on IDF description of incident ,...
21. "Youngster"??
Barry Davis ,   Los Angeles   (12.14.12)
You call the 17 year old terrorist trying to set fire to 18 year old Israeli boys a "youngster"? That says a lot about you as a "journalist"
22. from age 3 they teach their kids to be terrorists!
23. No doubt he will be transferred to an Israeli Hospital for b
Roland Seener ,   London England   (12.14.12)
24. # 20 Just what we need....
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.14.12)
advice from a quack.
25. Rioters
Get Real ,   UK   (12.14.12)
What would any rioter expect for throwing a potentially lethal molotov coctail at a soldier? Perhaps he expected the soldiers to run.
26. Throws cocktail and pulls out plastic?
Basil ,   Seoul, Korea   (12.16.12)
This story sounds bizarre. So some 17 year old on his birthday goes out and throws out a molotov cocktail and then pulls out a plastic gun? Something's missing here.
27. #26 Basil - You're missing
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (12.16.12)
Those imitation guns are replicas of the real ones, when it comes to size, shape & appearnce Point one at a cop, he's going to react as if it had bullets & respond accordinlgy If he wanted to celebrate his brithday, he should have put on his dunce cap & enjoyed a piece of cake before he was stu0p enough to heave a molotov, which is quite capable of knocking out a tank
28. #20 Split - who should we check
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (12.16.12)
someone like you, who has seen nothing and knows even less?
29. #22 How very true
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (12.16.12)
They're so proud of training their kids to kill, there are TWO Videos on Youtube, showing Hamas Kindergarten Graduation Ceremonies show the little darling alls dressed up in Military Fatiguesor Jihad clotihing ylelling "Death to the Jews" IN one of the videos these tots are are wearing mock Homicide Bomb belts,
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