Arab folly
Ron Prosor
Published: 15.12.12, 15:03
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1. what an arrogant article
zooz ,   gaza   (12.15.12)
like if Israel knows what is best for Arab people ? what is best for Arab people will be bad for Israel and that a fact . Being strong and powerfull and aided by The US in good and Bad will not give you the position to lecture arabs in politics . all of Israeli political decesions will show how stupid they are if Israel looses only once .. being strong will not always be enough
2. #1
lol ,   paris   (12.15.12)
look at how you folks live in all of your muslim countries and come again tell us if we dont know whats best for the people in general
3. Zooz, #1
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte   (12.15.12)
Zooz, you need to bend to Allah's will, not to your stubborn will. Allah obviously supports Israel.
4. Ron Prosor
E. G. Marsch ,   Nahariya, Israel   (12.15.12)
He is one of our most intelligent and effective spokesmen and perhaps he will be rising up the political ladder in the future; it would be nice. As for no. 1, these people are so deeply entangled in innocence and hatred that it's pretty discouraging. I think of it as a negative force of nature that just has to be coped with, and deterred as much as possible. "Deter" and not "peace" is the golden word.
5. Zooz
Non-Jew ,   England   (12.15.12)
Zooz, your post illustrates perfectly the point Mr. Prosser described in his article: your so full of Jew -hatred, you'd happily stymie the chance of a prosperous future for yourself, your family and your people, in order to perpetuate conflict with Israel. As the saying goes, no-one can help those who refuse to help themselves.
6. let be objective instead of subjective
Nwanmadu ,   Enugu, NIGERIA   (12.15.12)
well, no country should lecture each other but one thing i know is that; to Arabs, isreal connote danger,land snatcher,wahala,problems and wars instead of neighbour and friend. We should be building bridges instead of walls.
7. Destroying Israel is #1 concern of most Arab leaders.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.15.12)
With all due respect, Prosor doesn't understand the Arab mindset. They are not overly concerned with the welfare of their citizens. For most Arab leaders, destroying Israel is the #1 concern. That is what we face.
8. Amb. Ron Prosor
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (12.15.12)
B"H - Amb. Ron Prosor is required to present his irrevocable resignation after his massive and historic failures at the UN. We want Jewish looking, Jewish thinking people at the Foreign Service who present Israel’s case to the nations as if it was a Jewish State.
9. This is no surprise
Mark ,   London, UK   (12.15.12)
Arab countries don't give a toss about their citizenry as a whole; they are interested in whichever sub-set supports the regime. Unlike other nations, that Arabs do not celebrate peace and prosperity. It's all about Allah. Individuals hope for a better future, but they are all tied up in the mythical olive groves. While there were plenty of fellahin, surely there must have been some who were not peasants. I cannot see that there is any belief in "God helps those who help themselves".
10. #1 Idiotic people like you
leila ,   paris   (12.15.12)
are the reason for the retardeness of your Muslim countries! Israel has any reason to be "arrogant" as you put it, look at the international achievements in every possilbe field and then tell me yours!
11. What would absolutely be necessary
Mira ,   Vienna   (12.15.12)
to promote Israeli PR over the world about the huge cultural advantage ovewr the Arabs would be to establish a english TV channel like AlJazeera to clounter their hate propaganda and biased reporting. world must get to know the fact and so must the Arab common people themselves, because they are much deluded and misinformed by their governments.
12. under the radar
tiki ,   belgium   (12.15.12)
"Under the radar the UN admires Israeli contributions" is like saying "the match was great but we didn't score one goal, so we lost after all" We don't need an 'under the radar UN, but one 'on the radar! All the rest is blabla!
13. Alternatves.
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (12.15.12)
Those who have oil don't need Israel, because they can buy Pfizer instead of TEVA, they can go to Mayo clinic instead of Hadassa, The only use they have of Israel is creating smoke in the eyes for their people so they can drive a Mercedes and their people can continue to ride donkeys and camels. they can spend time shopping in Paris and London while their people struggle to buy bread. Who is Israel who want to change that??
