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New poll sees Likud-Beiteinu down 2 mandates
Telem Yahav, Roi Mandel
Published: 14.12.12, 12:56
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1. right party down !!!
jacob ,   NETANYA ISRAEL   (12.14.12)
I was going to vote for Likud , but with Lieberman a partner , Livni I am coming to you ,and a lot of my friends will also join me.
2. 1# Good idea Jacob.
Uzziel   (12.14.12)
Vote Livni and make Netanya "occupied territory".
3. Bad news!
Reuven   (12.15.12)
4. #1 and #2
frank ,   rehovot   (12.15.12)
I understand not voting likud because they brought in liberman and his crowd, but Livni? This simply tells me you are not interested in the right way. If that were the case there are plenty of right parties. You obviously are on the left and for you voting likud would have been wrong with or without libertzar. So why the pretense? Me, I am leaving likud for those reasons also but certainly not going to the left...
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