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Sympathy over US school shooting stretches globe
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Published: 15.12.12, 09:22
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1. cameron
michael weinreich ,   cape town   (12.15.12)
your comments and that of the miserable old queen are cold and not comforting typical bloody british. rather keep shut. today you are irrelevant people
2. In other words, international arena thinks
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.15.12)
America is more violent than their own countries and they can spout 'wisdom'. Sorry, you are still a bunch of hypocrites. The mentally ill are not getting the help that they need from the beginning. Treat the source and all these angry mass killings would not take place.
3. #2 America is more violent than most countries
Logic ,   Israel   (12.15.12)
In this case, the international community is correct. What is so hard to understand about the fact that America is much more violent than most countries? It's far less dangerous to walk around Haifa after dark than in almost every US city. I used to have sympathy for gun ownership for personal defense and as an insurance policy against the remote probability of a future dictatorship, but the frequency of these mass crimes (and accidents in the home too) makes a farce out of most gun rights arguments. It's obvious now that the easier the access to guns, the easier it is to cause mass carnage.
4. An American reply to #2
ASTRONAUT ,   ME, USA   (12.15.12)
Yes, Barbara, you are correct: Treat the illness not the outcome. This boy, although bright, intelligent, finished high-school at an early age - - -was a loner, a geek, an outcast even, from his own divorced parents. The "help he needed from the beginning" should have been the help from Mommy and Daddy. While Mommy was teaching all her little "kinder" in kindergarten, her alienated son was growing older and more desperate; until his heart and psyche exploded in his final plea for mercy; and his ultimate "escape" from his own unhappy world.
5. Connecticut shooting
Tre1129 ,   New Jersey, USA   (12.15.12)
It's not always about the guns! It's about mental health services! Guns in the hands of those who are mentally ill are what kills, not the guns themselves. Until society looks at what it's doing t help mentally ill patients, these horrific scenes will continue to play out in the news.
Chacun a son gout . What is going on ? I was eating le Fromage and drinking du Vin and was interrupted by reports of this terrible outrage,. I must telephone Netanyahu immediately.....oops.I mean Washington to express mon outrage.
7. ALL the worst dictatorships take away guns from citizens
Aurora Aronsson ,   Malmö, SE   (12.15.12)
That was one of the first measures adopted by Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol-Pot, etc. NOT BY CHANCE China is so adamant to stick its nose: if Chinese Citizens had weapons, they would quickly do away with such a bloody regime, exploiter and jailer of its citizens and abusive of their human rights. The REAL PROBLEM are not weapons, but EDUCATION. THere are no such massacres in Israel, Finland or Switzerland, for instance, where most citizens are heavily armed.
8. What is easier and more deadly ?
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.15.12)
To sit in a Car and deliberately run people over in a crowd or sevaral crowds, or, kill people with a Gun ?. Banning Guns you must also ban Cars and whatever can be used in mass murders. And what if a Public service/Man/Woman as a Policeman or Military or any other, uses His or Her Gun i a Massmurder. ´Must we put all People in Solitary Prisoncells to prevent Massmurder? The problem is the Person/Individual and not the Gun. And what would have happened if the Schoolteachersalso had ben Armed? One can not stop the Wolf with a Sheep !. Arn.Sweden.
9. Indeed horrible but if they were Jewish children well?
David ,   Israel   (12.15.12)
The world has seen some terrible massacres of children and the Presidents, Prime Ministers and politicians of Europe and other "enlightened" countries are "appalled" , and shocked but when Arab terrorists kill children in their sleep, murder children and teachers in Ma'alot, engineered by their darling Aby Mazen, blow up a discotheque in Tel Aviv by Hamas and so many other heinous crimes against Israelis they just turn away and directly of indirectly blame the "occupation" for the criminal deeds of those who want to destroy Israel and the Jewish People and even have the gall to tell us we must make peace with the murderers of our children!
10. Don't jack with the 2nd Amendment!
Gray Eagle   (12.15.12)
It's there for a good reason. It gives, WE THE PEOPLE, the right to bear arms against a tyrannical government. That some get carried away and blame guns for killings innocents, completely misses the point. There are strong gun law in place already in the U.S. It's not as easy as it once was to legally buy a gun (on the streets, that's a different battle). There are background checks and waiting periods. If anything should be limited, it should be the ammo. There is no need for a high capacity magazines in civilian hands. A limit on the amount of ammo that can be purchased at any one time should be in place. A national database of ammo purchases would be able to track and red flag excessive ammo purchases. The tragedy in Newtown, CT is a wakeup call and a reminder that vigilance is key. We can't always protect our children but let's not make it any easier for those who want to harm them.
11. Where was the outrage at Maalot, Dolphinarium, and with
UmmElKulNaqba   (12.15.12)
Shalhevet Pas? In Columbine, VA Tech, and CT there was one or two insane shooters. We are face with an insane society that targets our children and civilians and world is outraged when we rise to defend ourselves. They did rise in WW II when the Nazi exterminated six million Jews. And now when the Arab Terrorist around the world aspire to finish the job, no one is outraged. It is time that we express our outrage.
12. Sadness.
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (12.15.12)
The refered event was tragedious and the U.S. need to learn that individual rights are not absolute. Gun's sales must be restricted by law, and about the heavy ones, only allowed for military and police forces. Insane, or fanatical people, feel themselves "powerful" on owning weapons. This absurdity, increased by ultracapitalist "lobbyies", oughts to be ended. Social rights are, also, much important. God bless America.
13. #12
mark ,   ca   (12.15.12)
You can limit gun sales to law abiding citizens but criminals don't care about tha law.They ALWAYS can get guns.Look at your own country.
14. #7 Israelis have no right to bear arms
Logic ,   Israel   (12.15.12)
Education can't change behavior (otherwise we'd all be fit and healthy due to all the "education"), and the rare attack or two that was prevented by arms was by on or off duty military/ police personnel.
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