14. Arrogance is a natural trait of israelis, part of the DNA
#1   (12.15.12)
15. # 6
Geoff ,   London (UK)   (12.15.12)
Unfortunately, bridges don't keep out suicide bombers.
16. #14
Yaron ,   USA   (12.15.12)
Typical cowardice and high-mindedness of an anonymous poster. Your traits are none too admirable nor emblematic of one believes they are in a position to judge anyone.
17. Arrogant invading Jews repeating history
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.15.12)
18. Arab antisemitism
Hector Avram ,   San Francisco, USA   (12.15.12)
Good article! It does not surprise me the way Arabs countries reacted to the Israeli initiative. Antisemitism blinds peoples and contries and triggers irrational thinking and acting. During WWII, at some point the germans knew they were going to lose the war. Nevertheless, scarce resources were used to keep the deportation of jews going and also to maintain and run the death camps, instead of defending their own.
19. Best Revenge
YetiHunter ,   Canada   (12.15.12)
They say the best revenge is living well. It has never been more true than when it comes to the hate fulled arabs. They can continue to live in poverty under tyrants. They can continue to kill each each and they can continue to hate. Jews will continue to live prosperous and productive lives.
20. to number 1
MICHEL ,   PARIS FRANCE   (12.15.12)
Dear ZOOZ it s not only USA which backed up the Children of Israel but G.. the world will be better when all this people in Gaza and West Bank will learn by themself so what are you waiting for? shalom for the people of Gaza, not for the governement of terror
21. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.15.12)
Please name one country -- just one -- in the entire world that has achieved what Israel has achieved in sixty-four years, while having to fight six wars and maintain a constant vigilance against Arab terror. You're just jealous.
22. "Arrogant" article
Daniel ,   Ottawa Canada   (12.15.12)
Zooz's reaction is instructive and clearly demonstrates the point of Ron Prosor's article. The Israeli UN initiative had nothing to do with eitrher Israel, Arab countries or the Middle East as such. Zooz, like many similar people can see reality only through a narrow prism that distorts everything. That is self-destructive in the end. If Zooz is right and what is good for Israel is bad for Arab countries and vice versa then, whatever government is in Israel, it seems clear that things will generally get better and better for the entrepreneurial and worse and worse for the teeth-gnashers
23. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.15.12)
Take a look at the mess which is the hallmark of the Arab world, the oppression, the violence, the brutal regimes, the constant turmoil, et cetera, et cetera ad nauseum -- and tell me if you seriously believe that Arabs know what is best for Arabs. You're a bunch of chattering chipmunks with strong proclivities toward terrorism and violence. That's all you are. Petroleum is declining in importance -- and whatever in the world will you use to hold the world hostage then?
25. Very weird...
Diego ,   SP, Brazil   (12.16.12)
When Israel and a little few countries vote against the UNGA Palestine bid, it is not a campaign of hatred towards the palestinians... But when some arab countries vote against the UNGA Israeli bid, it is a campaign of hatred towards the jews... That's really weird... double standards... Well i wish for every one of you shalom in your hearts...
26. The Arab Folly
ltrail ,   United States   (12.16.12)
The State of Israel has shown entrepreneurship" among countries in the developing world as a means of advancing economic growth, eradicating poverty and encouraging human development. Yet, the Arab countries have shown their normal hatred of Israel. This is in spite of the positive outcome of the Israeli initiative. The world recognizes this attitude of the Arabs very well.
27. Zooz @1 is right, Israel mustn't waste its effort trying to
leo ,   usa   (12.16.12)
help Arabs. It's thankless job. If you'd recall old story about a fox and a scorpion you'd understand.
28. Jason no 3
allah is pagan god, god of the moon. Jews do not recognize allah the moon god. We have our real G D in Heaven. IN G D WE JEWS TRUST.
29. Israeli love
Sameer ,   Ramallah   (12.16.12)
Aah I see. That's how israelis express thier love to us : by more bombing more settlements and more campaigns against our independance Please Israel Love us less
30. became a global entrepreneurial superpower
split ,   US   (12.17.12)
Braggin' again - This so called 'global entrepreneurial superpower' wouldn't survive a month without US and German handouts. In regard of author he's a prime example or Jewish arrogance and racism.
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