Opinion  Nahum Barnea
The mountain and the mouse
Nahum Barnea
Published: 14.12.12, 13:31
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1. Just because you dont like Liberman does not make him guilty
rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.14.12)
Give it up already. The AG, having done EVERYthing in his power has not come up with the evidence. Drop it already. Find someone new to pick on. How about Zoabi or Tibi for a change.
2. 13 years
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.14.12)
13 years investigation for nothing. Endless resources wasted and they could find NO evidence. Lieberman is an innocent man. The problem with the Israeli "justice system" is not persecuting Lieberman, but that their purpose is to let real crooks rule the country. Edna Arbel announced she had proof that Sharon received massive bribes through his son Gilad. Ariel Sharon immediately announced the ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif, and the AG closed the case. The AG had evidence that Barak and Herzog performed election funding fraud of around 15-25 million shekel. The AG investigation did not last 13 years, not even 1 year. The investigation ended after a week when Barak and Herzog refused to cooperate. In Israel, "mishelanu" (rich leftist connected) will never be punished, no matter what the crime. The outsider who dares to succeed (a Russian-speaking immigrant, a mizrahi) will be hunted until they break or the AG can invent evidence.
3. Not only Racist, but a theif as well!!!
Anton ,   Middle East   (12.14.12)
Last week he said no peace with the Palestinians unless their GDP reaches 10,000 USD!!! so he is not only differentiating people based on religion, color and ethnecity! but also based on their pockets! A thief and A racist! I wonder why israelis everytime elect those people!
4. #1 Lieberman does not have to be guilty to be despised
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.14.12)
The man is the end product of a line of brutal and cynical ex-Soviet political thugs. They are his role model, and apparently the role model for the ex-Soviet citizens here, who admire brute force as a political norm and vote for him. History is full of examples of democracies that get hijacked by thugs.
5. Barnea is damaging Yediot
Abu Zibby ,   Haifa, IL   (12.14.12)
Nahum was defending Olmert and Katsav, even blaming the victims of sexual harassment, just because it fitted his political agenda. I don't need to read op eds ripe with double standards and poor judgement.
6. barnea is a hypocrite
alexius   (12.14.12)
barnea rails against liberman because he doesn't like his politics yet barnea upheld the worst in my opinion pm in the history of the israel. Double billing-like he didn't know-bullcrap in my opinion he is full of merde from top to bottom and barnea is cut from the same cloth for supporting this no good israel killer. Lieberman is worth 2 divisions as he scares hell out of the arabs. barnea, what are you worth, you and the haaretz cowards along with the ususal scared rabbits??!!
7. Leiberman
Harold ,   USA   (12.14.12)
What do you expect from a Foreign Minister who used be be a Club Bouncer in the Soviet Union. This guy's place is the big house.
8. The writer degrades all of Avigdor's votes
Ralph Haglund ,   Sweden   (12.14.12)
And it is a whole lot! Me, a normal Swede in Sweden, also admire him for talking straight as the old Israeli leaders did. If a pro legal fixer cannot find a proof he has done wrong in a decade, I know who I would vote for, if I were Israeli. No, not Livni and Peretz after their glamorous way of putting Hizbullah in the north. Good Barak is out, who produced Hamas in the south. Kadima who helped Sharon get Hamas to Gaza. Netanyahu is mixed, maybe the new rightists in the party can get him to do what he says in between being a PM. My sis has lived in Israel for 15 years, think she elected Avigdor last time. I am sure he has sides I would not like but I do like his good sides - hope that next time Israel meets Obama, HE will be pushed to do the talking! To see red ears on Obama had been interesting.
9. on Barnea
greg ,   Beersheba   (12.14.12)
unfounded accusations and loathsome article. So, nasty taste...
10. Harold's idiocy
Dr. Jack ,   Canada   (12.15.12)
I do not believe that some idiots still tallk about the "bouncer" story!! For God's sake, Lieberman was a student and he earned money for univerirsity. If we judge politicians because of their sommer jobs, where do you find anyone? According to his own words, as a student, Obama was involved with heavy drugs and Bill Clinton was a draft dodger. What is worse, a bouncer at a club, or a druggie??
11. #7 Wrong again, Harold
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.15.12)
Lieberman was a bouncer in a student club in Israel while completing his university studies. Aside from being a high school drop-out, what can you brag about?
12. Democracy in action.
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (12.15.12)
The FM didn't get the job without being voted into it. Now that he has been indicted, it is up to the Israeli's to let him have his job back, or not. One thing rings true: Whatever is done in secret will be brought to the light. It doesn't matter who you are either, it applies to all of us.
13. Anton ME(WHo r u kidding, Turk?)
HaifaGuy   (12.15.12)
Hey your people elected Ergdoggy, so I strongly suggest keeping your rachat lukum to yourself.
14. #11
Harold ,   USA   (12.15.12)
Wrong. He was a bouncer at a nightclub (a strip club) in the Soviet Union.
15. Mapam thugs are the last ones to speak
Yuri   (12.15.12)
Israeli democracy made a reality by Begin
16. #11 My bad, Soviet Union didn't have strip clubs, sorry
Harold ,   USA   (12.15.12)
17. To # 6 Good strong words alexious
Stan ,   Israel   (12.15.12)
Makes me think of Bar Kochba CE135 and those who led the revolt in CE63. ( In case you are as stupid as I think you are, and don't know the facts these were two of the greatest tragedies which befell our forefathers.) Arrogance never did our people any good. Remember our "great hero" Moshe Dayan. He said that he "prefers having Sharm el Sheikh without Peace, to having Peace without Sharm el Sheikh." Less than three years later, on 7th Oct. 1973 he was in a panic and said that Israel is facing a second holocaust..
18. #17. Israeli retreat is root of almost all our problems.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.16.12)
#17. I'm not sure exactly what point you're trying to make. However, it's obviously, like all your other posts, an attempt to scare Israel into submitting to our enemies and ceding our land. The obvious truth is that almost every major problem Israel races is a direct result of Israeli retreats. Examples: The only reason we face rockets and terror from Lebanon is because of our retreat from South Lebanon. An idiotic retreat championed by leftists including the "four Mothers". The only reason we face terror and rockets from Gaza is because of our retreat from Gaza. And on and on and on...
19. Military experience
Zechariah   (12.16.12)
Liberman may have served in the post ww2 Soviet army but he did he serve in a commando. Unit in the IDF.
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